Everyone is stupefied and stupid.

Breaking emptiness is the ultimate goal and the ultimate realm. Since ancient times, I have never heard of anyone who can break through the boundaries of mortals and reach the other side of life. Even the "evil emperor" who has lived for nearly 200 years once in a hundred years will fall short of Tian Yu.
Gradually broken, the virtual world gradually disappeared, and the world of fighters was gradually forgotten.
Now Youchuhong attaches great importance to this matter, which is unacceptable to everyone at the moment.
"Let’s go …"
Make the east didn’t answer YouChuGong turn round and then walk.
Kou Zhong, Xu Ling and L ‘envoi Feng Han are also callous to follow Ling Donglai behind them. Perhaps for them, Ling Donglai is already their boss and they need to surpass their goals.
Four days later.
Lights dotted the street, and a slow and orderly horseshoe came from afar.
Compared with the whole Tianjin Bridge, one person is carrying a sword with a primitive style and a hidden sheath with his back to the direction of the sound source. Although this person is not very tall, his black light with a natural and unrestrained atmosphere and dancing in the wind gives people a feeling of peace.
However, this is just what the secular people see as the East.
Haoyue Luoshui is a perfect arc, but he can’t feel any breath. He just can’t feel whether it’s a Luoyang gang tycoon or a famous place in dozens of rivers and lakes. What they see is a perfect integration into heaven and earth.
However, it makes Donglai’s ordinary affable face have eyes like black gems, and those knife-shaped eyebrows are not thick or light. Obviously, everyone is peaceful and can’t help but feel comfortable and trustworthy, which relieves everyone’s sense of contradiction a lot, as if they take it for granted.
"You are slow …"
Make the east didn’t turn around light way
Qu Ao didn’t answer because his heart was silent. Since the news came four days ago, his heart seems to have returned to the realm of challenging Wu Zun Bi Xuan.
"I didn’t expect you to be able to return to the peak mental state at this time. It’s a pity that your body lags behind too much …"
Make the east tone is still so calm.
Qu Ao finally replied, "Don’t talk again. You and I are fighting for life and death today. This mere word can’t provoke the roots."
This time it was Dong Lai’s turn not to answer because he could smile bitterly.
To tell the truth, Donglai really didn’t expect Qu Ao to have such a big change, but now it’s too late. Qu Ao didn’t have the ability to "change Japan", and Wu Zun Bi Xuan concluded that the death situation was still alive and reborn. Qu Ao is not saddled with the fate of the protagonist. Xu Ling can completely restore all her skills in just one day, which is even better than the past.
Qu ao’s realm is back, but his body has been corroded by wine, meat and beauty for so many years. Even if the realm is back, the decadent body can’t keep up.
Today, Donglai seems to have endless words and sighs, "The three words’ seven, nine’ can sum up the achievements of the pavilion in three stages respectively. Seven refers to the pavilion’s name’ seven turns of wild waves’ and’ breaking of violent tides’. Generally, martial arts practitioners can practice their luck and send and receive from the heart, but if they want to surpass others, they must seek change to defeat the enemy, and the change lies in the difficulty of practicing the acupoints of the body meridian hub.
Speaking of which, Donglai slowly turned around and continued, "Ge is a martial arts genius, and it took decades of hard work to achieve today’s martial arts achievements. It’s a pity that Bi Xuan was too cruel at the beginning. If he directly killed you, you wouldn’t have been decadent over the years …"
Speaking of which, everyone knows what it means to make the East come.
However, Qu Ao, who should be furious, smiled heartily and replied, "I know that if you talk so much nonsense today, you will be able to sneak away, and you will not be busy explaining that you Zhongyuan people have a saying that is well explained, that is, to hide that if you are sure of winning, you will not be here to wave so much with me."
"Your heart is afraid …"
Qu Ao added the last sentence, and then he flew to the east and walked slowly.
Dong Lai Nai gave a wry smile, but he didn’t argue and defend again. His eyes slowly became dull and calm, which made people feel a sense of oppression. This kind of oppression was accompanied by the weakening and growing of the East’s breath until the East’s breath fled into emptiness.