How can I sleep by teasing me like this?

"It was you who said that the bed was too narrow for people to hold you to sleep." Bai Xihuang’s voice was better wronged, and her beautiful eyes sparkled and stared at me.
I’m sweating. Why do I feel that I’m sleeping next to a coquettish male fox instead of a man?
Sure enough, men are coquettish, and that power is aircraft carrier-class.
I tugged at his ear. Will it suddenly turn into a furry pointed ear? "Hey Bai Xihuang, you are not a fox."
If Bai Xihuang is really a fox, it must be a white fox with snow-white fur and very beautiful appearance. Of course, it must be first-class in the Millennium.
Bai Xihuang winked at me, grabbed my hand and put my fingertip in my mouth to nibble. I was afraid that he would suddenly show his fangs.
"Ha ha, miss, you guessed it. It’s a real fairy fox. Because of admiring the beauty of miss, I specially accompany miss every day to watch the sunrise, the moon and the falling flowers. I wonder if miss dislikes niche. If you don’t dislike niche, you will never forget my benefits in spring night for one night."
And I changed my serial. I really admire this guy’s imagination.
I kicked him and smiled at him. "You want to be beautiful. If the fox hits my hand, I will take you away and let you be a fox."
Bai Xihuang held me tightly in her arms and pressed me not to move, and then her lip stuck to my ear and whispered softly, "What a fierce woman! I am so beautiful. Are you willing to accept me?" Why don’t you stay … let me wait on you to regenerate a few beautiful little foxes? "
It’s too restrictive. I stared at him with a low-paying face and couldn’t speak.
Bai Xihuang proudly evoked his lips and blew a sigh at me. I was blown dizzy by him. He took the opportunity to hold my lips down and left a wet kiss after my neck.
"You, you, what do you want? People are very tired. Are you deliberately messing with me? "
That’s too bad. He didn’t mean to be serious when I was exhausted, did he?
I don’t want to lose my first night in a daze. It’s impossible to be comfortable like this!
The first night should be a gentle and enjoyable process, and it must not be like this.
Bai Xihuang frustrated and collapsed. I bit my earlobe. insatiability muttered, "It’s just to scare you. How can I be willing to make you so tired? Yan Er, your shy reaction is cute. I miss you in Doby."
It turned out that it was intended to tease me, the bad guy.
However, I’m still glad that he can be considerate of my feelings when his lust is high. After all, it’s one thing for ancient men to treat women the most, without asking their opinions.
It is rare that he is willing to respect my wishes for once. If he wants me, I will promise him.
"That’s enough fun. Go to bed and close your eyes." I urged him to go to bed.
"Okay, let’s hug and sleep together."
Bai Xihuang obediently closed his eyes. I saw him close his eyes, his eyelashes trembled, and his lips were smiling with satisfaction. He couldn’t help laughing.
Although I’m not used to being held by men to sleep, if I refuse, he doesn’t know what tricks he will play. Oh, forget it. I’ll just consider myself a big pillow.
A pervert is a pervert.
You can’t change the habit of taking advantage of others at any time
"Bai Xihuang, where do you touch your hand?"
When I was sleeping vaguely, I suddenly felt that my chest was resting on one hand and I was still groping with my eyes.