"The queen you still dare to say that your father didn’t know! Your family’s corruption is enough for me to raise a soldier for seven years. According to your theory, how much do you have to embezzle to be informed? Do you have to pull out our national treasury to be informed? "

"The emperor calm down! Emperor, calm down! My father was really wronged, otherwise the emperor sent someone to search the prime minister’s house and found nothing.
The emperor’s concubine is your wife, your palace is the queen’s concubine, and your father is your country’s official. Please look at the fact that I have served you for many years without merit or hard work. Let go of my concubine’s father. I promise that my father will not covet the emperor for a penny! "
Xu Huizhen spoke earnestly, but Wei Chi Haotian gritted his teeth.
It’s a good thing that he didn’t find anything. When he talked about it, his teeth itched with anger.
Yesterday, he ordered people to go to the Prime Minister’s Office to find out some calligraphy and paintings and some bottles and jars from a very small secret room. Although these things are also valuable, they are nothing compared with the accounts handed over by those local officials.
However, it’s really annoying that no matter whether the officials who raided the prime minister’s office turned upside down, they couldn’t find any extra property!
"The queen? How dare you be my queen? I’ve been busy with your father’s affairs for the past two days, but I haven’t dealt with you. Since you have found me, I’ll come to talk to you about your queen.
You mean to oppress my harem concubines before you lynch them at will. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have died.
Now you’re targeting the imperial concubine before her wedding. You failed to poison her and deliberately framed me and misunderstood me. The queen relegated her to the cold palace. You’ve gone too far. I’ve endured you for years, but you’re so ignorant that you dare to poison the queen with wine. You let me spare you? "
Xu Huizhen looked at Wei Chi Haotian with injustice in her eyes. She was really wronged when she got home. Although she hated Mo Zihan for robbing her of the queen’s position on the wedding day, she never thought about killing her on the wedding day, and she didn’t know who the poison was.
But at that time, all the blame was directed at her to protect herself. She could coerce Xin Ju and finally realized that Mo Zihan might have committed suicide. The root cause of the wedding was that she had nothing to do with her. What she did was to protect herself and find a personal certificate.
She was even more depressed about the poisoned wine that day. She admitted that she put poison in the glass, but the poison was chronic. I don’t know who wanted to kill Mo Zihan with two birds with one stone by lending her hand. No matter how stupid she is, she won’t be so stupid as to poison Mo Zihan on the spot.
"The emperor! Male and female servants are really wronged
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95 Chapter 95 Bloodthirsty female demon [3]
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Do you think that on the wedding day, male and female servants have no chance to get close to the imperial concubine? How can they poison her? Don’t you think it strange that there was a poisonous wine incident that day?
Male and female servants, no matter how bold they are, are not stupid enough to kill the imperial concubine on the spot. If they kill her, they can’t escape death. If it weren’t for stupidity, they wouldn’t be able to do it. "
"oh? Have I wronged the queen again? Destroying my wedding queen, poisoning the imperial concubine, accusing even local officials of jointly reporting your father and queen, or telling me if I can not wronged you? "
"Emperor, do you think about the day when you put the imperial concubine in limbo? It’s not because of Xin Ju’s words. Now the imperial concubine has just returned to the harem and hurriedly asked Xin Ju to go back. Have you seen Xin Ju during this period?
If the male and female servants are right, I’m afraid that Xinju has already been silenced by the imperial concubine. If the emperor orders people to search extensively, we can find Xinju’s body.
And this time, the concubine’s father, the emperor, you think about those officials. Why don’t you even have to kill your own life?
What if, according to the emperor, my father accepted so many bribes and the Prime Minister’s Office couldn’t find these things?
Those officials are all my father’s hand-picked. Is it helpful for them to let them do this?
It’s so strange that the male and female servants think that someone threatened these officials to forge those accounts to frame the male and female servants’ father, so that such an unreasonable thing could happen and explain why you couldn’t find anything in the Prime Minister’s office.
And who are the beneficiaries of doing these things? You don’t have to say more about male and female servants, and everyone knows it. "
After listening to Xu Huizhen’s words, Mo Zihan smiled. It seems that this woman is not stupid. These words Xu Huizhen said before that there may be, but after she told Wei Chihaotian about Enke just now, she believed that Wei Chihaotian was determined not to shoot herself in the foot again and give them Xu Jia.
To put it bluntly, even if Wei Chi-haotian knows that these things are her Mo family’s mastermind, it is also two beautiful things after it is done. There are no eternal friends and enemies in court, and when the interests are consistent, everything can be said.
Sure enough, Wei Chihaotian didn’t react much to the queen’s words. She sneered, "According to the queen’s words, my imperial concubine is crazy. She didn’t think it was fun after poisoning herself and harming her father on her wedding day, and she tried every means to seduce me back to the harem and fight with you, didn’t she?
If the queen says so, the imperial concubine is really crazy. Since she wants to have power so much, she let me give it to her. The queen has to snatch the queen from you. Don’t you feel ashamed to say these words? Are you and me stupid? "
Xu Chengzhong also guessed that it should be done by snow, but it was based on evidence, and it was really stupid for the queen to frame Mo Zihan, which could be seen.
"Emperor … please believe that the male and female servants know that many of these problems can’t be explained, but what the male and female servants say is true!"
Xu Huizhen didn’t think so much about saving Xu Chengzhong this time. Even if she thought about it before, she really couldn’t figure it out in many places. Once Wei Chi Haotian asked, she would be passive.
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96 Chapter 96 Bloodthirsty female demon [4]
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"Report to the Imperial Guards and command Yi Chen."
The guards are in charge of the palace. Anyichen is not a troublemaker. He must have something to ask for.
Yi Chen looked at the queen next to Wei Chi Haotian after entering the imperial room.
To tell the truth, he is most disgusted with the harem women fighting, but who makes one of the parties a person he likes?
He doesn’t know that Mo Zihan must frame Xu Huizhen. Although Xu Huizhen really deserves to die, now that Xu Chengzhong’s power has fallen, Xu Huizhen is no threat to her. Does she still have to put Xu Huizhen to death?
If Mo Zihan is contending for favor, he absolutely doesn’t believe it, because from many chats, it seems that Mo Zihan has no affection for Wei Chi Haotian. His words are full of enthusiasm, but if it is not contending for favor, what is it?
Yi Chen may just want to break his head, but he couldn’t think of the simple reason that Xu Huizhen offended her before.
At the end of the "will knock to see the emperor"
"Easy to command something leave?"
"I …" At Xu Huizhen Yi Chen crustily skin of head way
"I just saw the Empress enter the imperial palace and thought it must have been before the imperial concubine was poisoned by wine. A few days ago, I dared to rescue a palace queen from the Queen. If you want to know the ins and outs of the matter, you can let the maid-in-waiting come out to testify."
"Oh?" Leaning in the dragon chair, Wei Chi Haotian suddenly stood erect. He was struggling to find evidence to deal with the queen. Now this evidence came at once and immediately said "Xuan"
Xu Huizhen stare big eyes looking at Yi Chen, she really can’t figure out that she didn’t have any dealings with her on weekdays, let alone that Qiu Yi Chen would stab her at the most critical time.
"Easy to command! You can eat at random, but you can’t talk nonsense Do you know that framing the palace is to destroy the nine families? " Xu Huizhen ruthlessly threatened.
"Queen, do you know that you are so desperate to lead people? I am convinced that he will never frame people at will."
If he didn’t trust Yi Chen absolutely, he wouldn’t have given him the whole palace, but he trusted Yi Chen far more than his friend Mo Xue Hanxin.
When the red moon appeared in the imperial room wearing a coarse cloth, Xu Huizhen’s eyes revealed absolute murderous look.
"Red crescent! If you dare to talk nonsense, you will die a natural death! "