In front of Tianwei, even Yun Yan, a triple master of Shinto, has to stop temporarily and wait for Leijie to drop before launching an attack. What’s worse, the three repairmen haven’t arrived at Shinto Triple to destroy the star!

Looking at this moment, it’s not good to attack and burn stars in a temporary way!
"This belongs to a sword clan, and it’s also a star field near the’ Grand Que’. A famous big faction with a surname gave us information that was so inaccurate? Dan Dao’s nine peaks? How can an ordinary Dan Dao nine-fold practitioner have such terrible ability and so many artifacts to protect himself? The three of us survived the attack and delayed it for so long that she led the thunder robbery? This is something that a master of Shinto can’t do. Maybe this woman is a reincarnation of a fairy! "
"It’s not your fault to burn the stars. Jianzong also said that the strength of the other side is not clear, but it’s comparable to Shinto. When you listen to an alchemist, you immediately feel that the other side is no stronger and no stronger. You won’t even give me a bargaining opportunity. Who will blame you!"
To say this is to look at the first magic star messenger!
Yet a mercury immediately feel the same way and nodded "kill such a strong man to give such a little reward? To also earned now it seems that this is a big loss than buying and selling our three other disciples. "
"Hum, this goal is under the bombardment of thunder. If he can be killed by thunder, we can easily accomplish it, but it won’t be too bad!"
Magic star shook his head. "It’s not that easy. Do you think a mere thunder robbery will nullify such a terrible strong man? Don’t forget that the three of us joined forces but there was a precedent of killing Shinto’s double master and it was aboveboard. "
"Brother, you said that although it is good, she has accumulated such a profound foundation at the peak of her nine ways. Do you think her crossing the thunder robbery will be as simple as ordinary four or nine thunder robberies?"
The magic star makes the heart move. "You mean …"
At this moment, the mercury emissary next to him suddenly said, "The thirty-seventh thunder has robbed and the spirit is still not changing!"
"It was a lightning robbery in 1999!"
"This is a very rare star world. I can’t believe that we can see the birth of this star. Even if we put it in the center of the star world, the ancient world belongs to the genius level, and even worshipping the fairy gate may be included in the door wall."
"Hey, it means that she has potential, but it’s also a question whether she can get through it or not. Are there still fewer talented people who died in 99?"
Magic star, mercury, two messengers nodded slightly, eyes still looking at the cloud bombardment rain evil artifact high sacrifice up once the other party has crossed the LeiJie trend, they will immediately launch a thunder attack will take advantage of the unstable Shinto state instantaneous completely nullify this goal.
At the moment, the evil of thunder and rain is also welcoming the bombardment of thunder and rain again and again!
She has cultivated to the pinnacle of Dan Dao’s Nine Heavens decades ago, and there has been no Du Jie. The main reason is not that she is not sure, but that she has to do her best!
In those days, it was Leijie who crossed the Mo Wen in 1999. With the power of two magical powers, he became the first master in the world of cultivating immortals. It took thousands of years to come and compete with others. Is that a prestige? Like rain and evil, although it has some fame now, it will live in the shadow of Mo Wen!
Although she is not very good at this person who has never met before, her strong personality will never allow her to be defeated by others, and it is the same for Mo Wen!
This determination, her goal, is not just as simple as the situation in 1999!
But …
Thunder is constantly bombarding!
Seventy, seventy-nine, ten and eleven …
With the sudden change of the virtual robbery cloud, the twelfth thunder robbery suddenly nullified!
Twelve …
"Silent thunder robbery!"
Three stars from the deep moon dynasty made this moment move!
"Was silent LeiJie this …"
"It’s inconceivable that a star far away from the barren ancient world will have a silent thunder robbery. Besides those large sects in the barren ancient world who train talented brothers, there will also be people who have survived the silent thunder robbery in this place?"
"We need to kill the target so powerful. God, if we can’t take the opportunity to kill him this time, it will be poor for our three other disciples!"
"If the theory is completed, she must be killed while she has just entered the unstable realm of the divine way. If the law is completed, we will be as far away from the’ Grand Que’ as possible as soon as possible, and we will never step into the’ Grand Que’ again in the future!"
The three extinct stars made each one look solemn and stare unblinkingly at the evil of Lei Jie’s rainy days. They never thought that what they thought should be a small one that could be easily completed actually made them unprepared.
However, it was a good day that the rain evil gave them a feeling that although it was very scary, it was not scary enough to be able to survive a hundred silent thunderbolts like those top geniuses in the ancient world!
After robbing the radar to the level of silence and thunder robbery, the only one is bigger than the other. When it reaches the 19th Road, the power contained in it immediately reaches the limit of rain and evil. The spirit of the earth immediately melts and condenses, and there is a faint tendency to change gods …
Just as Gu Qing noticed that the silent thunder robbery had a washing spiritual effect, so did the evil rain and rain!
At that time, the spirit of the earth will continue to kill the spiritual world vertically and horizontally, and the will will be condensed into kendo. The will will suppress everything in the whole sea of knowledge and completely suppress the whole boiling spiritual world. The spiritual progress has just come to an abrupt end again with the help of the power of Leijie …
LeiJie power than a huge wait to one hundred, which contains so much power that even the three Shinto masters can’t help but be aghast at being in LeiJie rain evil. More than once, she felt great pressure. This is her limit, but when she thinks of NianSheng, a well-known little role, and the idea of never losing and never giving up with her, she is more and more tough and has survived this one hundred LeiJie bombardment …