This is because he entrusted others to help him take care of his daughter, and the girl and her nephew looked at each other.

Oh, come on!
Although Ouyang Ke gave Huang Yaoshi a good impression, the two families were right. Huang Rong would never be wronged if she married in the past, but which old father would want to raise his daughter and marry him? Which one is not the son-in-law at first? It’s all nose, not nose, eyes, not eyes.
This is the case with Huang Yaoshi’s eyes. He walked around the room for a long time and ran to the tomb to talk with his dead wife for a while. Finally, he decided to go out of the island and bring his daughter back himself.
Huang Yaoshi once vowed never to leave Peach Blossom Island, but when it comes to his precious daughter, what can be more important than her happiness?
No matter what the situation is with Huang Rong and Ouyang Ke, he has to get to know them well.
On this side, Huang Yaoshi packed his bags and was ready to leave Peach Blossom Island to find a girl, while on the other side, Huang Rong was full of hearts and eyes. At this moment, he didn’t have time to think of his father and never thought that his father would come out to find her back.
It’s no worse than Huang Yaoshi’s daughter’s eagerness. Ouyang Feng is also thinking about him when he is facing Ouyang Ke.
Ouyang Feng took Huang Rong and Ouyang Ke back to Peach Blossom Island early, and decided to write a letter to Huang Yaoshi. After that, Ouyang Feng was in a hurry to go out on business, that is, go back quickly.
This leaves Ouyang Ke and Huang Rong together.
"Ake, why don’t we just wait here for Uncle Ouyang to come back? That’s a long wait. It’s strange and boring. Why don’t we go out and play?" Ouyang Feng just went out for half a day in Huang Rong. He just couldn’t sit still here and watched Ouyang Ke sweetly coquetry.
Ouyang Ke threw his hand on the table and looked back at her with a smile. "Ok, where does Rong Er want to play?"
It seems that there is no Huang Rong request that Ouyang Ke does not agree.
"I haven’t thought about it, Ake. Tell me!" In fact, it’s the same for Huang Rong to go anywhere now, and it’s already very happy to have Ouyang Ke with her.
Ouyang Ke pretended to think that Huang Rong stared at him with her chin cupped in her eyes and said, "I say it’s really not fun, but we can walk around and see what’s new? What does Rong Er think? "
"Yes, yes!" Huang Rong should look in the eyes at a bite, but she still stays in front of Ouyang Ke and feels that she can’t get enough of people. It seems that she didn’t think so before.
An excited Huang Rong hugged Ouyang Ke’s arm and listened to Ouyang Ke slowly and solemnly before she could withdraw her hand. "I think I can get used to Rong Er being close to Rong Er from now on?"
Huang Rong looks up at those smiling peach blossoms, which are serious and sentimental.
In fact, when Ouyang Ke made the same promise to Huang Rong, he knew it was time for him to change, and now he is making his own promise to change.
Huang Rong has never been a person who is willing to accept people. She knows what Ouyang Ke is thinking and meaning. She has not let go of her hand and hugged him with open arms.
This is their first hug except that unexpected hug.
Ouyang Ke still couldn’t help but freeze in place, but this time he didn’t flinch once. Huang Rong hugged him tightly, and his nose still lingered on her with the peach blossom fragrance.
In fact, no one has been so close to Ouyang Ke for many years. In addition to resisting, there are strangeness and fear in his heart. Perhaps it has left an indelible shadow.
But Rong Er is the one he decided to spend his whole life with!
So thinking and struggling in such a short time, Ouyang Ke raised my hand and hugged Huang Rong gently.
Maybe he can’t hold her tightly now, but one day he will.
But this response is enough for Huang Rong. She can feel his heart and she knows what this seemingly simple movement means to him.
All the two people are so simple and embrace each other without saying a word. At this moment, the language is so pale and thin that they need to feel each other’s hearts quietly, which is enough.
This time, just like when they came, a carriage and two people sat idly in the carriage without looking at where they were going or letting the carriage take them to where they were going.
The carriage was driving on the road and shaking in the carriage. Huang Rong looked at a left wrist and a right wrist with a bracelet. In a short time, the two bracelets became two snakes entangled together. What do you think is like fighting?
"Ake, you gave me these two little guys. Don’t you want to say anything?" Huang Rong pointed to the table two snakes didn’t good the spirit stared at Ouyang Ke.
Ouyang Ke reached out his fingertips and teased the two snakes on the table. "Rong Er, do you remember who wants it?"
Jin was forced to sell by her, and Xiao Green was robbed by her.
Huang Rong is somewhat guilty at this thought, but Youzi mouth shut and shook his head. "I don’t remember anything."
"So this thing Rong Er also don’t know? How can I remember that some fat doll picked it from her little fat hand and forced it on me? " Ouyang Ke took out a gold ring from her pocket and waved it in front of Huang Rong. Sure enough, Huang Rong’s dream was the same.
Huang Rong grabbed the gold ring and looked at Ouyang Ke from embarrassment. "What chubby hand? Ake, talk carefully. Do you think you recognized me from the beginning and still held back? Huh? "
Is Ouyang Ke smiling without a word by Huang Rong how to ask all don’t say.
There is no need to ask about some things in the past, because some people’s fate has sprouted from a long time ago.
The carriage wandered past town after town, so this time they successfully camped out in the wilderness again.
"Ake, let’s not eat dry food. Let me make you something to eat. What do you say to roast a chicken?" Huang Rong is very disgusted and glanced at Ouyang Ke’s dry food, which makes people lose their appetite.
You can’t even see a chicken feather in the middle of the night. Is that why Rong Er wants to roast chicken?
Ouyang Ke shook his head and sighed lightly. Without saying anything, he got up and went to the forest to figure out that someone was looking for a pheasant.
Huang Rong looked at Ouyang Ke’s distant figure, bent her eyes over her mouth and smiled. She liked to see him like this most.
But she refused to tell her that she couldn’t find the pheasant she wanted so late, but he still agreed, and he was trying to do it.
The more you look at it, the more people feel happy!
She thinks she finally found someone who can wrap her up so that she doesn’t need to change anything in front of him, just be herself.
Not long after, Ouyang Ke came back with a slaughtered pheasant. Because Huang Rong disliked those handmaids and servants and got in the way, it was just the two of them. But this kind of work always needs people to do, so it’s not for Rong Er to do it, is it?
Ouyang Ke is holding his nose to handle the pheasant and bring it back. Before Ouyang Ke came back, he washed his hands several times and sprinkled some powder on his body.
It’s no wonder that Huang Rong always thinks that Ouyang Ke has a little more fragrance. If it weren’t for the wilderness, she would be jealous. Is there a woman who looks at Ake as a gigolo?
Huang Rong took the pheasant, took out the seasoning with him, daubed the pheasant inside and out again, and stuffed the herbs she had just found on one side into the pheasant’s stomach to spice it up.
When the pheasant is put on the fire, the two of them just sit by and watch the fire and add a handful of firewood from time to time to talk casually.
In the dead of night, the wind blows through the leaves, the firewood rustles, and sometimes sparks splash out. As time goes by, the pheasant is roasted, and the smell gradually seeps out, which makes people swallow their saliva.
I have something to say.
Someone is about to come out and make trouble. Who will come out? Little cuties can guess!
Chapter 18 Chapter 18
"Ake, you can make do with this wild pheasant without any materials." Huang Rong looked at the pheasant still on the fire while talking to Ouyang Ke, and took it when the temperature was almost the same.
Ouyang Ke shook his folding fan and said with a smile, "I know Rong Er’s cooking, but it’s delicious to make do with it."
The whole pheasant was roasted to be red, bright, oily, moist, fragrant and crisp. Huang Rong tore a chicken leg and chicken skin joint to reveal fresh chicken. This cooking skill is not comparable to that of a chef who has been cooking for many years.
Huang Rong handed the torn chicken leg to one side and Ouyang Ke smiled sweetly. "Ake, you just came back from beating a pheasant. The pheasant grows in the forest and is sensitive. This chicken leg is the best to eat. Ake, you are quick to taste it."
"Rong Er knows so well, but you forget that it’s your heart that bothers you to roast chicken. It’s best to eat chicken legs for yourself." Ouyang Ke was glad to hear Huang Rong’s words and felt that the embarrassing scene that he had just killed the chicken was really nothing.
Huang Rong handed the chicken leg to Ouyang Ke again and gave him a grumpily stare. "Then, you want to tire my hand! The chicken doesn’t have one leg, so you can take it, and the other one belongs to me. It’s silly to look at it. "