After reading for a long time, I didn’t see the key. There was no way out. I could take the hair pin and unlock it directly. She did. Otherwise, most of the night emperor’s treasures would have fallen into her.

The lock was opened, and Tang Luoling directly opened the box and saw that it was actually four thick.
Looking through it, I saw that it was actually refining art, puppet art, array method Juexue and system operator Juexue.
Tut tut this is really a good baby.
But what she likes is the array institute, which is a unique skill. She is sure to learn it.
In another three days, we will discuss it again and see what he has learned before allocating it.
Tang Luoling put away these four and looked at Yunlie. Seeing that he was still sitting there with a deep red grudge protector, he didn’t disturb him, but sat beside him and slowly took the law and began to look at it.
Fifteen days passed quickly, and Yunlie still didn’t eat or drink, but everyone could feel his change. First, the momentum was strong, and then the color of quarrelling changed from crimson to gold.
"Is this the realm of Emperor Wu?"
Tang Luoling is really unbelievable. Just 15 days can make Yunlie rise to a new level.
It’s horrible. What if there are more families in this world who are afraid of strong people?
Xia Houlian just woke up with some fruit to eat, because they can’t walk around, they can eat, that is, the fish and shrimp in the water are also good at cooking, but they don’t have to eat too much.
However, there are fish and shrimp every day, and no matter how different they are, they will make people lose their appetite.
"Well, he is already the realm of Emperor Wu. He is a strong man."
"Hey? Lian cousin, you sound really sour. "
Summer Hou Lian stared her one eye "who is sour? I’m not sour. I’m happy! After he can protect you, at least he won’t worry about you. "
He blurted out words that made Tang Luoling dazed for a while and then he didn’t bicker again.
The two men stopped the war of words and Tang Luoling sighed. Finally, they asked, "Gongding Wangfu left Kyoto with Zhuang Guogong’s house. When you go back, the palace family is afraid that they will take care of their families. What’s your plan?"
"I’ll leave Kyoto for the northwest and talk to them about a deal. Chapter 48 Cloud House Treasure.
"What are you doing?"
Tang Luoling got a fright and hurriedly asked
She doesn’t think that going to the northwest and those barbarians in summer will benefit her.
Xia Houlian took a bite of the apple and said with a look of indifference, "Nature is to let them make a mutiny."
"Don’t do this! It’s not good for us to do this, but it’s left to the palace. Then let the palace say that we are ready for Wangfu Zhuang Guogong to betray the country and seek glory. Then everyone will shout and fight. Think about my grandfather. When he was young, he was a general of a country. He was respected by everyone. If he was treated like this in his later years, he would inevitably suppress his illness. "
Tang Luoling immediately rejected his proposal. She didn’t want her grandfather to vomit blood in his old age.
Others don’t know what the Lord protector of Zhuang Lao values most, but she can still see something from Tang Luoling.
The palace government has gone too far, but they have never moved to the roots of the country and have no intention of messing up the country
However, if Xia Houlian really did this, it would be chaos, even treason, and everyone would be punished!
Xia Hou already looked at her "don’t let me go, do you have any good idea? The woman of Empress Xiang is now holding the Prime Minister of the Imperial Palace, and she is also inside and outside. It is too difficult for us to get involved! "
"Their brother and sister control the emperor outside the court? Where is the emperor? "
Tang Luoling faint asked.
After all, the new emperor ascended the throne to assist the Prime Minister of the Imperial Palace. No matter how powerful the situation is, it will eventually cause the new emperor to resent, but this resentment will not turn his queen mother and palace prime minister against each other for a while.
Xia Houlian didn’t expect Tang Luoling to hit the new emperor’s body with his idea.
"You mean to turn the Qidi Palace against each other?"
"It’s better to let them kill each other on a blind date if the handle is in their hands. Isn’t it more worry-free and easy?"
Tang Luoling smiled more deeply.
The barbarians in the northwest are fierce, but it doesn’t mean that they can really shake the Southern Zhou Emperor. She doesn’t think barbarian soldiers can make the Southern Zhou state lose!
Southern Zhou cavalry is not a vegetarian! Otherwise, Nan Zhouguo wouldn’t be a respected country, and the soldiers were strong in Ma Zhuang. Who would be stupid to send the door to be slaughtered?
Xia Houlian blinked and nodded "I see"
"Do you have a candidate in the cousin’s royal family to let him succeed the new emperor?"
"There is a six-year-old green king."
"Green King?"
"Well, he is Yi Taiqi, whose mother lives in Qingwangfu and seldom goes out to meet people. Yi Taiqi wants to hire a teacher for Qingwang, but the Empress Dowager Xiang won’t allow her to get to her father. I am both a cousin of Qingwang and a teacher. He is smart and articulate."
When Xia Houlian talked about this green king, he looked with a gentle smile and his eyes were appreciative.
Tang Luoling raised his eyebrows. "Then you can test the attitude of the other party to the emperor with a suitable toffee. If she has that heart, she doesn’t have to stay."
She didn’t want to be busy, but in the end she made a wedding dress for someone else!
That’ll kill you.
Summer Hou Lian sound just fell aside and Zhu Yi sat up and shook his fist. Excited, I can’t. "My force value actually rose by one week. Chapter 481, Treasure 3 of Cloud House.
Tang Luoling nodded at him and smiled.
In summer, Hou Lian stepped aside, closed his eyes and continued to practice. He muttered to himself that this was a small practice speed, but it was not slow, but he still didn’t practice fast in this place, which made him rush to the four-star realm at one stroke. His peak state was six stars.
Ask Tang Luoling what she wants to make him break through the world when he reaches the six-star level. Once he breaks through the nine-star level, he can live for another thousand years!
At the thought of this, he was full of blood and excited, trying to calm down the impulse, closing his eyes and starting to practice.
Xia Houlian didn’t know that his body and bones had actually changed, and the waterfall forged body made him step by step closer to Jiuchong Wu Zun.
Zhu Yi is excited to walk aside and doesn’t care about eating fish and shrimp porridge every day.
There is rice to eat in Tang Luoling, but I don’t worry
Zhu Yi ate his fill and then said to Tang Luoling, "Today I’m going to dive to see what else is under the water."
"Is this underwater?"