"Do you remember how you were blown up by Sera Masumi?" Descending Valley Kindly Awakens Jiangchuan Conan

Jiangchuan Conan "… How do you know Mr. Yasushi"
Descending the valley, he said with a smile, "Of course it’s a little mourning."
Jiangchuan Conan "this guy"
You must not investigate rashly, do you know? Because once you expose us, all of us will be sent away by the aftermath team. "
Jiangchuan Conan "aftermath group?"
Jianggu said, "Well, the organization has an action team, a scientific research team in charge of the personnel department, and this after-care team. The after-care team usually cleans up the Gin action team, but if there are too many cleaning targets, the organization will decide to directly let the after-care team use weapons of mass destruction to directly kill these people."
Looking pale, Jiangchuan Conan calmed down and said, "But now it’s okay for you to stop bugging."
Jiangchuan Conan nodded, "I must hold back this time" and then said, "Yes, the black organization BOSS-"
Descending the valley, he laughed, "I know."
"Huh?" Jiangchuan Conan was stunned first and then suddenly realized, "It turned out that Mr. Akai was sent to search class three yesterday!"
"Search for three lessons?"
Jiangchuan Conan said, "It’s just that Mr. Akai was questioned all night."
"Deserve it" went down to search for three lessons in my heart and praised them, then smiled and said to Jiangchuan Conan, "Lemon pie is ready."
It seems that Mr. Jiangchuan Conan really hates Mr. Akai.
When I got home, I went down to the valley and took things with Zhu Fujing.
Descending the valley nodded. "I guess it should be that the organization has missed one after another. Recently, his confidant was taken into custody and felt a sense of crisis and had to personally array."
"It is true that Gin is directly under the BOSS, and to some extent, he is competing with Rum," said Zhu Jingguang. "Rum has failed one after another, which will greatly affect his position in the organization."
"Well," said Noguchi, "I found Akai Shuuichi and Haneda Hideyoshi last night and I know who the BOSS is."
Zhu Fujingguang looked at the valley and said, "It seems that zer is not surprised."
"I probably had a hunch a long time ago, from what Akai Takeshi was going to investigate the cause of Haneda Kouji’s death to hearing Haneda Hideyoshi’s name, I felt that Haneda’s family had something to do with Akai’s family." Descending the valley continued, "Then there was the black pill group figure that would appear every time we investigated things."
Zhu Fujingguang stroked his jaw and said, "If the BOSS is Wu Wan Lian Ye, some things will be explained clearly. Remember Betty Ross said that the data of Guangpu experiment?"
"Remember," Descending Valley said, "It’s the asai medicine now."
"That’s right," Zhu Fujing said brightly. "You see, at the end of the century, the Umaru Group had a food tasting meeting. This is the list, and then after investigation, it will be found that they are all dead except two people who died in accidents."
Descending the valley and frowning "seems to be mixing medicine into food"
Zhu Jingguang "I think this is how I got the first-hand materials unnoticed."
We must find the organization and hook up the enterprise as soon as possible, and we must never let the tragedy happen again.
"It will," said Zhu Jingguang.
"By the way, hir Ramda asked me to investigate Kudou Shinichi, but I think it’s a test." Descending Valley said, "I want to ask you what you think."
Zhu Jingguang said, "Investigate that child?"
"According to my understanding, Conan should be on his suspect list," said Descending Valley.
"Why don’t you tell Hennessy?" Zhu Fujingguang said after a short thought. "Since the research team has two minds, naturally it won’t give all the research results to the organization. I remember that Kudou Shinichi is the first one if the successful department is female and male."
"I know that if the organization knows that there are successful male experimenters, then it will definitely achieve reverse growth in BOSS. Brandy should not want to face a BOSS in its prime."
Zhu Fujingguang nodded. "Yes, let’s inform Hennessy of the situation."
Finally, I finished the important task at hand and fell into Zhu Jingguang’s thigh. "It’s really exhausting."
Zhu Fujingguang reached out his hand to help the valley fall and press the acupoints.
Unconsciously fell into the valley and fell asleep.
An apartment on the other side of the city
Wakasa Rumi dialed a number after receiving the news of the valley drop.
"What’s the new progress?" Brandy cold tone came from the receiver.
Wakasa Rumi fiddled with his fingertips and said, "Well, Rum has appeared in Tokyo and has been suspected of being in Jiangchuan Conan."
Brandy "Well, what else?"
Wakasa Rumi "are you so calm? That young man is the only living man who is not afraid of being discovered by rum? "
"No, there is a very reliable person behind Jiangchuan Conan," brandy said faintly. "How did Chivas and Bacardi react?"
Wakasa Rumi "bit the bait, and now it is estimated that it is in full swing."
Brandy well a didn’t speak.
Wakasa Rumi asked, "Don’t you care about the brandy personnel department? Those materials should be particularly important for the public security. "
Brandy said quietly, "Someone has already started to clean up."
Wakasa Rumi eyebrows "you really keep people everywhere".
"It’s a deal, just like I did with you in the past. I want you at the price of helping me achieve my goal," brandy said lightly.
Wakasa Rumi chuckled, "Yes, I’ve been waiting for the day when I can kill an enemy. Don’t let me down."
At the other end of the sentence, brandy coughed gently, and she said, "Don’t worry, I will arrange it for you before I die."
After hanging up, brandy looked at the picture on the bedside.
The face is a woman with a gentle smile and a cold face. The little girl and a couple in white coats will recognize the couple at a glance if they fall into the valley.
The brandy button photo whispers, "Your long-cherished wish will be realized before death comes."
Chapter 85 Chapter 85
?? Tietie
A week later, Jianggu and Zhu Fujingguang happened to meet Betty Ross, who was also shopping.
Betty Ross said hello, "Good afternoon, brother Anshi and sister Sen."
"Good afternoon," said Descending Valley. "What have you been doing these days? I can’t see the figure. "
Betty Ross sighed, "Of course I’ll help you pick out baby clothes!" "
Valley one leng, instantly understand Betty Ross suddenly changed even know someone behind him.
The same white Betty Ross means that Zhu Jingguang said gently; "Thank you so much, Snow Sauce."
"Good afternoon, Anshi’s elder brother, Sen’s elder sister and Asaka’s elder sister."
Descending Valley and Fu Jingguang smiled together and replied, "Hello."