It seems that this guy really likes Aoer. Huang Junyi is not a little jealous. Aoer is really likable. It’s strange that he should be happy. What makes him feel strange? Is it because he can’t spit spar? =_=!

Heavy lotus saw Ah Jing eating before the temple, but she didn’t think that this gluttonous person would spit spar, and she couldn’t help but feel that God helped her.
It seems that it is not difficult for them to collect these four things.
"In that case, my adult will be responsible for creating a spirit pen for life and death. Let the demon god’s adult refine the regicide and brush the amethyst as soon as possible, and let this doll around you find a way to do it." heavy lotus Temple pointed to Huang Junyi and Ziyun Ao. "You still have to be responsible for getting the hibiscus resin fluorescent squid poison and you can come back and meet us."
Ziyun ao and Huang Junyi looked at each other and nodded their heads.
They need to find Ryutsuki and them as soon as possible.
"Don’t look for their adult residence now." heavy lotus Temple seems to know their thoughts at a glance.
He even knows about Ryutsuki and them? What a miraculous role it is!
Before they finished their surprise, they simply said, "This is an adult’s mansion. What can escape the eyes of adults? Go straight ahead from here, but don’t turn at the end of the road. You will see a purple gate at the end. Say to the gate that when the heavy lotus Temple comes back, the gate will hit you. You can cross the threshold and enter the mansion from here."
"Let’s go and meet them at once!" Ziyun ao avenue
"good!" Huang Junyi nodded.
"I’ll take me-"Ah Jing saw that two people were leaving and immediately chased after them.
Ziyun proudly stopped and said to him, "Jing, you should stay and practice hard. There is the best food for you here, which will speed up your upgrade."
Jing wanted to go, but she nodded at the thought of delicious food.
What is Huang Junyi? It’s more important for him to eat = _ =!
But that’s right. You have to spit out better spar
Heavy lotus Temple took a look at the little lion and thought that this fire beast pet had to leave him to have a good training if he wanted to spray the mysterious fire. So he said to the little lion behind Huang Junyi, "You also stay."
The little lion immediately wondered why I should stay. I don’t spit spar and I don’t like it that much! I prefer being with my host to eating.
Heavy lotus Temple said simply, "If you think you can spray mysterious fire now, get out."
The little lion was wronged, although he was advanced when he passed the Xuantian Cave, but it was not so easy to spray Xuanhuo, but he felt so reluctant to leave his master. Besides, Hao Er didn’t know where he had gone, and he wanted to find her very much.
But Huang Junyi said, "Little Lion, stay and practice with Ah Jing."
The little lion agreed to stay even though he was reluctant when he saw the emperor Junyi. After all, this is the best choice at present.
Everything is ready. Ziyun Ao and Huang Junyi took Lian Er and walked all the way towards the front according to the method told by heavy lotus Temple. Sure enough, they found a new land.
The purple gate is just around the corner.
Lian Er stretched out his hand to push it, but it did not move. He suddenly remembered that heavy lotus Temple said a spell and shouted at the door, "heavy lotus Temple is out-761. Chapter 761 has never left."
Although Lian Er is passionate, the door is still motionless and wasted. He puts on a cool, arrogant and handsome posture.
Ziyun ao’s mouth twitched. Why can’t this dead child recite the spell well? heavy lotus Hall told them that the spell is not like this.
But it’s called improvisation. Okay! What do you want to say when you go out? What a wonderful spell.
But there was no other way for him to shout "heavy lotus Temple is back!"
This time, the purple door slowly moved.
"… I go to really this spell! At least it’s where the immortals live. There’s no point in this door. "
The purple door flashed angrily. It’s not like I set this spell. You scold me for not being able to cope!
Lian Er was startled by that gate. Didn’t she just spit out a sentence at random? It didn’t react so much. It was a little too bad-tempered after a door.
Lian’s son is thinking about listening to a bang!
Golden light spilled in from the door.
Several people looked at each other and immediately went towards the light source.
I didn’t expect the outside world to be so vast. At the moment, they are as small as ants. Everything is magnified thousands of times. Even a leaf is as big as a luxury cruise ship.
Lian Er jumped out of the threshold first, and then Ziyun Ao and Huang Junyi came out.
The purple door slammed shut-