Being in the state of Monty’s body, Su Li is not afraid that the water surface will be separated by his feet. With this stepping force, his body took the initiative to meet the purple flame and launched the "Chikage"

In an instant, his right hand, the Red Crescent Dragon, chopped several knife light ghosting images, and cut out hundreds of attacks in one breath, and then the purple flame humanoid was cut to pieces.
He now has the strongest strength of 17 tons, and each knife strength of "Chikage" exceeds 100 tons. What kind of power does it contain?
Yan Lingling burned herself out, and the last blow was powerful, but it was instantly shattered when she encountered this hundred-knife sustained attack.
When the "Chikage" ended, Yan Lingling couldn’t even find a piece of intact flesh and blood, and a spiritual source suddenly disappeared into Su Li’s forehead.
Su Libai, the most powerful of the forgotten people, was finally killed by himself.
He has just caught the message of Yan Lingling, and her evaluation is still "medium" and the same as "medium", but Yan Lingling’s strength is much stronger than the average "medium" strength.
He met Shao Mingjie or Qiu Hu before, or just killed these "medium" forgetfulness, which is far less powerful than Yan Lingling.
"It seems that it is also divided into three, six, nine, etc. in the same medium combat power."
The idea flashed through my mind and killed Yan Lingling, but I didn’t get any equipment except a spiritual source.
Obviously, this is also the last stroke of Yan Lingling’s special ability of "Vientiane Purple Pupil". She didn’t burn herself, even her own spiritual source equipment, so that she could burst into such a terrorist force. Unfortunately, she still lost to China and Soviet Union in the strongest state.
After killing Yan Lingling, Su Li couldn’t stop. He now has less than half of his physical strength and can continue fighting for about 30 or 40 seconds. He immediately quit the "overrun" state.
"Devil’s Muscle" returned to the third form from the over-limit state, and "Monty’s Sacred Bone" returned to the first form from the second form. The original height was two meters, and Monty’s body shrank back to two meters, and the original strength of 17 tons was lost.
Although out of the strongest state, in the state of two meters monty, Su Li still holds about 7 tons of strength, which is comparable to the strongest overrun state in the first four levels. That’s enough to deal with these people.
If he is in this state, he can still fight for about three minutes.
Stepping on the water with both feet, I left for the last wooden boat.
Two of the original three wooden boats were destroyed, and most of the 50 elite forgetters fell into the water except those killed by him. Some climbed to the third wooden boat, and some clever people knew that the situation was not good and wanted to escape or sink to the bottom or swim far away. Of course, some people fought back desperately and rushed over to fight with the animals.
At this moment, the water’ beast is attached to the golden flash and water control to attack the third wooden boat Forgotten Exhibition.
Its evolution speed is faster than that of human beings. It can’t kill prey and draw spiritual resources. Even spiritual resources equipment can transform its energy, which makes it have a faster evolution speed. Now it is limited to level 4, and it may break through at any time.
On this water surface, the golden flash combined with the water control technique has a strong realistic ability, even the average five-level rare beast will be no match for it.
Although these ship forgers are all elites of Qingshan city and leaders, they are far from the five great saints.
In the face of the water’s beast attack, although they joined hands to block it, they failed to hurt the water’s beast by using various attacks.
Soon Gong Xiao, Ding Longyun and Jiang Shuixuan appeared one after another. Ding Longyun opened his mouth and spit out "gas missiles". The missiles were coming towards these third wooden boats with a distance of tens of meters.
Jiang Shuijue is even more busy in fog. She is in a state of busy in fog, and her weight will be reduced. By stepping on the water, she can gallop like a water animal.
Nine fog members are holding blood prison double swords, which is a few seconds slower than water’ beast and approaching here.
It was only a few tens of seconds before and after Su Li attacked the five holy envoys and killed Yan Lingling. When he rushed towards the third wooden boat, the water beast used water control techniques, and a series of water currents formed huge waves, which were being smashed towards those forgotten people.
This huge wave also contains the power of golden flash.
Jiang Shuixuan incarnation nine fog busy also rushed to the initiative.
The original Yan Lingling didn’t die. These forgetters still have a glimmer of hope in their hearts, thinking about fighting back. When they see Yan Lingling, they are also vulnerable and killed by Su Li. There is still a little resistance to fighting back. The forgetters immediately collapse and all dive and flee.
They can’t come if they don’t escape for nothing.