"All right, just one minute, or the little heron sister will be in a hurry soon," said Lin Keer.

"Listen to my Chloe for a minute," Li Yi said.
"Sister Ruoying, what is this?" Li Lu asked while jumping.
"Is it fun?" Liu ruoying watched Li Lu jump for a long time and asked
"* Fun is more fun than anything I’ve played before. What’s the name of Sister Ruoying?" Li Lu asked
"Sister Xiaolu, I know you are very clever. I said what this thing is called before. If you guess it right, I will give it to you." Liu Ruoying smiled sweetly and said.
"Give it to me? Sister Ruoying, really? " Li Lu was a little incredulous and asked
"Sister, I mean what I say," said Liu Reying herself.
"Yes, yes, I’ll think about it later." It’s not that Li Lu doesn’t know it, but that this skipping rope is so fun in the eyes of Xiao Lu Lu, just like eating dazzling!
"Okay, okay, now a minute has passed. Let me go!" Lin Keer some don’t give up watching Li Yi said.
"But I still want to hold you Kerr" Li Yi said.
"A man should be honest and trustworthy, and it is not good to break his promise to others," Lin Keer said.
"Of course I know this, but I’m still a little reluctant," Li Yi said.
Drag a second is more than a second, you can hold one more second, and you can feel the fragrance of Lin Keer and feel the body.
"It’s okay, we can still see it," Lin Keer said with a smile.
It seems that Li Yi is sincerely thinking of Lin Keer’s sweet heart.
"But I may not be able to hold you tomorrow," Li Yi said.
"I also let you hold me, so that’s all," Lin Keer said.
Li Yixiao smiled and loosened his arm. You can still hold Lin Keer in your arms. Then you can hold him again in your arms! Anyway, there is a time.
"Little heron sister, let’s find some sound! Otherwise, the building will come to us soon, "said Liu Reying.
At this time, it is not * * knocking sound appeared.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Send home (7)
"Is Sister Ruoying coming from the building?" Li Lu vomitted to stick out tongue asked
"Nothing, nothing, we are not afraid," said Liu Ruoying.
"Well, I’m not afraid of small arts!" Li Lu said
"Goodbye Li Yi," said Lin Keer, who came to the next intersection.
"Chloe, why don’t I send you again!" Li Yi reluctantly asked.
"If you send me again, my parents may see it, and it will be troublesome," Lin Keer said with a playful tongue.
"Chloe, then you should be careful!" Li Yi looked at the intersection and said
I don’t know what, although there is a street lamp at that intersection and it hasn’t been installed for a long time, Li Yi is still a little uneasy
"I will," Lin Keer said with a nod.
"Let’s go and see you again," said Li Yi.
"Don’t act like where will you go," Lin Keer said with a smile.
"I’m leaving" Li Yi left this faint word and went away.
In fact, Li Yi often doesn’t want to leave, but it’s a little late now, and Li Yi doesn’t want to disturb Liu Ruoying’s rest, so it becomes like this.
Lin Keer looked at Li Yi figure slightly trance gradually the figure disappeared Lin Keer looked at his side street lamp is still so bright.
In this way, Lin Keer looked at the street lamp for a while as if he were thinking something, but then he left.
Li Yi ran all the way like this. Look at those trees beside him.
Liu ruoying and Xiao Lu’s sister would have left if they hadn’t gone out, but Liu ruoying was really wrong and the mistake was outrageous