Xiao Lingyu knew that if this guy didn’t need to lead the way by himself, he might directly kill himself.

And he didn’t want to make too many mistakes. After all, the other party didn’t show malice, so he didn’t let the serpent go out, but walked ahead without fear and continued to move forward.
A serpent is afraid of a distracted monk in Xiao Lingyu?
Although this is a shortcut and there is no danger, it is definitely not easy to get to the destination. The greater the pressure, the smaller the pressure increase is than outside.
Xiao Lingyu is comparable to the monk in Yuan’s infancy. When he walks, he can’t carry it. The speed is slow, not to mention his forehead and sweat, but he is panting.
The distracted monk looked relaxed. He walked up to Xiao Lingyu and grabbed Xiao Lingyu’s shoulder and moved on with Xiao Lingyu.
However, at the same time, the monk, who was quite distracted, also released a defensive cover to protect Xiao Lingyu and put Xiao Lingyu under pressure.
Xiao Lingyu had a good impression on the distracted monk at this time. After all, he was helped by others.
Half an hour later, the stone steps came to an end, but there was a stone door blocking the way.
There is a stone carving of a one-eyed beast at the gate of Shimen.
"Little brother, you should have a way to hit this stone gate, right?"
The distracted monk tried his best not to beat Shimen so he asked Xiao Lingyu
Xiao Lingyu nodded and then took out a stone one-eyed stuffed into the one-eyed beast forehead groove.
The stone carving of the one-eyed beast slowly hit a stone step that is still spreading after a shaking.
Continue to pick up the steps and the pressure is still increasing, but the distracted monk can still hold on.
But half an hour later, the pressure was so great that even the distracted monk felt very hard, but a stone door that had been opened was already visible.
A few dozen more steps will lead to the end of the stone steps.
When the distracted monk saw this situation, he smiled at Xiao Lingyu and then withdrew the protective cover for Xiao Lingyu and went forward alone.
The sudden disappearance of the defensive cover immediately caused Xiao Lingyu to fall to the stone steps, and the bones were all crunchy.
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Chapter 34 The Best Treasure
? Chapter 34 The Best Treasure
"I can’t guarantee whether this passage is safe or not, but the seniors are happy to have a master like you to look after them if they are willing to go with them." Xiao Lingyu also said politely.
"I will take care of you if my little brother doesn’t take me to death." The distracted monk nodded and said.
Xiao Lingyu knows …
Chapter 35 Take advantage to kill the enemy 1
? Chapter 35 Take advantage to kill the enemy 1
"I don’t believe that a forbidden mask that has been eroded by years can stop me from taking treasure!"
During the fitting period, the monk was a little angry and opened his mouth to spit out a glow, and a black spirit sword was revealed.
As soon as the black spirit sword appeared, there was a spectre crying and vibrating in the hall. It was full of horror …
Chapter 36 Take advantage to kill the enemy 2
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After the black robe repelled the serpent in the mating period, it turned to work and tried to take the emerald pearl away. Unfortunately, the root of the pearl did not move.
Black eyebrows a wrinkly sharp eyes to Xiao Lingyu.
Xiao Lingyu can imagine that even ten lives are not enough to die if he is attacked by a master of fit period.
"No wonder I can still rely on you to come here. I advise you to automatically remove this pearl to recognize the Lord, otherwise I will kill you."
"Why?" Xiao Lingyu stubbornly replied, but she took two steps back involuntarily.
Xiao Lingyu was a little nervous in the face of such a strong man. If there was not a serpent sneezing on the other side, he would frighten himself to death. He was guilty. He offered the golden shield Fubao to the sacrifice.
As he spoke, the black robe suddenly stretched out his palm and turned out to be a golden time with a golden shield and a treasure.
"Since you don’t want to give up voluntarily, I can send you to death."
Xiao Lingyu’s root dodge is to needle the silver needle into the black palm.
If there is nothing to resist Xiao Lingyu, he will be beheaded.
In this head Xiao Lingyu will silver needle erected in the past.
A sharp ring out of the magic sword, although blocked, failed to cut Xiao Lingyu’s head, but the powerful strength was to smash Xiao Lingyu’s body.
At this time of the table, there is a forbidden mask that has not been hit, and there is also a treasure inside.
There was no accident that the forbidden mask broke directly when the silver needle attacked it.
The emerald pearl has already had some connection with Xiao Lingyu and is slowly flying into the hall, but it is difficult to get close to Xiao Lingyu because of the momentum of the master in the fitting period.
"It’s funny that you are so young that you still have the mind to get your hands on other treasures when you are dying."
"This is really interesting. He not only knows the secret passage directly to here, but also knows the location of the most powerful treasure here."
Xiao Lingyu knew that Fa Shan didn’t say anything more when he gave the serpent an order to launch a force to stall the other two for a while.
Obviously, the silver needle is also a very powerful magic weapon, which is more powerful than the extremely clever weapon.
During the fitting period, the black robe thought for a moment, and then the corners of the mouth disappeared after smiling. An imposing manner with a rich bloody smell suddenly enveloped the whole hall.
Black robe a drink in the hand of the magic sword blaster.
Ow! ! !
The serpent suddenly launched a huge body and swept around the hall to defeat the ghost’s head, and it opened its mouth and spit out a blue-purple ice arrow, which also severely hit the magic sword.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t be silly, but rushed to a silver column next to a silver needle and plunged it into the column.
During the fitting period, the black robe waved a recruit, and the magic sword that deviated from the target flew to the top of the hall and rose several times, then wrapped in a raging magic flame and cut to the serpent.
The distracted master dared not make a move or take part in such a fierce battle, but he looked at Xiao Lingyu.
The black robe is trying to kill the serpent first, but the serpent is not so easy to be killed. He can’t make a move to deal with Xiao Lingyu at the moment.
Xiao Lingyu has just stabbed three pillars, but he still needs three to achieve his goal. I don’t know if the serpent can carry the black robe attack. At this time, the distracted monk has come to rock Xiao Lingyu’s intuition.
Longying collects the energy of the serpent and also collects it. black dragon’s blood fighting capacity is very tough. Even with the magic sword, it can claw hard, and the serpent is also very tough. Even without Longying, it must be difficult to kill the distracted monk, but it is easy to stop him.