Even many of them are perfect caves!

If we add dozens of caves in Fengtian and these dozens of caves in front of us to absorb refining, maybe budo Zun Xiu can improve.
In the star, the bodies of the kings are divided, and the blood splashes everywhere, shocking!
It’s just crushing!
In the eyes of this group of king Wu Daozun, it is like a group of ants walking all the way, and you can kill a group with just one punch!
"You who are you!"
King Li of blood can’t escape. He can’t help screaming and screaming. "We are all from the major super interfaces. If you dare …"
Before King Li’s words were finished, his head was smashed by Wu Daozun with a palm!
"Hurry up!"
Lu Yun and others drove the fairy boat and looked anxious to gallop all the way along the traces left by the cold eye king and others.
The dragon king shook his head slightly while following behind him.
Although they didn’t delay for too long, it was more than enough for Han Mu Wang and others to kill a true spirit.
Even if they rush there now, I’m afraid they can’t come
Of course, these thoughts flashed through her mind and she didn’t say them.
The kings of the three thousand realms are all holding a bystander mentality and whispering behind the people in the sword world.
"I estimate that there will be a big war between the two sides, such as chasing King Hanmu and others."
"If I were Lu Yun and others, I would choose to return to the sword world and take a long-term view. Nowadays, the six super interfaces join hands with the sword world. If I continue to fight and do shopping, I am afraid I will lose more."
"It’s too much to say that the famous peak kings, Wang Hanmu and Wang Shijie, have teamed up to kill a real soul."
At this time, a king gently sniffed, "I smelled a bloody gas and estimated that Su Zhu in the sword world was dead ahead."
It wasn’t long before everyone could see a large pool of blood emerging from the star ahead, like a huge lake.
"What’s the matter?"
A king frowned and said, "It’s not so much blood to kill a true spirit, is it?"
It wasn’t long before the three thousand kings came near, and their consciousness slowed down and they looked at the scene in the star ahead with a full face of horror!
There are pieces of broken limbs scattered in that star, with intact heads, wide eyes and fear before death!
Many cave treasures are dim, and fragments float in the stars with the blood of the king.
The blood still exudes residual temperature.
If you put these residual limbs and broken arms together, you can vaguely identify the origin of these kings!
King Hanmu, King Shijie, King Riyao, King Blood, King Witch Blood, King Liu Wu …
Strangely, there is also a dark-haired and blue man who is bending over to walk in this pool of blood with broken limbs and arms, picking up bags …
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and five Scared off
That’s …
Su Zhu in the sword world!
I cann’t believe he’s not dead
Instead, he died after dozens of kings!
More than that, the true fairy even wandered through the bodies of these kings, picking up bags and cleaning up the battlefield …
Three thousand creatures stare big eyes. Unbelievable.
In such a tragic and bloody battlefield, the king’s limbs and broken arms are floating everywhere, and the blood magic soldiers can be described as shocking than shocking.
But the battlefield where the true fairy should have fallen is out of place, and it seems that there is an unspeakable strangeness in this scene.
Of course, many creatures will not be naive. Dozens of kings, such as the King of Cold Eyes, are in the hands of Su Zhu in the dead sword world.
This is impossible.
Although Su Zhu in the sword world claims that the true spirit understands many magical powers, the power gap between the cave and the heaven is too big!
Don’t say that dozens of kings get together, and there are peerless kings and peak kings. Even an ordinary fairy king can easily erase Su Zhu from the sword world.
But who killed King Hanmu and others?
They carefully looked at the dozens of kings who had just chased after them and died here!
Can make dozens of king army wiped out in such a short time …
"I didn’t expect such a successful player in the sword world."
Chi dragon king took one deep look at the sword world all heart feeling a.
But soon the dragon king frowned again.
It seems completely unexpected that Lu Yun and other big peaks in the sword world saw this scene in front of them, and their faces were shocked.
"Look at these people die don’t like a sword …"
The dragon king looked thoughtfully at the figure in the pool of blood and thought, "But who would it be if it wasn’t the sword man?"
Not to mention many creatures in the three thousand worlds, even the people in the sword world were scared by this scene!
It’s hard to defeat a king. It’s hard for Yi Ke to kill a king.
Just now, the King’s War broke out in the major interfaces outside Fengtian, and nearly 300 kings were involved. Is that a fierce battle?