Is the thought of Sue teacher younger brother is the wild emperor wu jun, she also let Sue teacher younger brother to wild wu a painting won’t give birth to a little angry face blush.

"Sumo is back!"
"He didn’t die when he entered the grave!"
"I heard that he has a natural violet body and still dares to show up and is not afraid of the competition of the strong?"
After a short silence, there was a huge wave in the crowd.
Day punishment Wang Shenzhi swept through his eyes with a surprise and then nodded, "No wonder you dare to confront me and have already cultivated into a land of great success."
This sentence immediately caused an uproar!
Ten thousand years ago, Su Mo was the immortal who competed for the list.
Now Su Mo has stepped into the cave and become a peerless fairy king!
"The cave is a great success."
The king of heaven suddenly smiled with a hint and suddenly said coldly, "Give-I-die!"
The word "death" has not yet fallen, and the bloody and chilly knife has been cut off in an instant!
In a moment and a half, blood and blood emerged, as if several creatures were miserable, tortured and struggling to survive, and uttered a wailing scream.
Day punishment king has released the land of dzogchen to cooperate with the punishment to kill the knife and keep it, and an extreme war broke out!
Sue ink in situ motionless seems to have no reaction to come over.
Until the slaughter knife is about to touch his scalp, he still holds the bloody head in one hand and raises it in the other, and directly grasps the slaughter knife in the palm of his hand!
Knife light, blood and water disappear instantly!
Everyone was horrified.
Su Mo’s flesh and blood can hold the sword of the King of Heaven with one hand and not move!
"After all these years, you haven’t made any progress. You’re not as good as this one in my hand."
Su Mo raised his bloody head and shook his head slightly and smiled indifferently.
Then bang!
The torture knife was broken.
Chapter three thousand one hundred and twenty-nine Kill!
Several eyes look at this handle, which represents the punishment and killing of the Great Jinxian Kingdom. The bloody magic was crushed into pieces by Su Mo’s palm and scattered all over the floor!
"This …"
The group repairs are stunned and discolored!
What power is this?
The punishment knife is the symbol of the great Jin immortal country.
The fragmentation of the punishment knife also seems to indicate the fate of the Great Jinxian Kingdom.
Day punishment king is also frightened to disgrace pupil contraction unbelievable looking at this scene, deep eyes flashed a horror!
Su Mo not only crushed the punishment knife.
It will also crush the imposing manner, self-confidence and murder of the King of Heaven!
This butcher’s knife nailed the stone pillar to the wind-broken sky for four hundred thousand years.
This is equivalent to being punished all the time, and the blade contains punishment and torture!
In those days, when Sumo Juelei City rescued the wind-damaged days, this punishment knife also broke the town prison tripod and fought.
Now it is crushed by Su Mo’s hand!
"Look, Xianyun Bamboo is here!"
Someone sharp-eyed saw Yunzhu coming out with two Taoist priests and Su Mo behind him in a half-empty crack.
"Hey, that blonde seems to be a protoss, but she is still a god king!"
"Where is the strong demon? Are so many demon strong people from the wild world?"
"There is also the sword repair in the sword world!"
"Kunpeng world also come …"
"Dragon world …"
Su Mo came out one after another behind him. Although the number of the strong people is small, they all come from all the super worlds!
"So way …"
Many monks see secretly lose.
Don’t mention a ten thousand-year conference like this, not even a God’s Day conference!
"Look at this posture. Su Mo’s return this time is ready to settle the grievances of the year."
"I’m afraid no one can escape from hearing that several fairy kings tried to plot his flesh and blood."
"He looks familiar with the head in his hand. It seems that he has seen it somewhere."
At this time, the king of punishment looks pale and his eyes turn and fall on the head.
The man’s head was covered with blood and his hair was disheveled. He didn’t recognize it for a moment.
Until now, I carefully recognized that my face turned low and shouted "Cloud King!"
Cloud you Wang’s head was beheaded to survive in the seal of Yuan God, and he could not be carried around by Su Mo again, and he had already been ashamed and angry.
Where has he received such an insult as a fairy king?
There are so many people gathered here, and Yun Youwang didn’t say anything because he was afraid of being recognized.
I didn’t expect the public to be exposed by the king of heaven!
"The king of the cloud, the king of the fairy land?"
"It’s him. I had the honor to meet him once. I didn’t expect to be cut off by Su Mo today."