After a little lone star look move, pointing to the water curtain a figure suddenly said

The king of Yuanzuo County looked down at the lone star and looked at it with a clot.
Sure enough, there was a young man with a yellow face in the valley who had not recovered from a serious illness. When they saw the portrait behind the writing paper, they were almost the same!
The former king of Yuanzuo County also doubted whether the paper stationery would be a trap or someone teased him.
But now he has believed most of it in his heart.
"Do you want to ask the four immortals in the temple?"
Lone star god know sound asked.
"Don’t worry yet"
Yuan Zuo County King took a deep breath to calm his mind and said, "Let four people ask about the origin of this young man first."
This matter is serious.
Millions of monks in Panlong Mountain can’t afford to lose this person if something really goes wrong!
Lone star hurriedly sound signal punishment slaughter who to inquire behind him.
It won’t be long before many torturers will receive information feedback.
Lone Star said, "No, no one knows his name. This man suddenly appeared here more than ten days ago and participated in the Xianzong general election. He also knows the secrets of the Star Gate."
"His posture is very fast. It is said that he knows a golden wing avatar faster than the posture of Chihong Princess!"
Golden wings!
Yuanzuo County King was shocked.
He had seen Su Mo release this method.
When I heard the first few messages, Yuan Zuojun, the king of the county, could almost conclude that the young man in the valley was the one he was struggling to find Su Mo.
But it’s only more than two thousand years since Su Mo was trained to six terraces, so fast that he could accept it for a while.
"The temple should be him!"
Lonely star sinking road
"Good good!"
The king of Yuanzuo County stared at the figure in the valley with cold eyes and gnashed his teeth. "Sumo, I finally found you!"
"You almost succeeded, but I’m still one step ahead of you!"
Yuan Zuo County King sneered slightly and said, "Go to the four immortals."
Chapter two thousand one hundred and ten Heart of a meter
Yuanzuo County King and Lone Star came to the front of the four immortals with numerous punishments and guards.
"Da Jin Yuanzuo has seen several Taoist friends."
Yuan Zuo county king said hello to the white sea fairy and others slightly.
He looked at the white sea fairy eyes slightly more enthusiastic.