The heavenly list is remarkable for the creators of spiritual practice in Fairyland, and many fairy kings also attach importance to this list, which is the ultimate performance of the success of younger generations.

If there is a latecomer on the list, it will crowd out the predecessors, but the celestial world has held many such events, and often none of the top ten in the final discussion meeting can make the list.
It can be said that if the names of the current list of days are checked forward, all the people who are still alive are fairy kings.
Some modern names have not yet achieved the immortal king at the end of the list, but it is only a matter of time before they can achieve the immortal king.
"So good"
Liu Chen also saved himself a trip again.
"By the way, you’d better not take the real dragon with you on this trip, otherwise it may cause unnecessary trouble in Xianyu."
Wake up in the dust
Lu Chen frowned. "What?"
He is not without background now. His master is barbarian king, and at the same time he is an important kind of emperor. The three kings of Bianhuang are all his backers.
Important people in the emperor, even Xianyu, don’t want to easily provoke the three kings who are barefoot because of Bianhuang. They are not afraid of those shoes in Xianyu.
And there is no single force in the fairy land that can match the three kings of Bianhuang. Even the fairy king clan fairy land has seen a double fairy king situation at most.
Dust drought wry smile way "Liu Xiong dragon clan is very particular about it, although the arrangement behind it is a bit not very good, but they compete with each other, but after deciding on the contemporary dragon, they are very’ united’ with all the dragon clans to practice life and live abroad, and the dragon will be taken back."
He explained, "It’s nothing in the past. At best, they will recognize that Lu Xiong’s partner is their powerful real dragon fairy king living in that place, but the problem lies in Lu Xiong’s’ law’."
He looked at the little golden dragon that dozed lazily behind the first house. "If the real dragons know that you use it as a mount, I’m afraid it will bring disaster."
Liu Chen slightly pondered over the dust shortage and scruples. The real dragons want to act, and it has always been overbearing and extremely empathetic. If they see their people being ridden by others, they will probably be angry.
But in such a dangerous world, he doesn’t feel at ease without the little golden dragon. After all, if the pet animal calls to return, it will be slower if it praises a big world. Will it come when it is in danger?
"Ow ~"
Xiaojinlong heard the conversation between Lu Chen and the dust shortage and flew excitedly. When it became smaller, he wrapped himself around Lu Chen and gestured that it was not easy. I just rode Lu Chen.
Lu Chen is a little dark and pulls Xiaojinlong. He doesn’t want Xianyu to wrap something around wherever he goes. It looks weird.
Xiaojinlong seems a little anxious to see Lu Chen, but he really wants to go to Xianyu, because he hasn’t seen his own kin after so many years.
I have long heard that there are real dragons in Fairyland, and they should have a lot in common with it when they listen to the description of dust shortage. Although Xiaojinlong is still a child, he is not young and will think a lot of things.
It also wants to practice and become stronger, hoping to communicate with the real dragons from other planes and get some Taoist insights to confirm each other.
Liu Chen thought for a moment and nodded, "I can take you there, but be honest and don’t run around with me or I’ll put you away."
Seeing the dust shortage, Liu Chen and Xiaojinlong seem to have reached a consensus, and it is not good to advise them to wake up and not to ride Xiaojinlong in Xianyu, which will be a great disaster if the real dragons learn about it.
The real dragons are not good-tempered, and they dare to start work even with the three kings of Bianhuang as their backers.
"In that case, I came to see Brother Lu that day."
Dust shortage said that he had to prepare before he left.
The next day Bianhuang was another calm day. Looking at the foreign direction, Liu Chencheng didn’t know how long this calm could last.
"Ha, ha, ha, give me a good beating when I get there. If anyone dares to bully you, they will report their old name."
Barbarian king grinned at Lu Chen’s shoulder, Bianhuang’s important fighting force, barbarian king, who can’t leave without leave, and he is also hiding his fighting force here now. It’s best not to expose that he has recovered completely.
"I should follow the master’s wishes and see who is on the list that day."
Lu Chen said with a smile that he is really interested in learning from Tianjiao in Xianyu. Generally speaking, it is just for fun. What he is really interested in is the name of Tianbang.
It is very important that he can further accurately consider his position in the times if he wants to see the records of the list of days.
At present, he feels that he is in the middle and late period of the emperor’s fall. The mysterious quasi-immortal emperor has not fallen for nine days and has not been reborn after the war. Xianyu is currently in the strongest position in all walks of life.
And he guessed that some of the oldest figures in the celestial world had appeared in this period.
For example, in the original work, Ao Shengxian Wang was very convincing. According to his boasting, he knew the butcher and looked at his tone as an old acquaintance. It was probably born in the late imperial era.
If Lu Chen could see the acquaintances in the original book, I’m afraid he should have made preparations early, because that means that the disaster is not far away.
"Don’t be too high-profile, but we will support you if someone bullies and fights back strongly."
The king of war said this to Lu Chen and also to his brother.
However, it’s good that the dust is barren. After all, it’s a fairy who is distinguished and the forces of all parties in Fairyland want to buy some noodles.
In this way, Liu Chenchen left the emperor for Xianyu.
"Brother Liu, when you get to Xianyu, maybe you can meet someone you used to know."
Road dust waste said with a smile
"What acquaintance?"
Lu Chen didn’t understand that it was her first time to go to Xianyu.
"You taught that little girl in the former law and later found her own side. We joined the army and went to Xianyu to seek a breakthrough ten thousand years ago, but I said hello at the beginning, so there should be no accident."
Dust shortage explained that he said it was Zhang Linger.
When the girl found the emperor, she really surprised him. I didn’t expect that a little girl in the mountains had cultivated to the sacred land for thousands of years.
Zhang Linger, after tens of thousands of years of war, finally broke through Wangdi’s high-level proposal to go to Xianyu to prepare for a breakthrough into immortality.
If there is no accident when calculating, it should have been stable after becoming an immortal.
Zhang Linger doesn’t like people who are eager to enjoy themselves, and it’s almost time for them to return to the emperor from Fairyland.
After the monks break through the constraints of the cultivation environment, they will not be so big. There is not much difference between practicing in the fairy land and practicing in nine days and ten places.
"It’s her … she’s alive."
Lu Chen was also a little surprised. He heard something from Zhang Linger in Wu Shen tribe, but the people in the tribe didn’t know much about their ancestors.
In some documents, it is recorded that Zhang Linger once fought all over Yongning when he was young, which is beyond the imagination of people in the mountains.
And Lu Chen’s observation of the strongest tribe in Wu Shen is just the honour person’s territory, not that Zhang Linger didn’t take care of future generations illegally.
But it’s not that simple to practice this kind of thing. Even a tribe with a large scale of 10 billion people may not be able to have a talented arrogant person. In the 100 thousand-year history, there are also strong people in Wu Shen who walked out of the mountains but never came back
"Come with me when you get to Brother Liu."
Dust shortage to lead the way two people soon came to the fairy domain boundary door magnificent fairy door stands there Liu Chen some regrets that he had seen this door.
I once saw this door when I hit Xianlu in the era of covering the sky. At that time, Xianmen looked far less magnificent and stronger than at this time.
Xianmen at this time is obviously already received the news that there will be a group of people returning in nine days and ten places.
When entering the boundary, nothing happened. I like to see that the bridge section has a dusty identity. Liu Chen easily went in without stopping.
As soon as I entered the fairyland, Lu Chen felt more intense aura, and the law of fairyland here is perfect, which is indeed a better cultivation environment than nine days.