Of course, for Su Mo, the most important thing is to understand the Tao and understand the magical power.

Three hundred years passed in a blink of an eye.
Su Mo once again realized a magical power with four arms!
This magical power originated from his robbery in 1999, and he experienced the magical power of four arms in person. No one can understand this magical power more easily than him.
After being baptized by four arm magical powers, violet’s true body, blood, flesh and body, Yuan Shen’s realm of ascension has also improved.
In the hundredth year, Su Mo finally realized The six great divisions in the wheel of karma!
The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s supernatural power penetrated the twelve creatures, and the violet body almost couldn’t bear several collapses and recovered again.
After six consecutive collapses and healings, Violet was completely transformed, and a more mysterious atmosphere hung over her body, as if she had jumped out of reincarnation!
In the 1000′ s, Sumo finally realized the second secret meaning of Prajna Nirvana Sutra.
The true meaning of the so-called methods is to put’ I’ in the state of”, that is,’ I’ will never touch my body!
And in this occult technique, the realization of” can just confirm the true condition and the unknown period.
There is also an understanding of” in the imprisonment of mutual understanding.
From this, the soaring of Su Mo’s heaven and man repair has touched the barrier of the dark period, and it is possible to break through at any time!
And just one year later, due to the perfection of Buddhism and Dharma attainments and the cooperation with the dragon Taoist clan, Daofa Sumo finally pushed the power of the Buddha and dragon elephants to the extreme to reach the magical level!
The magical power of Buddhism came and baptized violet again.
Thanks to this magical power, Su Mo directly broke through the bottleneck and stepped into the dark period!
Normally, no matter how strong the talent and rich the resources are, the speed of cultivation will slow down when you practice to the true state.
For example, Yun Ting has already entered the first phase, and this thousand years have not yet entered the period of heaven and man
So is the northern ghost snow.
Su Mo’s stepping into the underworld in just one thousand years benefited from understanding the three magical powers and a taboo secret.
Just the arrival of the three magical powers has been extremely scary for violet to change her true appearance and to rise to the realm.
What’s more, it is natural for Su Mo to step into the ghost period with his understanding of the ghost and huge cultivation resources!
Chapter two thousand one hundred and twelve The ghost world
Thousands of years have passed, and you can enter the heaven again after Su Mo’s end.
However, it is very likely that you will encounter a huge crisis if you rush to Fengtian before the time is right.
And this crisis is not only from the Eye of the Sky clan!
For thousands of years, every once in a while, Su Mo tried to establish a connection with Wu Daozun.
But there was no response.
It has been two thousand years since the second two real places were separated.
There is an explanation for this situation. Wudao Zun has not returned to the world!
Because the two real bodies are separated from each other in two independent worlds by strong interface barriers, they are United by law
Wu Daozun followed the virtual hag into the ghost road for two thousand years, but he never returned to the world. I don’t know what happened.
According to the virtual hag, the ghost road also belongs to an independent world.
The ghost road and the hell road are different, and the ghost road and the heaven and the earth lack complete laws. There are emperors and strong people, and Brahma Gui Mu is very likely to be the terror of the emperor!
Although Wu Daozun has stepped into the martial territory, he is also a small-scale fighter, which can suppress all the caves, but it is difficult for the king to win by aiming at the emperor.
Relying on the three treasures of the town prison tripod, soul lamp and ghost treasure, the emperor may be allowed to fight for the first time.
There are too many strong people who can threaten budao Zun in the ghost road!
Sue ink with a sigh to convergence mind continue budo practice.
No matter what Wu Daozun experienced in the ghost road, he was able to deal with it by himself.
Wu Daozun jumped into the ghost road and his body was completely out of control. He felt very dizzy as if he had fallen into a huge vortex and lost his five senses in an instant.
He didn’t feel the passage of time, and only a little mental disability made him judge that he had not met any danger.
The virtual hag curled up around him with his eyes closed and curled up like a baby.
The communication between the two people can also follow the nature and go with the flow.
This feeling is wonderful.
Wu Daozun tries to perceive the outside world as much as possible with only a little spiritual awareness. He seems to be in the long river of years, and instead of darkness, he passes through colorful scenes.
In this cycle, every drop of blood of his body Yuan Shen seems to have been stripped from his body and escaped into emptiness.
I don’t know how long it took for budao Zun to suddenly disappear as if he had penetrated a piece of water!
Wudaozun controls the body as much as possible, and the five senses are gradually recovering.