Every drum will cut Shou Yuan.

Ten thousand years, twenty thousand years, and thirty thousand years … It seems that the impact is not great, but if we calculate according to this law that when people get out of seventy feet, we will cut Shou Yuan for nearly three hundred thousand years!
That is to say, even if everyone runs out of longevity, they can’t get the Taiqing Zi Xia operator.
Four people in situ didn’t continue to rush forward.
Now four people have lost 60 thousand years in Shou Yuan.
If we move on, the fourth drum will cut 40,000 years, and Shou Yuan will add up to 100,000 years!
This is very difficult for everyone to bear the loss.
Taiqing Zi Xia symbol is a valuable treasure, but it costs too much.
More importantly, even if you pay all your birthday, everyone may not get this symbol!
In the face of such a situation, no matter who is, we should carefully weigh the pros and cons.
Just then, Nie Soul and Jin Yu also arrived here to see Su Mo’s four people in situ, and they all passed over with a bit of surprise and confusion.
Hesitate a little before two people carefully.
In the hall, he was dangerous, and the two of them quickly passed thirty feet. They also heard three drums being cut for sixty thousand years, Shou Yuan.
"So this is the morning and evening fairy emperor test."
Jin Yu also saw that this place was famous for its lightness.
Nie Soul suddenly smiled, and with a mocking smile, he said faintly, "Why don’t you dare to step forward?"
"No one will stop you if you move forward."
Win day coldly say
"good! Since your achievements are welcome. "
Nie soul slightly hand body movement toward the front gallop away in an instant again over ten zhangs distance.
Nie soul heard the fourth drum ring.
He Shou Yuan cut 40,000 years!
He used to be a younger generation among the immortals.
But now it’s only forty feet away, that is, he’s lost a whole hundred thousand years, and Shou Yuan has come to one hundred thousand years old!
Nie soul took a deep breath and looked calm.
His move is really a gamble.
Because he knew that since Emperor Xiandi left this test, there must be a way to break the situation and he would never let them die!
Otherwise, the test is meaningless
Nie soul speculated that the immortal emperor in the morning and evening was most likely to test everyone’s heart and courage.
Only when you are desperate and have the courage to go forward can you pass the test to get the Qing Zi Xia character!
On second thought, Nie Soul’s firm belief moved on and swept ten feet away again.
He is fifty feet away from the center of the hall.
At the same time the fifth drum sounded.
Nie soul can clearly feel its own Shou Yuan wreck for fifty thousand years!
He has come to 23 long live!
The limit of 300,000 years from the fairy is not more than 70,000 years.
Nie soul surly, the original belief was shaken.
Am I wrong?
Nie soul is hesitant to advance and retreat, and dare not move forward again.
You know, if you go any further, when the sixth drum rings, he will wreck Shou Yuan for 60 thousand years
At that time, he was 290 thousand years old, and it was too late!
But if you return to the original road, you can also restore Shou Yuan.
In other words, the 150,000-year-old birthday was lost in vain.
Nie soul is not reconciled!
"Hehe, why don’t you go?"
At this time, winning the day smiled gently. "If you are afraid, just come back and try to be brave."
Lin Luo listened and shook his head secretly.
Winning the day’s remarks is equivalent to completely blocking Nie’s retreat.
Sure enough, I heard Win Day satirizing Nie Soul’s qi and blood, and I looked angry and cold-snorted, and swept away towards the front.
The sixth drum sounded.
Lin Luo and others watched Nie’s soul changing dramatically.
In a short distance of ten feet, everyone watched Nie’s soul change from a monk with a strong peak to a white-haired old man with exhausted oil …