It was accidental to know about Kuroshio when I met the people in the 13th district, but since he knew about Xingchuan grass, he also knew that Xingchuan grass was a competition prize, so why not do it?

At that time, he still had Mozifeng.
At that time, Lano felt that Mosefeng was a person who could always work side by side.
He didn’t tell Mosefeng what he wanted Xingchuan grass, because Mosefeng was busier than he was at that time, and he had decided to guard Wang Ting. Mosefeng had countless trainings every day, but those awakened people could not train Lano with him.
It’s not too late to wait until the game is over.
It was still difficult to win the first place with Mozifeng and their cooperation, but they did it.
However, Xingchuan Grass was replaced by the opportunity of spirit training room.
For people in Wang Ting, it doesn’t make any difference. The latter is even more expensive. But at that time, Lano got a light answer when he asked.
"Because there is not much Xingchuan grass, this is the last plant that can be found this year, and Wang likes Xingchuan grass very much. Xingchuan grass tastes good and is good for Wang’s health."
All those high nobles didn’t consider the consequences of replacing the prize. Lanuo never complained that no one would feel the same way as him. It was just a shame for him to ask Lanchen to ask Ji Lieyang to get it … but he didn’t expect that it was just that Mo Zefeng felt the same way.
When Mizusawa said that Lano’s disease didn’t need Xingchuan grass, Lano knew that he didn’t need to explain it to him.
However, he impulsively said that he shouldn’t speak and accidentally let Lanchen and Ji Lieyang hear it, which proved that he was jealous of Lance’s identity
Maybe there is nothing wrong with that sentence.
The Kuroshio disease broke out very quickly, and it was not his turn to try to do anything again. He had lost his life if he tried to save people.
People in the thirteenth district don’t blame him because they are used to it.
Lano was greeted by Mo Zefeng’s accusation and heckling.
"He is Wang Lannuo how do you match compared with him? How dare you? "
It was also at that time that Mosefeng tried to educate him, and Lano seriously said "Let’s split up" to Mosefeng for the first time.
Shimozefeng was far more shocked and angry than he was. Lano knew that he would lose everything he had forever.
But he doesn’t regret it
Despair wrapped him in the middle of the night and sank into the sea.
The sea hugged him and didn’t take his life, giving Lano what he once dreamed of.
He awakened his strength for the first time in despair.
That’s ridiculous.
He’d rather he didn’t wake up, and he didn’t have the power … and he was so capable.
Wang Ting is a huge cage.
Lano never knew that despair could be stacked one after another like cards, and he was just a straw.
But the straw wouldn’t bend over.
After parting with Mozi, Lano wanted to leave Wang Tingsuo and apply for the Planetary Excavator Technical School, which is far away from Wang Ting.
However, in front of him was a notice from Wang Ting Military Academy.
Ji Lieyang personally changed Lanuo’s volunteering. Lanuo never knew that the Golden King was so interested in himself that he was willing to condescend to talk to him personally.
Lanchen is still so soft, like a brother who really cares for him.
He used to dream that those dreams seemed to come true at his own expense.
Lano felt that he really deserved it. It was really unappreciative.
But those despairs are not only given by people like Wang Ting.
People in the thirteenth district still keep in touch with him, and as in this year, they invited him to attend the celebration and the celebration of the king’s birthday.
They love the king as much as every corner of the empire.
Even the people in the thirteenth district will not get Xingchuan grass in this life, even if they can be saved.
No one at Wang Ting’s age has the same idea as Lano.
No one is like him.
Those despair and loneliness finally swallowed him up completely and then turned into a crazy flame. Lano tore up the notice of Wang Ting Military Academy and then Wang Ting set fire to it.
Setting fire is simple.
Drain the water, the element is unbalanced, and the element of fire will become violent. It takes a little spark to burn the whole indifferent world.
He is very happy.
He laughed and watched the flames burn in every corner of Wang Ting, and then quietly waited for someone to find him.
It seems that someone looked at him until this time when Lanuo remembered that maybe it was Ji Yu.
Jiyu looked at him and didn’t stop him.
It took a moment for the Golden King to extinguish the flame that made him laugh, but Ji Lieyang was still furious, and then Lanchen seemed to stop him, and then Lance appeared with so many people around him, just like the sun was surrounded by stars.
Lano can’t remember what happened afterwards.
His despair has burned out, and he is no longer afraid of losing or the world.
He said in a fair court that he didn’t want to
Unwilling to take the oath of Wang Ting Military Academy.
Don’t want to be Wang Lijian
Lano doesn’t know how he lived, either. Because Lance begged for love, because Lanchen also wanted that little blood.
Come alive when you live.
Wang Ting banished him to despair, and Lan Chen stared at him all the time. Ji Lieyang didn’t forget him. Even Mo Zefeng was so obsessed with Lanuo’s real value.
There is a reason to say that he can’t be an ordinary citizen, right?
Or maybe the fire was his despair and loneliness … and himself.
It’s just the last ashes
He wants nothing but to see the distant sea.
What …
Why bother him?
Ji Yuchang quickly appreciated the collapse of Lanuo.
By the way, I also watched the quiet appearance of a Mo Ze wind.
"We are the same as Lanuo. We are" Jiyu emphasized what she once said. "I know you … born in the 13th district, I am different from you in Wang Ting …"