It is said that listening is the embodiment of nine ugly stars, and the animals are like a group of people.

There are a tiger’s head, a unicorn, a dog’s ear, a dragon’s body, a lion’s tail, and a unicorn’s foot, which just coincides with Huang Chao’s manifestation of ghosts.
[What are you thinking? 】
Just as Pei Wende was getting more and more headache, Xiaoqing sound came into his mind at the right time.
Xiaoqing can clearly feel that Pei Wende’s heart is tangled and complicated at the moment by bringing telepathy through double cultivation.
[I think I seem to be in great trouble again]
No matter which one of them is Xuan Yin and Huang Chao, Pei Wende is the only one who can be sure that Mu Yulian, the mythical figure in the story, is true.
It is impossible to get a glimpse of past life memories from Xuanyin.
Besides, if there really happened a few decades ago in the underworld, many things would be right.
For example, I always wanted to turn Pei Hui into an incarnation of "Qingqiu Fox".
Or, for example, leave some strength, but the body is missing, Taishan Fujun.
Another example is the wheel king hiding in the ghost town of feng du.
It is said that there was a great turmoil in hell decades ago.
The decline of the Tang dynasty and the birth of the demon of fate are all due to the formation of the celestial masses and the immortal theory. The vibration decades ago is inseparable.
Chief Pei Wende finally caught some clues and details of the big event by chance.
Chapter 36 Re-establishing Heaven and Earth and Fire and Water
[trouble? You’re afraid of getting into trouble? 】
Habitual poison tongue replied Xiaoqing obviously scoffed at Pei Wende’s fuss.
Since Pei Wende’s practice, when has he ever been in trouble?
[It’s a bit unaccustomed to being old and not getting into trouble after no one gives it to the bottom]
With a hint of self-ridicule, Peiwende’s words made Xiaoqing silent.
Maybe it’s Pei Wende’s self-adjustment ability or his various performances …
Let Xiaoqing never feel that Pei Wende is fragile. Even if the Zen master died, the other party behaved so calmly and freely.
However, until this moment, Xiaoqing felt the influence of Ling You’s death on him through Pei Wende’s words with a little ridicule.
Perhaps deep down in Pei Wende’s heart, he is not as strong as he appears.
[You and your brother you and … me]
When it comes to the word "I", the Xiaoqing sound is so weak that it is almost indistinguishable.
But Pei Wende understood each other’s mood at the moment, which made him laugh.
"I still have you to give me the bottom! What am I afraid of? "
Speak peiwende has put away his previous worries and said in a firm tone
"Eye lotus monk or millions of evil spirits …"
"If they dare to come, I will dare to let them know what is called’ Buddha also has anger’."
Just as Pei Wende said, no matter what identity XuanYin and Huang Chao once had, they are a group of "old antiques" swept into the dust of history.
Besides, those myths in previous lives in the real world can serve as a reference.
If Pei Wende believes those myths as real history, it can be said that his lesson of "historical materialism" is not qualified at all.
Let’s not talk about whether the eyes are too real.
He can never be Sakyamuni’s brother just by his identity.
Furthermore, it is speculated that all kinds of Buddhist myths evolved from ancient India, so it is absolutely impossible for there to be one person in the prototype of the myth of Mu Yi Lian.
The "Mulian monk" who made a scene in hell may be one of many prototype figures of Mulian.
Even Xianyi Lv Dongbin has already beaten herself.
Are you still afraid that such a person will come out of nowhere?
If you really want to count, Pei Wende’s own reality is already half a mythical figure.
Immobilize the incarnation of the king, drive the white snake into the Fahai of the Yangtze River, and the future will be unified, which is very likely to become the "Dragon" Buddhist protector …
【 Wait what eye lotus monk? What million evil spirits? 】
Please explain to me what happened. 】
Xiaoqing some not calm turn this time.
That lotus monk is just Xiaoqing. I haven’t heard of it before, so I won’t rest assured.
But the millions of evil spirits are different, not to mention their quality, which is shocking enough.
According to later data, the population of the Tang Dynasty was no more than 60 million at its peak.
This sudden emergence of millions of evil spirits almost occupied more than one-seventh of the population at the peak of the Tang Dynasty.
"Nothing wants me to be alive, so no one can save myself with millions of creatures!"
No matter which myth says, Mu Yilian finally succeeded in killing millions of people and then putting their souls back in ten levels of hell, which completed his redemption.
The Bonsai Festival dedicated to offering sacrifices to ghosts and gods is a festival derived from this statement.
[How do I feel that you are going to do something crazy again! 】
Xiaoqing gave birth to a creepy feeling when she heard this statement.
If what Pei Wende said is true, it will definitely be a catastrophe that is not inferior to the change of dynasties.
Or that root is a catastrophe that prompted the dynasty to change!
"Crazy is not the feeling of’ changing history’ that always makes people want to stop."