Come out of the crowd with a forward spirit!

The seventh lone sword on the vision list!
No one can imagine what kind of pressure this figure will bear when it comes out of Vientiane City.
Looking at this lonely figure, many monks have complicated eyes.
There is admiration, pity and numbness.
Hang Qiuyu in the crowd looked at Dugujian figure and silently bowed his head.
In the list of visions, he lost to Dugujian.
But he never gave up in his heart!
They have a long way to go in the future.
Only then did Hang Qiuyu know that he had completely lost.
Sword trimming is a sharp edge.
Fix is to go forward rather than bend!
The edge of Luo Cha’s killing him has disappeared.
And dugu Jianfeng Mang is still more and more sharp.
Sword refers to Luo Cha!
"Good, you are very good!"
Commander Luo Cha twisted his neck, clicked his eyes and grinned bitterly. "Who else won’t come out and let me see!"
"and me!"
A voice sounded again in the crowd, which was weak but firm.
Su Xiaoning!
This timid woman has changed a lot after the death of her loved ones, and she has great courage to come out at this time!
"Although your Luo Cha clan is Taikoo Jiuzu, your Luo Cha clan veins are as strong as Gao Guisheng! In ancient times, your nine families lost, and your Luo Cha family lost, so you can be relegated to a corner! "
"Although the Terran is born weak, it will not be bullied by foreigners and slaughtered by you!"
These words are forceful, and many monks feel that the blood is surging and their fighting spirit is rekindled!
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Luo Cha looked at Xiao Ning and Dugujian with derision. "You two ants also want to resist!"
"and me!"
Lin Xuanji came out to grind his teeth. "Luo Cha is the Terran Holy Land. Every brick and tile here has exquisite fairy work! I will fight for my life to protect this and never retreat! "
"and me!" Ji goblin came out.
"Count me in"
Xiao Pang shook Pang Shuo’s body and squeezed out.
"and me!"
"and me!"
Shi Jian, Ji Chengtian and Lengrou all came out in succession!
This series of sounds sounded in the crowd.
The falling snow really makes your eyes red.
The guide monk’s eyes gradually became moist.
Yu Junzhen looked excited and trembled.
This is the real arrogance.
This is the future hope of Terran!
In ancient times, it was a generation of outstanding people who came out, and generations of strong people fought for each other, and nine families fought for each other to get today’s pattern.
Terran is unyielding and only fighting!
But the enemy can’t beat it, but it can’t be defeated!
This is the spirit of Terran, the soul of Terran!
Monkey Dan’s running body skyrocketed, and his hands beat his chest, making a’ thump’ sound, his eyes flashing and his fighting spirit rolling. "What nonsense, Luo Cha people, you have had enough of this face long ago!"
Linghu and Huang Jinshi also let out a roar in succession.
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-five Endure the night spirit
The night spirit didn’t speak and didn’t conjure up the body. It came out silently, and the expression guarded Xiao Ning behind him.
There is a complicated emotion in those dark and deep eyes.
Not fear.
More like a … scruples!
Nianqi was bound by the protoss people, and his hands and feet looked sluggish and yellow, and his bent hair covered that beautiful face.
Read march will hang my head silently.
Protoss at the head of the eyebrows a pick gherardini said, "it seems that you Luo Cha really haven’t come out for a long time, even these Tom, dick and Harry dare to shout with you."