Su Mo Qing Nan Yi

He moves Yuan Shen by other methods, but the five senses, such as eyesight and ear power, are still very keen, and all movements thousands of miles away can be controlled!
In the next room, North Ghost Snow still closes its eyes and pays attention to it.
But Su Mo has noticed that there are three baby gentlemen galloping with flying swords in the jungle hundreds of miles outside Beiming Town!
Su Mo glanced at Beiming Snow.
North Ghost Snow has just condensed qi and blood, and then it is still run for Yuan Ying Zhenjun.
Even worse, three!
Su Mo’s figure jumped out of bed like a feather falling to the ground.
Although he can’t move mana and gods, this violet’s real strength is not to be underestimated!
Walking through the Su-Mo courtyard and jumping without alarming people walked towards the northern ghost town.
"Master, there are still more than two hundred miles to Beiming Town."
Among the three infant gentlemen, except Nangong Sheng, the remaining two are slaves of Nangong aristocratic family, and now they have all grown into Yuanying territory.
An old slave said, "Sir, you don’t have to follow me to deal with a little girl. If you don’t make such a fuss, we will take him back."
Nangong Shengdao: "I’m still thinking, and I just came out for a walk, and I heard on her that there’s a strange blue man around Beiming Snow, and I’m going to see him."
The nangongshan wins three people driving the fly sword and then walk and chat.
Just then, an old slave frowned and pointed to the distance. "There was a blue man running out in the middle of the night."
The old slave just finished what he realized.
Blue man?
The nangongshan wins also seems to have some sleep.
I saw a blue man in the distance, looking pale and sickly, like a mortal who has not recovered from a serious illness.
This blue man Nangong Jade has exactly the same description!
Chapter one thousand three hundred and forty-four Killing night!
Nangong wins three people, and the blue man is getting closer and closer.
Three people staring at the blue man sends out a strong coercion seems to want to see through this person.
The blue man was stared at by three infants, and there was no change in his look. He was very calm without any embarrassment.
"Be careful. This man is really a little weird."
Nangong wins the secret sound.
Both old slaves lived for hundreds of years, and they were cautious.
"Does Nangong Shenggan dare to ask what your friends call you?"
Nangong wins the title of Nangong Family in the First Times.
The names of the three great families in this southern domain are more important than the road names!
The Nangong Sheng couldn’t figure out the blue man’s route and didn’t make a move, but made a sound test.
"It doesn’t matter who I am"
The blue man shook his head.
"What are you doing here?"
An old slave sink asked.
The blue man smiled slightly and said, "Waiting for you."
"Wait for us?"
The old slave frowned.
The blue man came from Beiming Town, Sumo!
Su Mo looked up slightly at the sky and smiled lightly and said, "It’s getting late. I’ll send you the way."
Say that finish this sentence the nangongshan wins three people instantly feel a cold chill enveloped!
Three people feel eyes flash figure shaking a tragic breath!
Too soon!