Su Mo’s cold eyes filled with murder.

Everyone can live in the Great Jinxian Kingdom and Feixianmen, but the Taihua immortal can’t live!
Ye Fei died tragically at the hands of Taihua Immortal Su Mo. He must be killed and buried with him!
If ex-Su Mo has many postures and secrets, he is confident enough to slay Tiehan first and then turn around to chase Taihua Immortal.
But now, his body posture and occultism have been released for a short time.
Now the immortal Taihua has been let go first.
If you go after Tie Han and come back, I’m afraid the immortal Taihua will have escaped without a trace.
The cloud nine is too big. It’s impossible to find a person who is bent on hiding here, like finding a needle in a haystack.
I wonder what will happen if many fairy strong people look at the sky and want to slay Taihua immortal.
"He must be left here!"
On this, Su Mo gave up the iron cold and suddenly turned around and chased the Taihua immortal in the distance!
Dozens of monks beside the monument were dumbfounded.
The Great Jinxian Kingdom and Feixianmen teamed up to end up like this. Iron cold seriously injured Taihua Immortal and fled!
And Su Mo strode with murderous eyes and locked the figure in the distance, showing no intention of letting Taihua immortal go!
Iron cold clutching his chest mouth cough with blood look sad.
He was already mortal.
If Sumo comes after him, he won’t last three rounds!
Unexpectedly, the departure of immortal Taihua saved his life.
Iron cold looked at Taihua fairy figure mocking smile.
Then he looked at the nearby tall stone tablet, and his eyes fell on the stone tablet, and his name was even more mocking.
He has no chance to compete for the land list now.
It is unknown whether Yuan Shen can break through to the fairy in the future after being injured in the body and severely blinded in the eyes!
Cold and lonely, turn around and send the battle line in the direction of the fourth heavy day
You can’t stay here if you want to save your life.
Whether Su Mo can kill immortal Taihua or not, he will die when he returns!
Only by going to the first four days to find a place to hide can you save your life.
Next to the monument on the ground
It was watching Feng Yin suddenly move in the direction of Su Mo and Taihua Immortal.
Even he is curious to see the final result after the first world war.
Yuefeng Yunlei and others have also chased him.