Chu night gentleman wry smile way "you and I can not be so snobbish? It seems that we can talk about these things only when we have interests? "
It is inconvenient for Bai Jue to say more when he is in love. "Come on, what do you want me to do?"
Seeing that Bai absolutely slowed down, Chu Yejun laughed. "Bei Nu has a life bead. Can you help me guide that thing to me?"
White off face a change "what? ! You said it was a bead? !”
"Hey? Do you know? "
Hearing Bai Jue’s surprised tone, Chu Yejun quickly asked with joy, "That’s easy. Does that mean you have a way to get that thing out of her?"
White unique tree-lined looked at him "Chu night gentleman, have you ever thought that the soul is behind this destroyed bead? Even if you are reincarnated, you won’t forget her! What’s good for you? "
When Chu Yejun heard that his back was turned to her, he sounded bitter. "If I can say I don’t love her, I won’t love her. That’s not love, is it?"
"Do you want to say that your feelings make you charming?"
"No, I want to talk insincerely. If I love, I will love. I won’t regret it if I don’t make excuses."
Bai despaired of his lonely back and said firmly, "You will regret it if you don’t go to Chu Yejun."
"I will never regret it!"
Chu Yejun stubbornly replied, "I won’t regret being with Xiaobei!"
Bai Jue saw Chu Yejun’s stubbornness and knew that there was nothing she could do to pull him back to his original position now. It’s a pity that Nai finally turned into a sigh. Chapter 18 requests
"I’ll help you after transcend, the relative of the northern slave."
Chu Yejun was delighted with Bai Jue’s reply. "Sister Bai, will you help her?"
"You are wrong. I am not willing to help her but willing to help you! If she dies, her spiritual strength will multiply several times after she leaves her, which will also make her strength soar, and her cultivation speed will be much faster in the future, and she will be able to reach the ten-fold Wu Zu realm faster. Isn’t that what you can do together? "
Bai Jue said that even she herself felt that this seemed to be talking in a dream. Now Beinu only attaches importance to the realm of Emperor Wu, even if these god-destroying beads leave her body, the strength of the Eldar will increase greatly.
Then, if the Northern Slave wants to reach the ten-fold strength of Wu Zu, it will take 50 years at the earliest, and sometimes these 50 years have not encountered setbacks!
Is Chu Yejun going to stay with her for fifty years?
If he wants to leave Bei Nu Bei Nu’s side, the Elves will come to find her, and Bei Nu and Chu Yejun will face all kinds of obstacles from the Elves and will be forced to separate.
These are either things she can interfere with, things she can do, or trying to help him, hoping to make them less frustrated.
"Thank you, Sister Bai."
Chu night gentleman grateful said
Never put aside your troubles. Some things should be taken one step at a time.
"Thank me? Otherwise, I will ask you for benefits again later. "
Two people just finished talking about things, and a crisp sound sounded, "What good does Sister Bai want?"
Chu Yejun turned his head to look back. It turned out that Bei Nu had come, and her injury had recovered as before. She wore a red dress to set off her jade-white skin, which was even more charming and ruddy and lovable.
Bai Jue chuckled, "Why can’t Sister Bei Nu give me benefits for Chu Yejun?"
"Why not?"
Bei Nu takes out a piece of blue green pipe from the wide cuff. Chu Yejun looks familiar at first sight. Why is it so like her favorite blue flute?
Bei Nu smiled and said, "This is my Eldar Qingdi Qingdi, which can notify the danger distress signal in the six realms. If Sister Bai encounters any danger in the future, you can blow this Qingdi. I will come to help you wherever I am. I can get to you when I need a stick of incense in my present strength."
Chu Yejun questioned, "When a column of incense? Do you mean that you value the strength of Emperor Wu? "
"No, I’m a nine-heavy-armed statue now!"
After that, Bei Nu waved her hand, and her body was covered with nine heavy arms and silver quarrels. The dazzling silver surprised Chu Yejun and looked at her. "How did you break through the boundaries of this arms?"
Bei Nu shook his head. "I don’t know, so I broke through."
White never ignored the two conversations, but looked at the blue flute with a face of surprise. "How did you know that I was short of this? I’m afraid I can’t find Chu Yejun to help me later! With this thing of yours, I’m not afraid that I can’t find him. Sister Xingbei slave, you can give him one and I will also have one. Then the three of us can communicate with each other, which is equivalent to an extra life guarantee! "
Bei Nu took a look at the affection in Chu Yejun’s eyes beside him, and the corners of his mouth evoked a radian. "I will give him one even if Sister Bai doesn’t say anything."
When the three were talking, Xiaoyuan came forward. "Miss, the altar is ready to be opened at any time. Chapter 19, Sacrifice Spirit 1.
Bai Jue nodded at Xiaoyuan and said, "Okay, I know Xiaoyuan, you take Chu Yejun and Bei Nu’s sister to one side and wait for me to prepare for your relatives for a while. transcend, you give me the soul of your relatives."
"Good trouble white elder sister"
Bei Nu said as he handed the blue flute and the soul box containing relatives to her hand before Chu Yejun followed Xiaoyuan to the other side of the altar.
Bai Jue is dressed in Yin and Yang divinatory symbols, while the altar simply has a table and nothing swings.
She was holding the narrow eyes with the soul box of the northern slave relatives in her hand, and her eyes were closed at this time.
Her hand suddenly held high the box for a moment and read aloud, "The purest psychic believer in the world please help the souls to reunite. I will dedicate my life to you forever …"
The sound is moderate, but in her hand, the box began to change little by little and condensed everywhere. The light blue light slowly wandered around the box and became a fresh contrast with a white suit.
Bai Jue suddenly opened his eyes and said coldly, "Rise!"
The box in her hand was floating in the middle, and just after leaving her hand, it burst at a distance of one column of incense, and the souls in the bottle suddenly poured out.
And the bottles began to weather into broken stars.
North slave saw this flustered and wanted to rush to the altar. Chu Yejun quickly took her hand and comforted, "Xiaobei, calm down and give it to Sister Bai. She won’t let you down."
At this time, Bai Jue said, "Come on, Bei Nu, you can talk to your relatives for a few last words so that your relatives can care about reincarnation."
Bei Nu broke free from Chu Yejun’s hand and went straight to the altar with tears streaming down her face. Bai Jue drew a big circle on his chest and surrounded Bei Nu and the broken stars all over the sky.
What Bei Nu saw in the circle was the broken stars all over the sky slowly condensed into father, mother, second uncle and little uncle. Their crimson eyes were familiar with her and their eyes were full of emotion.
The first thing I said was that my father’s voice was gentle at night. "Beier …"
The northern slave trembled with disbelief and looked at the four men in front of him with trembling lips. "Father …"
Mother is beside the tears told, "Beier, you must live well. You are our holy spirit family. I hope you must cultivate the ten sacred spirits of Wuzu and guard the holy spirit family at all times. The first thing is not to waste so much I have given you …"
"Beier lives well and loves you!"
"Small north son to be strong! The second uncle buried a gift in the holy spirit family. Do you remember to go back to your ancestral home to find it? "
The four of them are getting weaker and weaker!
"no! Come back! Father, mother, uncle and uncle! "
The shrill cry didn’t get their response again.
The soul of relatives compose of broken stars have disappeared in this day.
Or completely disappeared in this world.
Bei Nu’s eyes are full of tears, like the river can’t stop, and her face is sad. She is in tears, which makes Chu Yejun look more at the heart. Chapter 13 Sacrifice the spirit.