Take the Great Qin Empire as an example. When the number of monks increased 600 years ago, it was good enough that no one gave any reward and didn’t drain the monks.

Mystery experienced it personally and sighed, "It’s really different from many years ago."
With the extra lingshi, I can predict that her cultivation path will be smoother.
Two people, Yan Xiechen and Jian Xing Han, have helped her to get through the three meridians of the body now, and there are a few important parts such as Dantian that need to be opened by themselves.
Once the meridians are completely opened, it is common for Xuanji to introduce air into the body and advance to the refining period.
The only problem now facing the mystery is that there are not enough lingshi.
Fortunately, Xuanji picked a lot of Linghua Lingcao this time to make Daoxiang, which will soon be replaced by Lingshi.
When Xuanji made Daoxiang, he went to Fangshi and found that there were many more people selling Daoxiang in Fangshi.
After all, Daoxiang system is simple and consumes a lot of money.
The speed and movement of the sale of Daoxiang in Qianxuanji have been noticed by many people. In addition to those who are interested in buying Daoxiang, there are people who are interested in making incense.
Mystery passed by them, and they called out five spiritual beads with different prices, one six or seven spiritual beads, but it didn’t exceed the pricing of the younger brother’s token.
Seeing that everyone is taking a low-cost route, the mystery finds more places to sit around and give their own incense price to the outside world.
Fangshi often buys Daoxiang, and I remember that Brother Xuanji was shocked when he got close to see the price given by Xuanji. "This Taoist friend, why did you suddenly increase the price of Daoxiang so much?"
"The raw materials of Daoxiang are different, and the raw materials of Daoxiang are more precious this time," Xuanji explained.
If the price is the same as the previous incense, she will go to the valley dozens of miles away and stay for more than half a month.
"It seems that we have no fate." Several monks looked at Xuanji Daoxiang and shook their heads and sighed.
They used to buy Xuanji Daoxiang in bulk before, but it must be said that Xuanji Daoxiang has a good effect, but now the price has changed, which makes some monks who are not rich in money flinch.
After all, Daoxiang is a training aid, not a necessity.
If it is necessary, they will bite their teeth and buy assistance, so there is no need to correct it so much.
This mystery business is no longer as prosperous as the previous ones, but anyone who wants to buy it is not bad money.
Chapter 17 Chapter 17
The deeper Liu Jia was in the law enforcement hall of Zhongzhou mainland, the stronger the scent of blood became.
Wen Ran was still a mystery at first, and the three would feel a little uncomfortable. He looked back and wanted to appease one or several younger brothers and sisters, only to find that the mystery had three bright eyes and did not show any surprise at everything in the law enforcement hall.
This makes WenRan some can’t help but want to laugh. I don’t know how many monks are frightened by the law enforcement department of Bai Yujing. It’s really scary for a few little guys.
"Although this place is ugly, the actual walls and the ground are engraved with several imprisonments. It is impossible to escape without special means." Qing Ming saw the mysterious eyes wandering around and explained to the mysterious.
"Can bear so many laws that these building materials are all good materials?" Mystery thought for the first time.
Different from the place where they live, it’s really bamboo and wood. Qin Hongrui, a monk who just breathed air into the body and inspired the spirit root, can burn a hole in the roof. The building materials of the Law Enforcement Hall, let alone the fire burning, are flooded, which can shake the buildings here.
Mystery consciousness is converted in my mind. If all these building materials of Law Enforcement Hall are replaced with equivalent Lingshi, what realm can she pile up?
"We’re almost there." We’re aware of the mystery, and some people walk away from Excalibur and wake up to the mystery.
The deeper you go, the colder it gets. That kind of cold is not a cold temperature, but a feeling of cold.
Mystery feels cold and wooshing, but it’s not close to Yan’s welcome. Yan’s welcome is sure to be warm. "Does school sister feel cold and can be close to me …"
Seeing that Jian Xing was cold, he didn’t mention it. He went directly to the other side of Yan to welcome the dust, in exchange for Yan to welcome the dust and abandon the supercilious look. He didn’t refuse.
WenRan original also want to give mystery three body cast method tactic to see they can solve it by themselves, just smiled and didn’t care.
"Liu Jia is just ahead. He will be surprised to see you."
Deep in the cell, Liu Jia heard footsteps outside, but she couldn’t help waking up and barely looked up.
Wenran was personally interrogating his old acquaintance. When Wenran came in, Liu Jia’s eyes showed fear, and his body was out of control.
This fear is manifested in seeing the three figures behind Wenran suddenly pause for a moment. Liu Jia’s consciousness opened his eyes to see the mystery. Three people didn’t receive the treatment of prisoners like him, and they saw Yan welcome and Jian Xing cold. Two people realized what Liu Jia’s eyes suddenly focused on the Xuan fuselage. "Are you a small B? !”
The mystery of dressing up as a man is not high and can be easily recognized.
Liu Jiaxian recognized the mystery mystery and nodded at Liu Jia. "Brother Liu Jia, don’t come to the hospital. We will take over you."
When I heard the mysterious words, my mood was uncertain. I haven’t recovered from the mysterious three is a group. Lu Jia directly spit out a big mouthful of blood and his two rows of neat teeth. "Shame on you!"
But if Wen ran changed a few people to Liu Jia, they wouldn’t be so angry
But the more Liu Jia is like this, he said that Wenran really found the right person.
"I’ve found you, and it’s time to tell you about yourself. Otherwise, our law enforcement hall will search your soul." Wen Ran told Liu Jiadao.