When Lian Ze started to leave, Lian Fangzhou had just received Thaksin, and he was full of joy and asked people to clean up the courtyard house.

It was this day that even Fangzhou suddenly seemed a little preoccupied, as if he wanted to say something and hesitated.
When Li Fu came back, she told him after all.
"Well, I-I seem a little uncomfortable. I think-"
Even Fang Zhou didn’t say that finish a word when he was grabbed by Li Fu. "How can it be uncomfortable?" Does it matter? Are you too tired recently? Why didn’t you say so earlier? I think your face is a little bad! "
Li Fu couldn’t help but help her sit up carefully and ordered Chunxing to "tell Luo Guang to call Xue Yiqing immediately!"
Lian Fangzhou said quickly, "If you ask an ordinary doctor, you will definitely trouble Brother Xue!"
Li Fu refused to tell Chunxing to go immediately. "Other people’s medical skills are not as good as Xue Yiqing’s. It’s more reassuring for me to ask him to come and see me!"
He spoke so firmly that there was no doubt that even Fang Zhou couldn’t say anything to refute the fuss.
After waiting for a while, Li Fu got up and said, "You wait here for me to go out and see why he hasn’t come yet!"
Even Fang Zhou had to see him so nervous that he was a little guilty and laughed. "Luo Guang has only been gone for less than two quarters of an hour. Where is it so fast?" It’s better if you go out for a walk, so I’m nervous when you’re here! "
You can’t wait for Chunxing to chuckle.
Li Fu also smiled and told Chunxing to wait on him and strode out.
Xue Yiqing listened to Luo Guang and said, "Madam is a little uncomfortable. General life belongs to Dr. Xue to have a look." Immediately, he opened his eyes wide and almost jumped with anger!
It’s just a little uncomfortable. You want him to do it himself? What are the doctors doing in this capital?
Luo Guang knew what he was thinking when he saw that he looked angry, but he knew better that his general was holding the lifeblood of Xue imperial doctor, so he urged unceremoniously, "Dr. Xue, please come quickly!" The general is still waiting! The general that acute and tight lady … "
"I’ll come with the medicine box!" Luo Guang gnashed her teeth and hated a kiss xiu.
Luo Guang shouted at his back, "Doctor Xue is waiting for you at the door!" And went out.
Two people returned to Xue Yiqing. Just before he came from the carriage, he was grabbed by Li Fu and pulled him to run inside.
And listen to him complain, "Why are you so slow? Go and see my mother! My mother is not comfortable! "
Xue Yiqing involuntarily ran all the way to the hospital with his feet touching the ground, becoming more and more angry.
His mother is not comfortable, and it’s not a big symptom. What are you afraid of with him and Xue Yiqing here? Look at him!
I didn’t see him in such a hurry when he was seriously injured in the battlefield before!
Even Fang Zhou saw Li Fu dragging Xue Yiqing in like a gust of wind. Xue Yiqing’s hair and clothes were all messy and panting.
I felt a little guilty and smiled at him. "It’s all because he made a mountain out of a molehill, Brother Xue!"
Xue Yiqing was relieved and laughed. "I know that my sister-in-law is white!"
Li Fu glanced at him and ignored him.
This time, if Li Fu doesn’t call, please ask Lian Fangzhou to sit down and ask her to stretch out her arm and wrist and cover her pulse with a thin gauze.
The original eyes were half-narrowed and looked idle. Xue Yiqing suddenly became stiff, and his face changed. The eyes flashed slightly, but he couldn’t say how strange it was.
"What happened to my mother?" Li Fu kept staring at him and couldn’t help saying, "Are you overworked?"
Xue Yiqing smiled at Fang Zhou and said to Li Fu, "I have to ask you this!"
"Ask, ask me?" Li Fu is one leng.
Xue Yiqing looked at him with strange eyes. "Who don’t ask, don’t ask?" Sister-in-law is really normal. It’s not the same. You have a great deal! "
"I-"Li Fu was stunned and somewhat guilty.
Can’t blame him is really Xue Yiqing’s words, this expression is too meaningful.
Li Fu took it for granted and thought if he was pulling his mother to cough up too much. Yu exhausted her …
Come to think of it, it seems really …
However, it would be strange if he could bear to face the woman he loves, who sleeps under the covers every night, who is so young and strong.
"Do you mind?" Li Fu asked.
Xue Yiqing disgruntled white his one eye, "what are you talking about? Do you think I’m Xue Yiqing? "
Li Fu this just rest assured gently shook even fangzhou hand motioned her peace of mind service road "that’s good, then hurry to prescribe! My mother is afraid of suffering. You should consider prescribing medicine. "
Why didn’t this guy know he was so verbose before?
Xue Yiqing secretly turned supercilious look.