"What, are you still afraid that if I eat you, you won’t eat grass and eat people?" Heng Xue muttered a few words with a smile and said reluctantly, "I will try my best if I can do it."

"The first time you stay here, you have to think of yourself as a vampire and you can’t reveal your identity as a rabbit temple; Second, don’t trust strangers at school; Third, don’t get too close to men. "
In a huff and puff, I made all my demands, but the last one made people dream.
However, I didn’t think much of raising my little finger and saying confidently, "No problem!"
"Yeah, yeah, tomorrow, just follow me and go to sleep now."
Said the night evil repair was simply lying in.
For most of the day, Xue Xiao still stood still like a log.
Night evil repair doubt to "passed son why don’t you sleep? Don’t tell me you rabbits don’t have sleeping habits. "
"It’s not that the mother said that you can’t sleep with men casually." Heng Xuexiao smiled awkwardly and opened her white and tender face with attractive purples.
Night evil repair seductive pupil overflowed with a smile, sipped his lips and endured a smile and said, "I didn’t say we were going to sleep together."
"Ah?" Heng snow smile some dumbfounded koo to look around the night evil house.
It’s big and gorgeous, but there’s not enough room for her to rest in peace.
Hey, I got it!
Heng Xue smiled and pointed to the night evil to repair the sofa, jumping excitedly and saying, "I can become a rabbit and sleep on the sofa!" "
At this time …
"Knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock.
Act 1 Lost Qin Luoyi
"Change quickly and then hide in my quilt." Night Evil Xiu anxiously waved to the snow next to the bed.
"Oh, oh," Heng Xue smiled and turned into a rabbit, then four legs ran to the bed and went to sleep honestly.
Make sure that the snow smile is well hidden, and then night evil xiu will speak "come in".
In came a beautiful woman with a waterfall-black head, long hair, fair skin, high nose and thin lips, sexy red, clear and bright, and a little enchanting atmosphere, with a bumpy figure and sexy clothes.
"The count donated blood late tonight, please give him a sin." Qin fell off his clothes and knelt down respectfully, leaning forward and looking at the floor.
It’s enough to wear it, and her nightgown neckline is wider and wider, and there is a sexy cleavage between the two camel mountains
I really don’t know if this woman is here to donate blood or to die.
Night evil repaired his throat and moved it with a tight charm. He almost forgot that he hadn’t sucked blood today.
But now Heng Xuexiao is on the quilt cover and can’t scare her.
Night evil repair wanted to think, but decided to go outside to "solve".
"Let’s go outside." Night Evil patted the rabbit and suggested that she should not come out.
When the two of them came out of the house at night, they did not hesitate to press Qin’s clothes on the corridor wall and push her hair out of the way, showing sharp fangs and biting at the white neck.
It’s blood sucked into the throat from the neck. It can be seen that the night evil cultivation is very hungry
It took a long night for evil cultivation to loosen Qin’s clothes, lick his bright red tongue and walk into the room without saying a word.
Qin undressed, clutching his neck, and looked wrong. There was a faint loss in the man’s eyes.
She is the most beautiful vampire, but she always tries to please him.
He never found himself blood, and there was nothing else.
Scene 11 being hit hurts the heart.
Night evil repair once again returned to the original room, and the rabbit has become a human form.
Lift the quilt cover, the person has fallen asleep, and there is a string of crystal clear saliva hanging from the corners of his mouth.
Night evil repair spoiled smiled and shook his head naively wiped her mouth saliva.
Night evil stretched himself, shed his clothes and put on pajamas, and got into bed luxuriantly.
Holding the snow and laughing, the soft body fell asleep peacefully.
The night passed peacefully, and the two of them slept peacefully and happily …
"Well, wow, it’s so comfortable." Heng Xue smiled softly and opened his eyes lazily.
Hey, why doesn’t the body move? The waist seems to be locked up by someone’s arm.
My cheeks are still warm. I turned my eyes and found that my face was sticking to a warm chest at this time. My strong heartbeat provoked a blush and my head was resisted by a sharpener.
Move gently and look up. Oh, my God! She, how does she sleep with Ye Xie Xiu? !
She covered her mouth to prevent herself from breaking away from the night evil without a trace and went to the bathroom on tiptoe.
Brushing my teeth in front of the glass glue suddenly reminds me that she appeared in this bathroom yesterday, still holding the night evil to repair the nude, and accidentally saw his bust # ¥% @
Ah, ah, ah, what are you thinking? You are not a sexy girl!
Shake your head vigorously and rinse your mouth to open the door.
I just wanted to get out of the bathroom when my head was hit by a’ human flesh wall’
"It hurts" Heng Xue smiled and rubbed himself and bumped into his forehead to pout.
"Heng son got up so early?" The cynicism of night evil cultivation sounded in Heng Xue’s laughing head.
"Bastard hit me!" Staring angrily at an unbecoming Uber.
"Aye, aye, it’s unreasonable. You didn’t see the bump yourself." Night evil opened his palm. "My heart was hurt by you."
Act 1 vampire etiquette
Said also grabbed Heng snow smile hand for his red, bare chest a face of evil smile.
"Lai" Heng Xue smiled and took back his hand, made a face at him and fled.
Night evil practice is to talk to the headmaster of the vampire college and go to the classroom with a fair smile.
Heng Xue smiled and looked at the strange beauty around him and kept exclaiming from his mouth, "Wow! How beautiful! "
It is estimated that this college is different from everyone’s imagination. It is not like hell. It is full of ghosts, fires and darkness. On the contrary, it is blue and sunny. There are European-style buildings everywhere. Even vampires walking around the campus are not noble, beautiful and sacred.
"What are you talking about people or scenery? Huh? " Holding the snow and laughing at night, Xie Xiu suddenly stopped and cocked his head and squinted aside, a little woman shorter than him.
"Hey, hey, there are" Heng Xue said with a smile. At that time, his eyes were reluctant to take back from the surrounding things.
Night evil repair is a little uncomfortable. I hold her face in my hands in front of her, and the evil spirit is spitting hot air. "Then do you think I look good or other vampires look good?"