Release the night feather, stab Pluto in the chest with one hand and attack his plate with the other.

Releasing Hades’ long scythe and blocking it simultaneously defused his two attacks.
I don’t know what material the sickle was made of, but the original high-speed rotating crystal wheel was forced to stop rotating and was firmly sucked.
Release to make room for Pluto to send a shock wave to the night feather
Releasing the instantaneous night feather makes the force increase the energy, which makes the crystal wheel accelerate the rotation again. "Ping" makes the crystal wheel bounce, and at the same time, it borrows one of the half to turn around and flash the shock wave.
Release conveniently threw two crystal wheels at hades.
Releasing "dang" and "dang" was blocked by him again, and the diasporis was dissipated by the enchantment in front of him.
Release hades head high laugh wildly "are you the two also to fight with the big ye! Go to practice again! "
Release crystal wheel flew a circle and returned to the hands of night feather.
Release the night feather, jump back, take back the weapon, and condense the black phlogistic flower again. This time, one flower is condensed.
The release saw a small and green bud floating quietly and slowly infiltrating a little bit of black from its outermost petal tip.
Release black spread along its meridians … soon a petal has been dyed light light black, and soon the whole bud has turned into light black flower bone flower.
Released with the continuous infiltration and precipitation of petal black, the color of flowers and bones in petals is also increasing, and then black becomes dark black, and finally the color condenses into thick black! As if the deepest ink had been heavily painted, it was surprising.
The release was attracted by the means of night feather imitation, and it was not long before Pluto and Valensell reacted. In just a few tens of seconds, the energy in the black inflammation flower had reached a frightening level.
Releasing the night feather, he actually put almost all his energy into the black phlogistic flower!
Release him … is he going to die together? !
Release "No-"
At the same time, the black flower bone gave off a dazzling light, which instantly closed their eyes.
Open your eyes again, and they find that it is surrounded by shining white pollen grains, and half of it is a blooming white flower! !
Releasing it is already a dark energy supersaturated and turned into a light state. Pluto is conceited, even if he can do it himself. He has to admit that the young man’s magic is definitely stronger than himself!
Release Valence saw that night feather, who had almost injected all his strength, was pale and crumbling, but what appeared in front of him was a scene of ink night and white double suicide
Release "trespasser … death!"
Almost at the same time as the release, the light and energy burst out!
Release-the human world-
There was a dead silence in the broad forest plain.
There are animals everywhere, but Moss Carson doesn’t see any creatures now.
Releasing "Sasha Vujacic", a small figure emerged from a bush, with sharp ears and light green curls. He was an alien. He pricked up his sharp ears and snooped around to make sure there was no movement. Then he picked up a piccolo and blew it. The piccolo sounded like a normal person and went deep into the forest.
Release-Moss Carson’s deepest place-
The original dense forest center has been abruptly released, and those trees that have been cut down have become a part of the huge cottage in the center. There are many tents in the cottage, and there are patrol people everywhere. Seeing that they are well-trained soldiers, some of them are still practicing magic and fighting skills, and many patrol goshawks are flying in the sky. It is strange that 9% of the soldiers in cloth are foreign!
Where did you get such an alien army and who has such great ability to get together with so many aliens? ! And what is his purpose? !
At this time, the sentinel of Zhaikou Tower seemed to hear something and immediately jumped from the tower to the biggest tent in the center of Zhaikou.
Several people in the release tent are studying the military map.
Release "Report that no enemy trace was found in the northwest of the forest"
Release "Um … You go"
The man who posted it looked up with bright blond hair and blue eyes. Isn’t that Ellie in front of him? !
Release and who is not Noah around him? !
Publish the map of Noah and draw a cross in the northwest corner.
Release "Then there is the southeast"
A few months before the release, Feather left the human world. Although Eli stayed in his place, he was a conscious person, but he was not a complete person. Although he could handle all kinds of things clearly and solve all kinds of incidents better than leading troops to fight, in the end, he was a doll with a part of the memory of Night Feather and did not have deep feelings.
He will laugh, cry and be angry, but he has no heart to make corresponding expressions.
Publishing House … No matter how excellent he is, no matter how intelligent he is, he is not a night feather.
After the release of Noah and the people, their hearts were dim for a while. They were once abandoned by Night Feather …
Although they all want to find him, they can go to the underworld to chase the night feather, but the reality forces them to stay.
Releasing Eli is an understatement of what he has suffered, and of course, he has concealed a lot. Many people have been eager to put the culprit, Curtis, that is, the current Taierta Grand Duchy of Wang Yali, peeling and cramping, chopping it into pieces, putting it in oil and rolling it to feed the dog.
Before the release, he actually made a move to Orundo College. This time, the whole Carrie Luo Li declared war on the Principality of Theta!
Releasing Eli will ask Brand to rescue the aliens from the slaves the night before, and others will form an army to spy on intelligence and carry out guerrilla warfare.
The main release is that Carrie Luo Li graduated from there and many people support Carrie Luo Li.
After the release, everything went smoothly. Aoben led the elite of the Panther mercenary group into the palace of the Principality of Theta and rescued the imprisoned three kings Leon Theta. He spoke and revealed that alex Theta wanted to seize Carrie Luo Li’s property, which aroused public indignation and immediately fought against the Principality of Theta.
The release theory is that both magic and martial arts are superior to Orendo College, and how can commanders and staff officers with Elinoah’s strength not win the battle? !