"My words haven’t changed," Feng said, looking straight at her.

Yuanyuan smiled at the corner of her mouth. "Uncle means you can help me if I find you?"
"But you didn’t look for me" but found a Feng Hongwei.
"You are angry!" Yuanyuan’s mood became excellent. "I met him by plane when I happened to come back. He said that he would also go back to Binhai for long-term development. We are all friends and just met!"
"It’s between you and him," said Feng gruffly.
"That’s true. It’s as if you and Dr. Ye have come to see your family. Guess the good thing is near?" She asked tentatively
"There is this plan," the wind said with a deep face.
Yuan face a white "is, is it? Congratulations. "
"You should also find someone, but I don’t think Feng Hongwei is very reliable," Feng said.
"Thank you for your advice." Yuanyuan turned cold. "I’ll go and see if Dongdong needs help?"
The wind nodded and watched her go in
Yuanyuan’s hand was still shaking slightly, and her brain went white. She wondered if she had misheard him. He said that he and Ye Nan were close.
Dongdong saw Yuanyuan come in with a pale face. She was busy asking, "What happened to Dongdong?"
"Didn’t your brother tell you that he and Ye Nan are close?" Yuanyuan asked
"No!" Dongdong immediately saw that something was wrong. "My brother didn’t say anything about being with someone before!" But this time, he actually brought Ye Nan to her house. His brother wouldn’t have done that if he hadn’t got that share of personality.
Yuanyuan leaned against the wall and said, "Just now I asked him if he and Ye Nan were close. He said he had that plan."
Dong Dong is really wrong to hear this. Her brother really has no wind in advance. "Yuanyuan, you don’t have to worry about it first. What step is still uncertain?" Find a chance to ask him later. "
"It’s okay, I have this in mind, and he really needs someone around him." Yuan said weakly that he couldn’t wait for the horse to leave here.
"Yuanyuan, don’t say such angry words, okay?" Dongdong is also anxious in his heart. "Find an opportunity to ask him what is not clear now!"
Yuanyuan didn’t speak. Since she said this, what is there to ask?
After a while, Feng Hongwei coaxed an old man to be very good at eating. It was a pleasure to coax the old lady all the way.
"Baby, you didn’t eat food. You should eat more." Feng Hongwei saw that she was in a bad mood and generously gave her food. "Do you want to eat shrimp? I’ll peel it for you." Feng Hongwei really couldn’t see how close she was sitting with Ye Nan across the street, but she didn’t see it.
"No, I can." Yuan is in a bad mood and doesn’t want to act with him.
"Silly girl, of course, I’ll do this kind of thing." Feng Hongwei started peeling shrimp when he hooked the peach blossom eye.
Yuanyuan is dead. If this man didn’t know he was a dead gay, she would. He was interested in himself.
Feng Hongwei has a good way of peeling shrimp. The shrimp meat is intact all the way, and the shrimp shell is not broken at all. He is particularly proud to ask Yuanyuan for a reward. "How about your man peeling this shrimp?"
Dongdong listened to this and coughed heavily. This Feng Hongwei is simply radical.
Look at the calm face of the wind and say nothing.
"Aunt, I also want to eat shrimp. Dad, will you help me peel shrimp?" The original sitting next to Xu Haibing suddenly said
Yuanyuan heard this name, and her face faded and her chopsticks didn’t hold steady.
"Good" wind spoils Xu Haibing and really peels shrimp for Xu Haibing.
Yuanyuan can’t stand it any more. She doesn’t have any taste at the moment.
"Baby, what’s wrong with your hand? Why is it so cold?" Feng Hongwei suddenly held Yuanyuan’s hand. "You just wear too little. It’s only spring. You should wear more. I’ll get you clothes."