Taotao stopped feeding the birds and looked back at Yuantian. "Is Zhuang Xiaomeng?"

Yuan day touched the head "yes, that’s the name! She can check people’s memories. To be fair, the teacher also borrowed six heart mirrors from Feng Feng, which were sent by Shun Feng. In two days, she will be shown a dream picture through six heart mirrors, which can’t be denied in front of everyone. "
"ZhuangXiaoMeng this ability is terrible, in her dream has no privacy at all. I can even see their toilet digging nose excrement, digging teeth and farting. Fortunately, I found out the traitor before it was my turn and the small picture, otherwise we have to be seen out of this beautiful body. I’m a big man, but it’s better to say a little picture of a girl … "
Taotao stuffed a piece of potato chips in his mouth and chewed it, then took Xiao Yuetu and handed it to blood-enriching Ejiao.
She interrupted Yuan Tian’s verbosity. "Did you find a traitor?"
"Yes," Xiao Yuetu said, "As soon as we entered the Shinto stronghold that night, we were trapped by a powerful world. According to Wang Debao’s investigation information, there is no such powerful evil in Chongqing City Root."
"Director Yuan said that there was no evil in the world, and he did not refuse when the division where the spiritual master was located asked to find out the traitor. After all, it was no small matter that the chaotic burial people were almost killed."
Taotao asked, "Who is the traitor?"
"Two male spiritual masters with two strains, they hooked up and fell into Shinto in order to fight against chaotic graves."
"After we determined the battle plan, they sent out two messages, one for falling into Shinto and the other for their own people. It is obvious that it is not a low-order spiritual master who can trap so many people at one time. It takes at least two or four spiritual masters to make moves at the same time."
With each additional spiritual master, the sum of physical quality and spiritual strength will far exceed that of the low spiritual master.
Except Taotao, a high-quality spiritual teacher with such a special constitution is absolutely oppressive to a low-quality spiritual teacher.
A two-spirit teacher may be able to fight with many two-spirit teachers by virtue of his talent and attribute, but he can’t win three-spirit teachers.
This is the reason why twenty-five spiritual masters were afraid to fight Zehui on Sixth Avenue that night.
She has cultivated for a generation, and has cultivated five spiritual veins. The sum of spiritual powers is that these people can’t reach the level together.
If it is said that two or four spiritual teachers set up together in the Shinto realm that night, it is indeed possible to temporarily trap those people.
But there are not many three spiritual teachers in this world, and four spiritual teachers are even more rare. What kind of person can casually mobilize two or four spiritual teachers?
"It’s the banker" Xiao Yuetu said "Zhuang Xiaomeng’s family"
"I remember that the head of the banker is the immortal altar. Is it him?"
Taotao is no stranger to this family. I have seen Zhuang Xiaomeng on the list and said that she was abandoned by this family.
Xiao Yuetu said, "Zhuangzi is a genuine six spiritual masters. If the boundary is laid by him, we will never get rid of the bearer. It is definitely not him."
"What’s the banker’s purpose in doing this?"
"It’s you."
Taotao lazily leaned against the windowsill and raised her eyebrows. "I’m so big."
Yuan Tian turned over on the sofa to pay for the potato chips in her hand. "It may not be the banker’s master’s clapper, but it is absolutely inseparable from Zhuangxiao’s flat calf."
Taotao doubts "Zhuang Xiao? Who is it? "
"No, boss, you have to remember people’s names when you beat them so few in Lingjiaofang."
Yuan day mouth chewing potato chips "that day rob ten square pu also want to hit my man is ZhuangXiao remember? He’s Zhuang Fasun, and the one next to him is his cousin named Zhuang Tai. Both of them are bookmakers. Is it okay for you to kick your face in front of all the spiritual teachers in Lingjiaofang? "
Xiao Yuetu took his words. "Did you say that you were a chaotic burial person? They haven’t forgotten what they heard. When the alliance wanted to deal with falling into Shinto, Zhuang Xiao arranged for the banker to join in and wanted to take this opportunity to retaliate against Chaos Tomb, mainly to retaliate against you. "
Yuan Tian disdained, "It’s also Zhuang Xiao who is a spiritual teacher in the world of falling into Shinto. I heard that there is such a good thing to crack down on chaotic burial. How can it be incompatible? But it’s a good thing you were there that night, or I’m afraid Sixth Avenue has been destroyed when the teacher closes out. "
Taotao didn’t say anything about the cause and effect of the incident. She asked, "Where is the traitor?"
Yuan days out of the concerned look "ZhuangXiaoMeng found out that they betrayed the chaotic burial after the two banker mouth still undignified scold her that she is a family shame not to help yourself against outsiders …"
According to Yuan Tian, it was chaotic at that time. In the hall of Sixth Avenue, two bookmakers were hard to obey and abused Zhuang Xiaomeng.
Many spiritual teachers didn’t speak. Wang Debao quietly knocked on the calculator behind the counter and raised his head.
Zhuang Xiaomeng is gentle, even if he is abused, he looks indifferent.
It was Wang Debao who came out from behind the counter and rolled up his sleeves and gave them to the two men. One person scraped one ear and directly knocked out four of their teeth.
After the fight, he looked at the palm of his hand lightly. "It turns out that it is so cool to learn to hit people with peaches."
After saying this, Yuan Ling turned a little green when she was watching the play.
"… Later, Brother Laibao became addicted." Yuan Tian said, "He told me that the two men had been stripped of their limbs and found a cross-provincial cargo truck to transport back to the dealer after the festival, that is, Zhuangxiao ran fast and was not in Chongqing, otherwise his field would not be much better."
"Brother Bao said that it was instructed by the teacher that she had a bad temper when she was young. She once killed Chaos Tomb Headquarters alone and almost killed He Li’s bones. If her old man’s house was too old to get blood on it, it was always her to do real violence."
"After all, it is an extinct teacher." Taotao muttered a.
"Fortunately, it’s all solved now." Yuan Tian rolled to the side of Nangong Dust who was watching the animation. "It’s good that Nangong brother is back."
The screen showed white teeth and black clothes in Conan. The murderer raised a dagger at the victim.
The nangongshan dust intently staring at yuan day suddenly hugged him.
Out of nervousness about the plot and his unaccustomed sense of being touched by people, generate showed a powerful force to fly Yuan Tian straight out.
I didn’t return to absolute being until I heard the screams of Nangong Dust.
He put his cell phone on and looked at Yuan Tian’s "Sorry" whining.
"It’s okay, it’s okay." Yuan Tian got up strongly. He hit his nose and two blood stains flowed.
Nangong dust handed the paper towel to Yuan Tian and asked, "Taotao said how did you come back after you left?"
The nangongshan dust took a look at Taotao and said softly, "She has gone back on her word."
She asked him to leave, but a day later she asked him to stay.