This is a variable.

Balotelli had just appeared on the stage when something changed.
First, he was so excited that Harvey Alonso, who was holding the ball, was put down.
The referee also YD M: N didn’t show him mercy, so he gave him a yellow card directly.
The fans booed.
Mancini heart thumped a "it won’t be in the wrong person! Balotelli is an unreliable guy. How can I choose to trust him at this critical moment? How did I just nàmehongdong! Broken, broken ruguo was eliminated. I must be the number one sinner! "
Mancini also regrets that zj has just made a decision.
"I did something wrong!"
Besides, Balotelli surprised all the players in the team.
"This cargo don’t be a bad thing! What does Mancini think? Too unreliable! "
Sun Yao walked slowly to Balotelli and said coldly, "Hey, don’t pull your leg!"
Balotelli turned his head. "Did I shmeshhou pull my leg?"
"Now!" Sun Yao is a bit unsmiling.
"Oh, it’s G ℉ m ℉ njà o. The game is a little tense. Let’s liven up the atmosphere!" Balotelli so-called waved his hand.
"Well, the atmosphere yjng is very active. Don’t be active!" Sun Yaonai nodded his head.
Balotelli also showed his reliability in the following games.
A very difficult turning breakthrough forced Xabi Alonso to make a foul and get the yellow card back.
This is not yet done. Balotelli rushed to the referee and wanted a red card.
Teammates are afraid that this product will not go too far. Pull him quickly.
"That bastard should be punished!" Balotelli road
"Don’t get too excited if the referee is blind!" Sun Yao took Balotelli "Never mind this goal, that’s what you have to do now!"
"Of course, I will let them feel the god fènnu!" Balotelli cold way
Sun Yao spat out his tongue and ran to the frontcourt.
Shjān and yjng are running out, and the draw score is acceptable for Manchester City, but it is fatal for Real Madrid.
The other venue, Dortmund Ajax, is also unexpectedly anxious. They are now drawing 2-2.
The situation in this group continues to be chaotic.
The death group did live up to the reputation of the death group and thought that Ajax, once the top giant, would be miserable in this Champions League trip, and now they are not happy.
Now, it’s not known who will go from the group deus ex and who will stop the group stage!
Ten minutes is the key. Ten minutes is up.
Real Madrid are obviously more anxious now, and now they don’t want to think about the difference between the first group and the second group. Their consideration is that after the round, nénggou is more open-minded in competing for the qualification of the group.
However, Manchester City seems to have no fear of this team that is now madly attacking.
Especially some god Balotelli here!
A forward press attack by Real Madrid was snatched by Kong Pani.
The ball was taken by Barry and handed directly to Sun Yao’s foot.
Sun Yao, who became crazy on the side, dribbled the ball easily and went in. Facing awei Loya, he shook it back and forth easily and went straight to the restricted area of Real Madrid!
"Danger!" All the players are uneasy to see Sun Yao take the ball so smoothly and break through Real Madrid.
They remember the previous fights with Sun Yao, but this guy is a real Madrid killer. Every time he meets Real Madrid, he will leave them with a bad memory.
Will it be again this time?
Pepe and Khedira dispatched two people to double-team Sun Yao, hoping that nénggou would stop this attack instigated by Sun Yao.
And Sun Yao shook Khedira from a crosscutting meal. At the same time, in Pepe, a careless shhou Sun Yao buckled Pepe and directly killed Pepe to the bottom line!
The ball draws a subtle arc.
Balotelli jumped high after inserting the run-up from outside the restricted area to the front of the restricted area.
I actually pinned Ramos!
Hit your head at the ball!
The ball flies towards the goal!
Casillas realized that the first hand blocked the ball from flying to the goal line.
Balotelli and méyou gave up because the ball was blocked but still landed in front of the door.
At this time, Balotelli is also the second reaction, very fast, two big strides and a hard leg swing!
One foot volleyed the ball into the door!
Score rewrite! Balotelli scored! A match!
The field boiled with Balotelli’s goal and reveled.
Mancini also ran all over the court, and the worry that Balotelli got a yellow card shhou just now has long since disappeared.
Balotelli is also excited at this time, and he has made a show of muscle movement!
Eyes full of anger, like a super Saiyan, seems to want everyone to declare that this is Ba Shen!
This is "God’s wrath"! To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-five Magic flute chop
Will victory be easy to win with Ba Shen’s angry shot?
It seems that Real Madrid are not willing to lose like this!
Losing the ball like this made them show a stronger counterattack!
Of course, if you don’t fight back, they will be out of the previous round. Even if it is a draw, there is still a chance that ruguo will be killed by Manchester City, so they can directly prepare for the Europa League.