Liu Yu gently raised his fist without saying a word. When he raised his broadsword, it was the time when the enemy sang or ruined his life. The fist roared like thunder, and the fairy king behind him also raised his big hand, tightened his fist and stored it. During the period of destroying the sky and destroying the terrain, the sound waves rolled and the wind was huge.
This is the obvious terror.
The black snake Tianyu shuttled through the mouth and breathed black gas. It was very shocking for Xianwang to play. The black snake also screamed. It just ate the dark when it was covered. Now it is finally trying to force the giant mouth nearby to become three snake heads. Each one is different, and the two extra heads are very ferocious with one horn.
However, Liu Yu did not change because of the fierce rise of the other side, but still raised that punch and moved forward.
"rumble ~ ~ ~"
Tianyu waves turned into a terrible hurricane, which swept across this world. The terrible potential was even more frightening than muffled thunder. The fairy king drew a flame in his fist, like a meteorite hitting the three snake heads with unparalleled speed.
However, the three snake heads did not show weakness, and the black gas filled the sky, which turned out to be a bigger head, and Liu Yu’s broken fist confronted him head-on.
When the two sides touched each other, the whole night turned into a day, just like a glowing star suddenly appeared here. Seeing the two different forces intertwined, the radiant and horrible energy soared and finally became bigger and bigger, and the ground buildings were destroyed.
At this moment, the Grand Zhou Palace almost destroyed most of it and was littered everywhere.
This is the real strong versus the boom.
"Lying in the trough!"
Many geniuses hurried out and didn’t want to suffer this disaster, and from this distance, the scene was even more exciting than they knew.
This is the confrontation with the godhead master.
"Who won?"
Some people can’t help but want to know the result, while others are silent and still eager to know the answer.
When the wind and smoke blew Tianyu back slowly and clearly, there was a horrible picture in the eyes of all. Half of the base of the Zhou Dynasty was destroyed, and a huge sinkhole was created on the ground. But the point is not this, but that Tianyu, the two fairy kings, grabbed the snake head, and his two had just been broken in the explosion.
Seeing the light of the fairy king, the black snake turned into nothing. The old emperor instantly vomited black blood, and the old face was even more haggard at this time, as if it had lost the few fine yuan left.
Liu Yu’s pursuit of victory with a big hand suddenly took the old guy’s head off very directly. Terror once again brought this bloody world a warning that if you are not strong, no one can die for you.
It took a long time to come to my senses.
"Who doesn’t know how to force Liu Yu today?"
Liu Yu has killed two demigods so far, right? Calculate that the old clan leader of the ice clan branch of the Blue Dragon Empire is also a demigod.
Now it’s even more important to cut off the old emperor Zhou, and I’m afraid the variables will increase when he goes to Zhou in the future
"Day to die my big week! !”
Some people scream and can’t accept the fact that their ancestors were killed in public.
They wailed and their hearts ached, and they dared not imagine what would happen in the future.
Chapter 67 Which teenager is not affectionate since ancient times?
"Ha ha ha kill him well!"
Some people are sad, and some people are excited. This is simply a beautiful counter-killing.
"Brothers, remember our slogan!"
Someone sharpened the knife and then pointed it at this bloody week. "Don’t leave any eggs for the old king."
Liu Yu took off a demigod’s head with his single hand. The feat was that people were so happy that their hearts were boiling with blood.
Everyone wondered in their hearts when this Madeleine would reach that height. Why don’t you find a demigod one-on-one to twist his head and pretend to be forced?
Don’t shake the sky, just make a sensation.
In the end, there was no shortage of powerful Yuan government, especially when the number of powerful people came here tonight. However, if Liu Yu stepped in, the nature would be different. Killing people in the same realm in front of a real demigod is like bullying children, so even if they come here more, they will be papery cats and raise their hands to kill them.
But in the end, Liu Yu just seems that these people left directly at a glance.
He’s here to save lives, and now he’s making a mess of Da Zhou. That’s earned him.
These people finally chose to retire. Anyway, the sick camel is still worse than Martha’s crusade against Zhou. They have to go back and discuss a wave. This will never end like this.
It’s Zhou’s fault that things have come to this stage.
Kneel when you are forced to pretend. Look at it. Kneel early. It’s okay.
Tonight, there was a huge tide around us, and people were almost distracted. Although the strong came out to temporarily control the scene and avoid a devastating crisis, it does not mean when the future variables will come.
Surprise, surprise, never know which comes first.
But these are Zhou’s own business. No matter how the fire burns, it won’t be hot enough for Liu Yu. Finally, give them a real fart.
It’s none of your business. If the royal family hears this, their feelings will scold several streets in minutes.
At the same time, a girl in the mountain forest on the back of this big week is just hugging a boy …
"I’ll never see you again. Thank you … for always watching over me."
The girl who is speaking is Zhong Yanwu’s pagoda, and Liu Yu’s hammer has been with her all the time in the dark years.
She will talk to this hammer when she is lonely.
When her thoughts overflow, she will think of the owner of this hammer.
It was this hammer that brought her here when she was in trouble.
She saw the wonderful scene tonight, and she was not only surprised but also surprised.
After being separated for more than a year, Liu Yu has become more mature and steady, but her face is still so warm with a bright smile. Zhong Yan is a little more charming than in the past. Perhaps she has come to the Yuan government and she has become a lot of dust.
Liu Yu didn’t speak silently, and let the person in his arms hold him tightly.
It’s a long night and a long sky, if there are shining and moving stars hanging on the black veil.
Which teenager is not sentimental and which teenager is not proud? Liu Yu is such a person. When he faces the high wind, he will always leave a soft and calm world behind him so that he can protect others safely.
The two of them are accompanied by a Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture. She and he are asleep in their arms, and the corners of their mouths are smiling with tears in their eyes.