"Don’t worry about what this is!" Just when HuangFuZhanTian secretly annoyed, the sunrise sounded.

"Wow, uncle, you arrested this guy. Great!" Any suspection.i Zhantian stretched out his hand and took the phlogistic sunrise and handed me a jade bottle, which was the old man who wanted to escape from evil robbery, but now his skeleton has disappeared, leaving this semi-transparent soul.
"Don’t ask him. I don’t think things are that simple!" Inflammation of the sunrise was some dignified way
"yeah!" Huangfu Zhantian nodded and threw the bottle in his hand into the small world. Then he said to the single crystal that was still fighting, "You are a little faster, so slow as a girl!"
Hear any suspection.i war days Fang Jinyu several of them immediately clamored for all around there to see the single crystal drama.
"I depend on you!" Single crystal saw these people’s reaction and immediately scolded them. Then Ziyun Xuan in his hand suddenly burst into a bright purple light. Then the remaining seven people were directly spun off by Ziyun Xuan in his hand [
"Hoo …!" After the single crystal made that move, it suddenly became a little breathless. That move took too much energy. After making this move, his energy was consumed. Section 169: Leave alone.
"Thank you for your kindness. Thank you. If it weren’t for you, we would definitely be killed by these guys!" The sectarian people saw that evil robbers were settled by two people out of this group of people, and their hearts suddenly trembled. They knew that these people were afraid that they had a lot of money, so they quickly flew over and thanked them.
"You’re welcome to meet these evil robbers. Do we mainlanders know that these evil robbers are going to deal with you?" Any suspection.i war days asked doubtfully.
"We didn’t know that these evil robbers were going to deal with us, Huang Qizong, but we did know that in the last month, many sects in our Shenyuan mainland were killed, and there were evil robbers in them. Even if it wasn’t for the evil robbers, it was also the organizations controlled by evil robbers. Now all the sects in the mainland are in danger and can’t wait to hide their sects, but there are still many sects that have been killed one after another. If it weren’t for a few benefactors, I’m afraid we’ll be killed today. Unfortunately, Huang Qizong, the patriarch, just gave us Huang Qizong, a middle-aged man with sparse stubble in his thirties, respectfully said to Huangfu Zhantian.
"Well, it seems that the evil robbers have a big plan!" Any suspection.i war days cold so a smile he didn’t think that just these three months when they are not outside, so much has happened outside. These evil robbers can really toss about the time before. Forget it. After all, it’s secret, but now it’s harmony. It seems that this evil robber is unwilling to be lonely.
"Now the mainland situation such as? Is there any sectarian evil to rob people? " Any suspection.i Zhantian asked [
"Now there is an alliance that is dedicated to fighting against evil robbery. It is organized by refined pharmacists’ trade unions. There are many strong people here, and now more and more sects are joining this alliance. We are also preparing to join this alliance, or we will really be killed by this evil robbery." The middle-aged man sighed.
"Well, in that case, let’s go together. We just go to Tianyucheng Road and take care of each other!" Any suspection.i war day invited with a smile.
Hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, the middle-aged man’s face suddenly showed ecstasy. He could see that the strength of this group of people was very strong. If you were with these people, you wouldn’t be so passive when you meet evil robbers. After all, they have no chance of winning against evil robbers in reality.
"That would be very kind of you. My name is Huang Ling, and I am the master of Huang Qizong. After they killed him, I am now in charge of Huang Qizong." Huang Ling thanked me.
"Huang Dage, don’t be so polite. My name is Huangfu Zhantian. These are my friends. We just passed this time. You can also tell me something about the specific situation in the mainland." Huangfu Zhantian said with the wave.
"Well, in that case, let’s start now!" Any suspection.i war days with a wave of his hand with all the mighty fly in the direction of the day feather city.
Huangfu Zhantian their strength is much stronger than these people, and sometimes their speed is much faster than these people, and sometimes they have to slow down deliberately, otherwise these yellow flag clansmen can’t keep up with them.
"Uncle Yan, this is not the way. I want to go to Tianyu City first, so you can join these. Now we must gather all the cohesive forces to fight against the evil robbers. The strength is very strong. I have fought with them and their skills are very vicious. You should look for more organizations and sects that fight against evil robbers so that we can have greater confidence!" Any suspection.i war sky flying edge to one side inflammation the sunrise way
"You go first? Is it ok? " Inflammation of the sunrise some not trust way
"No, Xiaotian, you have to take us. You can’t leave us!" Xiao Yan looked at suspection.i war heaven with some dissatisfaction.
"Yes, if you want to leave, you have to take us and you can’t get rid of us!" Henaan they immediately dissatisfied with any suspection.i war days.
Hearing their words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly burst into a wry smile. What’s all this about?
"I’m fast, and I’m not fighting with others. I wish I could be fast when I want the way, and if I’m in danger, I won’t pester others. They can’t chase me when I’m fast." Huangfu Zhantian had some headaches.
"No, we are not at ease!" Henaan elder sister head immediately out of the way.
"But I …!" It’s impossible for Huangfu Zhantian to say that he is not moved when he sees them, but it will take a long time if he takes them with him.
"Well, don’t be hard on Xiaotian. I think it’s good for him to go by himself. If you go, it will add chaos and can’t help him. If he is in danger and wants to escape, then if you guys don’t let him escape, you can’t go anywhere with me!" Inflammation of the sunrise to see this situation immediately put on a pair of elder sample nu way
I saw Yan Xi speak when they stopped quarreling, but they all looked at Huangfu Zhantian with a pathetic look.
"Lovely, I’m not going to play. It’s safest to stay with your uncle. Don’t worry, I’ll run when something is wrong. I’ll never recklessly. What’s worse, it’s not that you don’t know that I have a small world. I’ll hide directly in it." Huangfu Zhantian comforted with a smile.
"You’re a bad thing. You’ve only been with me for a few days. You have to take care of yourself!" Xiao Yan’s eyes are very sad [
"Well, I will take good care of myself, and so will you! Well, I’m leaving!" Huangfu Zhantian stopped talking to them after he finished. He turned his head directly and flew quickly towards the front. Two flash sweeps disappeared into the eyes of all.
After leaving them, Huangfu Zhantian galloped all the way to the south without delay, pushing his speed to the extreme. Some weak people sometimes feel a gust of wind blowing, but some strong people can also see a black shadow flash past the root and can’t see Huangfu Zhantian. Section 1691: Chance.
Along the way, Huangfu Zhantian saw a lot of sects. The clan was in a mess. Except for some blood, there was not a figure in the root. Even the body didn’t know where to go. This made Huangfu Zhantian’s bad feeling stronger and stronger, and Huangfu Zhantian’s speed became faster and faster. He didn’t worry about Henaan. They didn’t mention Henaan. They were all very strong, but they just said Yan Xi. Then they almost reached beyond the realm of God dzogchen. The strength is not that ordinary people can provoke more conditions. They are not vegetarians.