The vibration of some palaces in the palace collapsed

It can be said that Jiang Tai once Du Jie displaced almost everyone in Yingdu.
Moreover, the destruction of the public can’t stop it. It’s Armageddon. Take the opportunity to Armageddon yourself and stare at yourself.
In the past, the sword shone cold, but Mr. Kyushu Longyuan was foaming at the mouth and dying. He was proud and independent, and now he rolled his eyes like a coke dog.
On the other side, the bloody Pluto is also weak, and it is surrounded by filar silk thunder. No one can recognize Jiang Tai when he is in good condition.
But Jiang Tai chest is hung with a good baggage.
Jiang Tai reached into the bag and took out a small bottle.
Small bottles are full of light and fragrance.
But it’s a healing pill
Jiang Tai didn’t take one out, but poured the edge of the small bottle into the mouth.
Dan medicine entrance injury slowly recovered.
Jiang Tai twisted and twisted. At the moment, his whole body aches. The growth of new meat is more strange than itching.
Difficult Jiang Tai slowly climbed up and sat up. Although he was painful and weak, his strong will slowly climbed up.
Still weak than wobbling up.
Look around, quiet people, Jiang Tai gave me a chuckle.
Step by step, it is difficult to walk towards the outside world.
Not far away, the king of Chu’s eyes were cold
"Hum, you want to leave now?" Chu Wang leng Dao
The king of Chu stepped into the palace.
The king of Chu, whose eyes were cold, looked at Jiang Tai in the pit.
"Hey, hey!"
The army of Chu quickly poured into Ying capital from all directions and into the palace.
However, this group of Chu troops did not dare to rush to Jiang Tai Jiang Tai’s previous malicious crime, which made almost all of them horrified.
On the edge of the pit, Jiang Tai looked up at the king of Chu not far away.
With a wave of his hand, the king of Chu rushed to Mr. Long Yuan’s place to protect him.
Jiang Tai see king chu a slight sneer at a way "king chu? Do you want to keep me? "
Jiang Tai didn’t show a trace of timidity. Just now, a natural disaster has honed Jiang Tai’s mind very much. At this moment, pride is overwhelming.
What’s more, Jiang Tai still has chest baggage, and Jiang Tai has one to rely on.
The king of Chu looked at Hades with cold eyes. "No one in all countries dared me to be presumptuous. Do you want to leave so easily? You let me stand on the ground after Chu? "
Speak a huge momentum straight out like a storm to Jiang Tai suppression.