Taotao thinks of the wind that Chaotic Tombs are tracking down resentful souls and thinking about Nangong Dust. Maybe Chaotic Tombs can save some things if you know it.

Nangong Dust casually said, "Maybe."
"That …" Seeing that he doesn’t seem to know the sample peaches, his eyes fell on him again.
His robe neck is clear with a little color, which seems to break at any time.
Exposing a corner to the white chest is an evil spirit that can have sex, but it always makes people feel fragile
Taotao asked, "Did you say that you were seriously injured when you broke free from the ten-party purgatory?"
Nangong Chen did not answer, but said calmly, "Everything has its price, which I should bear."
It’s not over yet, is it?
Although he pulled the source out of her body and gave her back her strength, the power of her eternal curse was still weak.
He must have been badly hurt and never recovered.
"Do you want to …"
Taotao got a glimpse of her mind by Nangong Dust before asking for export.
He smiled. "Want to drink your blood again? Taotao, I’m also an evil person. It’s also fatal to me. If you don’t want to be sucked dry, don’t test my endurance again. "
Yuan Tian woke up and his scalp was numb with something, feeling that his hair was going to be separated from his scalp.
He stretched out his hand and grabbed a bird from his hair.
Wealth and his eyes staring at each other at each other are already old birds.
His eyes are as calm as those of an ancient well, and he doesn’t sleep in other people’s hair at all.
"Where did you fly in?" Yuan Tian looked around his eyes. "Hey, how can I sleep on the ground?"
The rich eyes rolled for a while, and the brain suddenly restarted. He remembered that they went to a hot pot restaurant to drink last night, and all three of them drank too much. Wang Debao ran back to Sixth Avenue and he carried Taotao back … No, his back was a teddy bear. Taotao was carried back by a ghost.
Think of this yuan day immediately rushed to the peach room "eldest brother eldest brother are you ok? Brace me to save you-"
He broke into the house and saw Taotao leaning against the bed and looking at the window.
-there is a thing.
Taotao said, "Go out first."
Yuan Tian doesn’t know what happened to her, but he thinks the atmosphere in this room is strange.
Taotao seems to have something on her mind, so I don’t want to be disturbed, do I? He thought about it and went out quietly.
The nangongshan dust don’t talk, peach peach also low head silence.
The wind shook the trees and the car whistle disappeared. At this moment, it was so quiet that even birds could not be heard outside.
She didn’t know what to say at the moment and how to say it.
Is a terrible demon, and she was afraid when she was in the same room with him.
From a very young age, Taotao knew that it was very difficult for her to live like a normal person.
All this is not good intentions, but because of the evil spirit in purgatory, which is called the evil ghost ancestor.
If it weren’t for him, maybe she wouldn’t have survived those years.
No matter what he did, others will be afraid, afraid, accuse and revile her.
If it were another psychic, I’m afraid I would have fled in fear, right? Or have you raised the multiplier and aimed it at the demon guardian?
But she couldn’t do it and didn’t want to do it. Several thoughts were generated and annihilated in her mind, and finally she still swayed and wondered what she was thinking.
The nangongshan dust walked beside her "peach peach time"
Taotao is at a loss. "When?"
I miss the days when I was possessed by Lin Quan and Taotao, and realized that if I am a mortal and have human beings, worldly desires needs to consider other things, say what I want to say and do what I want. It was one of the few free times in my life, and I will always remember it.
The man’s beautiful peach blossom suddenly has a red light in his eyes. "I promised to tell you everything last night, but I didn’t say that telling you the truth won’t erase your memory. After all, some things can’t be known casually."
Taotao covered his eyes almost consciously. "Don’t-"
"You’re a spiritual master, and you’ve got a handle on a crime like me. Maybe you’ll kill me."
"You know I won’t."
Even if he can be cruel, she is no match for him
Accurately speaking, I’m afraid there is no spiritual master in this world who is his opponent.
"Then leave, too."
"What to do?"
"I’ve had enough of loneliness in the Asura Sea, and now I’m trying to get out of it and go all over the world to do it …"
"Do what?"
"Do what I like"