Losing a demon mirror to contain the girl in white growl, dragon blood gradually started to work.

Cracks appeared in her frost.
The original Xuan Bing lock that bound her body also gave a creaking noise, which seemed to be broken by the white girl at any moment!
"You watch her!"
Xuan Bing Valley Five Terraces Fairy also realized that the drunk was tricky and hurriedly shouted and turned to stare at Su Mo.
He pinched the magic with one hand and offered the avatar with the other.
At the same time, the five-step fairy of Xuan Bing Valley did not hesitate to risk the Yuan God’s possible injury and launched the Yuan God’s occultism!
Even if Yuan Shen is injured, it can make up for today’s loss if he can kill this drunk and capture this young dragon alive.
To some extent, it is a good thing for Yuan Zong to return to the five terraces and die.
Few people compete with him for the ownership of the baby dragon.
"Xuanbing Arrow!"
Xuan Bing Valley Five Terraces Fairy Eyebrows place huge gods condensed into a sharp ice arrow, sending out a cold breath and stabbing Su Mo in the past.
Yuan Shen’s occultism is instantaneous.
The drunk across the street didn’t seem to react. He didn’t resist the fight, but stupidly continued to walk towards him.
The five terraces in Xuan Bing Valley are in great joy.
If you don’t resist him, you will be able to kill this drunk Yuan Shen!
He seemed to see Su Mo Yuan Shen dying and falling from the middle school, and the corners of his mouth could not help but smile slightly.
His magic and avatar are too lazy to release.
As he flashed these pictures in his mind, Su Mo had come near him.
"Silly smile? Like an idiot. "
Su Mo backhand throws a slap and slaps his cheek.
Xuan Bing valley five terraces fairy was stuck.
At this moment, all doubts sprang up in his heart.
How is that possible?
This drunken man has no defense, so he can resist my Yuan Shen hermetic Xuan Bing arrow?
I know that this drunk knows that there must be a magic weapon of Yuan Shen’s defense in the sea!
I was careless!
These thoughts flashed through the mind of this Xuan Bing Valley Five Terraces Fairy.
At the same time, his vision gradually blurred and he was cold, and his consciousness fell into a dark abyss.
Su Mo this seemingly with a slap is enough to shatter the Yuan God in his head!
This five-terraced fairy in Xuan Bing Valley doesn’t even have Yuan Shen’s OBE!
Xuan Bing’s arrow, the secret art of Yuan God, is powerful.
But Su Mogen did not deliberately resist.
He knows that the sea is blessed with a lotus platform, and the 90 Xuan Bing arrows around the violet yuanshen are pregnant with the glow of violet.
What’s more, he Yuan Shen has reached the sixth level of the earth Yuan Jing!
Even if the Yuan God is fighting for the top, this person will die.
On the other side of the middle school, the demon mirror fell to the ground
The girl in white doesn’t have two mirrors to affect her body, and her qi and blood surge out into a deafening tide.
Collapse collapse!
Then the girl in white transformed into a dragon form and instantly broke her body. The Xuan Bing lock smelled of terror.
Zhang Longkou, a girl in white, directly bit a four-step fairy body into two pieces.
Dragon’s paw dancing tore another three-step fairy’s body into several bloody pieces.
Although the girl in white looks like a young dragon, she still has a prominent head, and her claws are sharp and growling, which has begun to take on dragon majesty!
Once again, the girl in white Zhang Longkou spouted a white breath and landed on another four-step fairy body.
This four-terraced fairy was instantly frozen into an ice sculpture with a stiff face and could not move.
The girl in white stretched out a African claw and gently touched the person like playing with it.
Kaka, Kaka!
This humanoid ice sculpture was quickly covered with cracks and shattered to the ground.
The girl in white rose and burst into a joyful roar, and the friar came after him.
These two clans lost two five-terraced immortals, even if Su Mo didn’t make moves, these people were no match for white girls!
Chapter two hundred and eleven His name is Dragon Burning
The monks left in Yuan Zong and Xuan Bing Valley were scared and dispersed in a hubbub.
But no matter how fast these monks are, they can’t compete with the dragon body of the white girl. Before these people escaped from the abyss, they were beheaded by the white girl department!
Su Mo killed two five-terraced fairies, so she didn’t make moves again. Instead, she picked two people’s waist bags and checked them.
It wasn’t long before the girl in white returned and remained in a state of great dragon fighting. Longan stared at Su Mo and looked alert.
Su Mo ignored her to continue to clean up the battlefield and put away all the friars’ bags.
"If you don’t want it, it’s mine."
Su Mo Yang Yang hand bag.