Hum: Although it’s not the first time I’ve seen these shameful faces of cultivating immortals, Guo Xiaosi is still very disgusted. When cold hum blows out the immortal ruler directly from the bosom and throws it at this group of cultivating immortals, he shouts, "Go to hell!" When throwing the immortal ruler in Guo Xiaosi, at the same time, he draws a sapphire sword to chase and run in front of the immortal sword and chop it.

The cultivation of immortals in blue robes and inverted triangle eyes flashed cold light, which was also the first to challenge cultivation of immortals. Seeing Guo Xiaosi coming, this blue robe cultivation of immortals flashed surprise. He didn’t expect Guo Xiaosi’s murderous look, which was full of deterrence.
But the cultivate immortality didn’t put Guo Xiaosi in the eye. When he raised his hand, he flew his sword toward the unappreciative Guo Xiaosi in front of him. According to the cultivate immortality, he guessed that Guo Xiaosi just broke out in the state of rotating according to the period of repairing, but relying on strong murderous look.
When the blue robe cultivates immortality and goes to Guo Xiaosi to attack and kill, this time Guo Xiaosi has nothing to take advantage of, because the other side cultivates the top state in the Dan period. The only difference is that it has suppressed the growth of the state, but it does not dare to exert excessive force, otherwise it will lead to doom.
Here in Guo Xiaosi, I didn’t mix pigs and eat tigers. I can fight hard against each other. I also took advantage of the blue robe to cultivate immortality. At first, I looked down on myself because I embarrassed the blue robe to cultivate immortality. I crossed the blue robe to cultivate immortality but didn’t hurt the blue robe to cultivate immortality.
This blue robe cultivates immortality, but it looks up to Guo Xiaosi and Guo Xiaosi, who must have something to hide their true strength. They have to fight poorly and let Guo Xiaosi not find anything cheap.
While Guo Xiaosi was fighting in the blue robe to cultivate immortals, other immortals were already frightened and roared to devour fairy wares. Oh, my God, this is to devour fairy wares. He is wanted by Mongolia to cultivate immortals, Guo Xiaosi.
These cultivate immortals didn’t care that Guo Xiaosi threw the ruler of cultivating immortals, even if the power was no matter how powerful, they couldn’t compete with so many cultivate immortals. The only thing they didn’t deserve to be afraid of was that they resisted their advance. But when the ruler of cultivating immortals clung tightly to a cultivate immortal and swallowed up this cultivate immortal mana, when other cultivate immortals saw that the situation was not right and the absorbed cultivate immortal contacted, they finally realized the terrorist power of the ruler of cultivating immortals, and at the same time remembered that the immortal world was famous for being devoured by Taiyue osawa, and the immortal was wanted by Mongolia, and Guo Xiaosi, the immortal was swallowed by this handle
When these cultivate immortals fear and flee in succession, Guo Xiaosi secretly worried when he saw these cultivate immortals escape.
However, among these escape immortals, Wu Peng, an expert in cultivating immortals, is not short of being able to fight against three enemies, so he can’t intercept other escape immortals. Although the power of the ruler is poor, it is slow to swallow, so it is also possible to intercept these escape immortals.
Guo Xiaosi secretly impatient he white these cultivate immortality escape success, so as to expose his whereabouts, I’m afraid to meet him is to exhaust the pursuit, although he is not afraid of these pursuits, but it is also difficult to shock these cultivate immortals with two fists and four palms.
Ha Guo Xiaosi’s sapphire sword broke out in the hands of mana. In Guo Xiaosi’s roar, the powerful firm but gentle rushed towards the blue robe to cultivate immortality. The blue robe to cultivate immortality roots did not dare to hard connect quickly to avoid it. Guo Xiaosi immediately took this opportunity to take the royal beast and shout at me.
With the explosion of dozens of fierce spirit beasts rushing from the royal animal banners, Guo Xiaosi ordered them to flee around to cultivate immortality, and Guo Xiaosi also came or not to catch up and had to deal with the blue robe to cultivate immortality.
This blue robe cultivates immortality and sees Guo Xiaosi take one magic weapon after another. In the eyes of greed and strong light, he wants to slay Guo Xiaosi and get a magic weapon from Guo Xiaosi.
Haha, I didn’t expect you to hide so many good treasures. Hey, hey, let me be their master today. Blue robe cultivates immortality and laughs wildly. The flying sword in your hand shines brilliantly, but there is a bitter murderous look in this dazzling brilliance.
Guo Xiaosi was furious. He was lazy, blue robe, and cultivated immortality. He said that the Chinese jade sword waved and brought into play the essence of the secret sword tactic. The murderous look was even more oppressive, and he welcomed the blue robe to cultivate immortality.
Carving a worm, practicing immortality in a blue robe, not being intimidated by Guo Xiaosi’s firm but gentle, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth, read the word.
But see blue robe cultivate immortality manipulation fly sword suddenly pause a then decompose Yin and Yang, one change two to two change four four points all over the sky to kill.
This fly sword handle rotates slowly in the middle, and then in the blue robe to cultivate immortality, the manipulation hits Guo Xiaosi, and the strong murderous look unexpectedly brings up the broken and makes Guo Xiaosi look dignified.
At this time, Guo Xiaosi suddenly found that there was a different aura in his arms. This aura rushed into Guo Xiaosi to control the sapphire sword. In Guo Xiaosi’s surprised eyes, the jade sword suddenly burst into dazzling brilliance. In the dazzling brilliance, the blue robe cultivated immortality and saw the scene that made him tremble.
Seeing the intense brilliance of the sapphire sword suddenly break down and turn into thousands of sapphire swords, the murderous look emitted by each sapphire sword is real, which makes it hard to believe that these tens of millions of sapphire swords are turned into reality.
Guo Xiaosi was stunned and looked at the change consciousness of sapphire sword. He touched the dragon and phoenix Yu Pei in his arms. He clearly knew that this change was caused by the dragon and phoenix Yu Pei shooting a different aura in his arms.
The scene in Qi Fei, Wan Jian, made Guo Xiaosi look excited and trembling, made the blue robe cultivate immortality look scared, and made other greedy cultivate immortals run away crazily.
The ten thousand-handle sapphire sword is still a fierce dragon crossing the river. Generally, the flying sword with the blue robe to cultivate immortality is instantly destroyed and rushed towards the blue robe to cultivate immortality.
This flying sword with blue robe and magic handle is actually very powerful, and it is also quite famous in the field of cultivating immortals. However, it is a pity that it was destroyed together with the real body before it could exert its power. More importantly, this flying sword with blue robe is connected with the spirit of cultivating immortals. When this flying sword is destroyed, the blue robe can’t help but be hurt, and the eyes are full of fear.
The blue robe cultivates immortality and fears looking at the ten thousand-handle sapphire sword coming towards him. However, the blue robe cultivates immortality and desperately transfers the body mana to its front to stabilize and reinforce it, hoping to resist the ten thousand-handle sapphire sword and escape.
It’s true that blue robe cultivation of immortality has played an escape heart. He never expected that Guo Xiaosi would resort to such means. Of course, blue robe cultivation of immortality did not know that such means were not from Guo Xiaosi.
The idea of cultivating immortals in blue robes is a good action, but the measures are perfect, but the knot is sad
However, I saw that the protective force in front of the blue robe and cultivate immortality with this 10,000-handle sapphire sword seemed to have never seen it, but it was even more apparent that the protective force in front of the blue robe and cultivate immortality directly passed through the blue robe and shot the blue robe and cultivate immortality into a bee hole in the incredible eyes of the blue robe and cultivate immortality. More importantly, in such a secret attack, the blue robe and cultivate immortality Yuan God also born to die was directly destroyed by the 10,000-handle sapphire sword.
When 10,000-handle sapphire sword penetrated the blue robe and cultivated immortality, it quickly turned and flew towards Guo Xiaosi. In the process of turning, it turned out that 10,000-handle sapphire sword was gradually merged in front of Guo Xiaosi. Guo Xiaosi looked at the sapphire sword strangely. He didn’t expect this sapphire sword to have such power. At the same time, he was curious about the strength of Longfeng and Yu Pei. Although it was aura, he always came into contact with it. Guo Xiaosi couldn’t tell what difference it was.
When the ten thousand-handle sapphire sword disappeared, the blue robe and the body of cultivating immortality were gradually scattered, but it turned into a pile of meat scum. When I saw several cultivating immortals surrounded by arch eyebrows and arch eyebrows were injured, when my anger was uncontrollable, Guo Xiaosi drank a sapphire sword and killed them by waving it at the arch eyebrows.
Guo Xiaosi killed the blue robe to cultivate immortality. Seeing Guo Xiaosi rushing to cultivate immortality towards himself and others, he did not consider the decent problem. The speed of escape was slow, and the cultivation was also killed by Wu Peng.
It’s a pity that many immortals escaped. Guo Xiaosi will put the spirit beasts into the sacred beasts’ banners again, and at the same time, they will hold the ruler of the immortals in their hands. Although so many immortals have been killed, Guo Xiaosi’s eyes are still worried. When these escaped immortals ran away, that is, when Mongolian immortals came.
Xiaomei saw Liu Mei’s shoulder injury with this pill. Guo Xiaosi immediately took a recovery pill and let Liu Mei hurry. His eyes were full of pity.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four LeiJie bursts
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four LeiJie bursts
What does Brother Guo do now? Liu Mei is a wise man. She also let go of these immortals for nothing. Her eyes are full of worries and she is deeply blamed for her inability to escape.
Hehe, what do you want to do so much? Guo Xiaosi loves to hug Liu Mei. When he sees the concern in Liu Mei’s eyes, Bai Liu Mei seems to hug all these mistakes to himself. This is not that Guo Xiaosi expects soldiers to block the water. Hehe, I am afraid that there is no chance to escape. Guo Xiaosi tries to make his tone sound happy and optimistic.