This kind of instant soul Taoist hits the eyebrows with impartiality!

As everyone knows, the monk’s head is a weakness-if the head is destroyed, the body is useless.
But the ghost road flyover didn’t push it any harder than a blow from the earth that touched the cold withered skin for an instant.
People such as ghosts and Taoist priests have followed the four evil spirits for many years and experienced life-and-death fighting, which is many times more than being away from home.
But my heart suddenly felt a bad feeling, which was a bad omen and absolutely false!
"Go backwards!" Lu Li cold drink impressively export!
It’s impossible for a ghost Taoist to have no defense and want to withdraw half his strength. It’s as if his touch with the skin on the ground indicates doomed failure!
A huge force than itself also contains four things less than five things, which makes the ghost road flyover horrified to death. He suddenly regrets the sudden outbreak of madness!
"Boom!" There was a loud noise, and the ghost road flyover was like a broken kite. The armor of the ghost king suddenly burst, and the haunting dissipated to reveal the body like a skeleton.
And he flew out instantly without any blood spillage, as if this person’s body had dried up long ago without any blood.
However, the friar with a short breath can see that this old monster has suffered a terrible self-repulsion.
The nightmare tactic of the soul Taoist is also extremely horrible, which makes Li Shan bodhi old zu, Mu Ziyin and others all recruited and injured their corners of the mouth, and the support was not played at all.
But in a flash, he was shocked because he saw a ghost Taoist who seemed to be self-absorbed, and the soul Taoist immediately rescued him.
So the figures of the two evil Taoist priests have also fallen into the public eye.
Because the avatar technique costs a lot of money, and although this landslide technique is powerful, it naturally slows down a little, and the huge magic sea peak shadow finally collapses!
Accompanied by this mountain and the slaughter god, although the power is weakened, it seems that the general Du Jie repair is not effective
"You always underestimate me-"
Lu Li’s words fell into the ears of all monks, and his figure suddenly sank, so he chose to fall into the crack at the bottom of the sea
This crack is caused by the landslide and the supernatural power. If the magical sea peak is pressed, it seems that the state of separation is doubtful.
But the other party was able to explode such crazy violence before his death, which is incomprehensible to everyone, but his real strength has been exhausted.
"Poof-"Ghost Road flyover suddenly opened his mouth, but it spewed out a dark, ink-like juice, which gave off a foul smell and looked disgusting. Because of that juice, there were some tiny evil spirits and their bodies surging like ghosts in Styx.
And the ghost Taoist’s eyes stopped turning and fell into an almost silent state, which made the soul Taoist’s mind shake and reveal incredible color.
Boom! Crazy explosion avatar explosive force scattered the avatar condensed magic sea peak crashing and falling instantly, and two-thirds of them fell into the huge pit, the size of the mountain peak, and the cracks caused by the ground fissure matched perfectly!
Then the Godsworn always covered his ears, so the landslide happened!
The magical power of this avatar is condensed into illusion, and the destructive power is really amazing in a split second. Even the bodhi old zu who butchered the corpse nodded slowly. The magical power is almost the same as that of him who butchered the gods.
The only weakness, the most obvious weakness, is that this avatar takes too much time and the speed is bad. If he is a master, he can help and cooperate successfully.
However, it is also accurate to judge the timing of the move.
Chapter 16 Broken arm reconnection
With such a strong and unsurpassed blow, the magic sea peak crashed and then completely collapsed. The moment when the destructive power collapsed, it was completely displayed and shocked everyone.
This avatar is so powerful that even if it burns the sword, it gently nods to show its approval.
Crushing, roaring, violent explosion, huge deep pits in the cracks on the seabed are hundreds of feet in size of Fiona Fang.
Everyone will focus on the huge explosion in the deep pit, plus the extraordinary slaughter of the bodhi old zu. Should the land be cut off?
At the same time, some people who are eager to make repairs have been tempted to take the initiative. The target of these people is none other than Lishan bodhi old zu, Mu Ziyin and others.
In a flash, there are nearly a hundred repairs and one hug, and the rest are still a little hesitant. Some people are still swaying although they are promised a lot of pills and magic weapons by Gan Kun.
Because after all, many younger brothers died in the scorching sun. Although these people are greedy for magic weapons, in the final analysis, their lives are still important. That is the root of everything. No one will make fun of their own lives.
It seems to them that there are several powerful people in the land, which is a place where they will die. Only then are more and more people besieging the bodhi old zu in Lishan and others to kill people and seize treasures.
Muziyin was furious and his eyebrows slightly provoked, but there was a daughter’s heroic show, and the purple heart sword fairy light flashed suddenly and violently. Muziyin resolutely made moves for these three abusive monks, and she had enough to bear.
In those days, the bodhi old zu of Lishan was also vicious, killing people, stealing goods, raping and plundering others. That’s evil, but it’s not the older generation. Although these sea areas can be repaired by many people, it’s uneven. It’s the other side’s intention to fish in troubled waters. Can he taste it?
Only Kong Xuan’s brother and sister are extremely passive for a moment because of their strength, and they are in a desperate situation.
"Proud sword tactic!" Mu Ziyin’s sword mountain swept away, and a cold sword light traversed hundreds of feet. A sword actually killed dozens of sea repairs. Of course, most of them were people who wanted to shoot Kong Xuan’s brothers and sisters.
Although these people were tactful, they were exposed when they actually made moves. Some of them were scattered in the sea, others were evil sects, and the rest were made up of 30% small and medium sects.
There are not many people who are really big brothers or self-righteous.
There are evil men who sneak up on Muziyin and drink jiao. As soon as they turn around, they attack the sword and shadow, such as the dragon’s figure, and the six firm but gentle sounds are like the rotating Zi Long. The five or six evil men will be shaken back with each other’s protective light, and these people will scream and turn into dust.
Ruling that the elder was sullen, he said, "There can be no mistake. Only when they admire the scissors and firm but gentle can they cultivate to such a state, we’d better make a move. Saving this Muziyin girl can be regarded as giving an account to the old friend and letting it die!"