Qing Xuan gradually released his hands and feet and put the burden. The powerful swordsmanship of Shushan Sword Sect was made out, but there was a panic in Jeancard

Although Green Moon here has reached the’ third order’, his alert fighting style and his ability to sense motive have enabled him to avoid the danger of losing his head several times. A dagger with flashing green light in his hand is like a falcon catching food in the grassland, waiting for the food to appear and then giving it a fatal blow to the other side.
A’ Xuanwu Gold Ring’ with a fairly strong defense force, while a knight armor has a knight armor defense ability. Although it is a little bit short, it can’t be broken in an instant, especially Karl’s knight armor has almost evolved into a silver armor, and its power has also greatly increased to a higher level.
Suddenly, I was looking for a sneak attack target, and my heart suddenly sank. A familiar feeling hit my heart and I immediately remembered that the magic made by dozens of Vatican priests was more powerful than the original castle peak to save everyone, but it was also smashed into powder by that powerful and thick holy light.
Now I’m a little scared for no reason, but my body immediately moves backwards without attracting people’s attention. The range of movement is very small, and soon the figure of Qingyue appears on the edge of both sides of the fierce battle. Over the years, my experience with the enemy has told him that the danger is not far away.
At this time, Qingyue’s keen eyes immediately took aim at the milky light not far away, and her heart trembled slightly, knowing that the other person who had been hidden had been put to good use like that day. Although Qingyue always looked down on the Vatican and had to use foreign things to practice, it was still very powerful for several people in the Vatican to accumulate together.
Hurriedly sound to the blue xuan low cried "flash these barbarians used a powerful spell castle peak in the case of" mirror of heaven "science or a blow was killed.
In a milky white, with a little cold breath, the energy fell from the sky. Qing Xuan was a tingling body and hurriedly flashed out. Several Shushan brothers were reduced to ashes by that holy light beam because they didn’t run fast enough.
Most of the time, the brothers who escaped from Shushan Sword Sect were also wiped to the side by the holy light beam, either losing one or two bodies or vomiting blood in their mouths.
Qing Xuan looked at several broken flesh brothers and sword tires floating behind him and hurriedly spit out the golden urn to suck those floating in the half-sword tires.
With a dark face and a vicious heart, I thought, "Remember all your sects in Kunlun, and watch my Shushan brother be broken and not rescue me. This account will be settled with you sooner or later."
Middle-aged Taoist priests in Kunlun saw that the Sword Sect in Shushan had lost a lot, and then they smiled and said, "You Taoist friends didn’t expect these barbarians to have such fighting power. Let’s work together to help them regain the Mirror of Heaven."
Suddenly, hundreds of powerful magic weapons soared to the sky and stung the Vatican side. Carl looked at the colorful lights flying over and was violently retreated by a tingling body. Several guardian knights also hurriedly followed back and counted the judges. The junior priests were horrified to find that the colorful lights were flying over, but they were not allowed to retreat.
Boom! Half of new york City trembled for a few people who had just entered the dream. They were awakened at once and put their heads out of the window to see what had happened. But as soon as they put their heads out, there were several policemen or gang members with police guns or iron bars. These citizens who lived and worked in peace and contentment suddenly felt a tingle and knew that they shouldn’t stick their heads out and quickly went back to close the window.
Carl and nearly ten knights or bishops who have reached the’ fourth order’ have escaped from the magic weapon in a mess. Looking back at the huge pit, hundreds of judges and junior priests have been directly evaporated, leaving nothing in their hearts, and they are also shocked by the strength of these strangely dressed monks.
Thinking of this, Carl immediately shouted at the tower behind him, "Lord Xinli, are you going to make a move after all our men are killed?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Suddenly, a milky light rushed out of the tower and rushed straight into the sky. An elderly monk in a milky robe danced in the light. At the same time, Qing Xuan frowned slightly, and most of the buildings in the church shot a holy light. In an instant, a grand appearance was established.
Most monks in Zhengdao, Central Plains are alert and staring at several figures flying out of Kunlun, the largest building in the church. Middle-aged monks slowly laughed and secretly cried, "You Taoist friends are willing to come out after waiting for so long!"
Chapter 125 Turn over the sky.
Chapter 125 Turn over the sky.
When hundreds of local holy lights shot into the sky, there was a strong holy power around them. The Kunlun middle-aged Taoist Tianxian real person suddenly froze with a smile and felt that the aura around him was rapidly decreasing and replaced by a strong holy power.
Seeing this day, the idle reality is powerful, and I instantly detected it and felt the aura around me as if it had been absorbed by something. I just thought about it, and the key face suddenly changed and shouted, "You Taoist friends will attack the damn barbarians and cheat."
With his words, many masters of large sects have also realized a problem. I don’t know what kind of battle the Vatican masters have arranged. It turns out that this church has several buildings as the foundation array, and all the aura is slowly pulled out and replaced by the holy power.
If it’s Jian Xiu, it’s good to say. After all, the most powerful attack of Jian Xiu is that the body and life repair each other, and the sword tire has no aura, so it’s called, but the first dozen large sects in Kunlun are in a hurry. If there is no aura, what are the most powerful spells?
In particular, several Fu Lu were attacked by big sects. They all inspired the aura of heaven and earth to evolve spells to attack those who lost the aura of heaven and earth. Those who were precious in peacetime immediately became worthless and lost their due.
Thinking of the first few Fu Lu attack sects of Maoshan Sect, I was immediately anxious to run outside the array. Besides Fu Lu, their most powerful attack is zombies, but this time I didn’t even think that I needed to move the town to send treasure zombies.
Seeing that they were about to escape from the array, there was a flash of white light, and these people were immediately bounced back. It turned out to be a sacred barrier, and everyone immediately panicked.
Just now, when this battle was rising, people were still laughing at barbarians, who even dared to play with their plans. Several large sects, such as Ruyi Sect, have been sneering. Playing with their plans in front of them is simply playing with a broadsword in front of the public.
No matter what kind of battle is in front of them, it’s not as child’s play. It’s completely urgent for these people to think that everyone’s strength can’t get through, and Ruyi Zong and Laimen’s younger brother will immediately get rid of the battle, but after half a minute, there is still no progress.
In fact, the Vatican is not a battle at all, but a cage. All the Vatican believers in the United States have issued a large-scale magical power based on their faith.
In Qing Xuan, a group of people arrived in new york and were immediately noticed by the Vatican. Even those powers of the American Security Bureau can be found there, which can hide the believers all over the world.
However, the Vatican people also have the self-knowledge that they will definitely win the battle against the monks in China. Although they think that their own strength is not necessarily worse than that of Friar China, the monks in China have used their bodies to motivate the heavens and the earth with great strength. In the decades of fighting, the Vatican people have suffered a lot.
However, during the decades of continuous wars, the Vatican also realized that if monks are separated from aura, the attack power of these monks will be weakened a lot.
For decades, the Vatican has been trying to finally develop such a set of methods. Although it is stupid, there are dozens of senior priests who can make the holy power foundation complete a set of magical skills in one month, trapping everyone in it and then pulling away from it. The aura holy power is full of it.
In this way, not only will the attack power of China monks be weakened, but the priests will also exert several times the attack power, and the weakness will be gone.
Instantaneous Carl and others immediately felt surrounded by strong holy power, and immediately thought of what the elders said to look for those who were eager to get out of the battle to attack dozens of knights. When Carl led them, he immediately rushed to the front of Maoshan Sect and other large sects.
No words have been suppressed for a long time. As soon as the priests seized the opportunity, they suddenly took a fierce look at each other and shot into Maoshan and other disciples to blow their bodies to pieces.
Lost aura, these sects’ master brothers were immediately horrified to find that they were not as good as ordinary people, and they would have sacrificed a magic weapon for defense. Those monks who didn’t have a magic weapon for defense were out of luck. One by one, they were broken, and one by one, then they were shot out, but the priests had already been prepared to fly out of these sects at the first moment, wrapped in a sword of light or a pike, and stabbed them at the first time.
On the contrary, the Shushan Sword Sect and the Jiulian Sword Sect are all disciples. The most powerful and indestructible sword repair attack is their own life. If they are not ready to use fencing roots, they don’t need to be involved in the aura of heaven and earth.
In an instant, the brothers of Maoshan and other sects suffered heavy casualties, but it was a relatively heavy casualty. The people of the Shushan Sword Sect were all in the same place, and the Vatican knew that it was not easy to offend and did not attack.
Days idle reality a full face of cold stare at the sight of ferocious papal priests in just a moment Kunlun sent several younger brothers who were relatively low in repair and were seriously injured. If it weren’t for the good effect of Kunlun elixir, several younger brothers would have been broken.
After a cold hum for a day, the idle reality finally became angry. One by one, the golden light flew out of the golden light and appeared instantly overseas. The face of a dust suddenly changed in horror and said, "It’s the seal of heaven, it’s the seal of heaven, it’s the seal of that bastard."
As soon as Jinyang heard the words "turn over the sky and seal the sky", he immediately sank his roots and didn’t expect Kunlun to be willing to take this baby out, which completely disrupted the people’s careful calculation and good plan.
Array Zhongtian idle reality a face of golden light looking at the sky constantly rotating BRICS magic weapon a life vitality fiercely spit it out. He is about to become Yuan Ying Quenching Dan’s later repair and use Kunlun Bao to turn over the seal of heaven. It’s still a little reluctant that this baby is a life-saving magic weapon given to him by Kunlun Palm Teaching. This time, I came to know clearly that some barbarians would have thought that it would be hard time so soon.
White heart if you don’t make it out of the Vatican, a few more powerful people, the Central Plains gate side may fall into a annihilated ending, so it would be a big shame to go out.
Chapter 126 Yin Tang is black
Chapter 126 Yin Tang is black
In a tingle, I immediately took out a satellite phone and put it through to Hades. I said, "The action is temporarily cancelled. Everyone stay put and tell Black Fox that he has brought back those two chicks to play. Don’t kill me. If you buy one million, you will have a breath. If you die, he won’t want a penny."
Cut off the words Jinyang suddenly a face of shadow, carefully planned for half a day, so he made a soup and was extremely uncomfortable at the moment.
The old monk floating in the holy light and wearing a black Phnom Penh robe became more and more serious when he saw the golden light spit out by the idle real person. His black bishop of the Holy See knew from more than ten years’ experience that the golden light was definitely a level with the Holy Hallows, perhaps more advanced than the Holy Hallows.
Tianxian real person is suspended in the middle like a man of god. Although it is a golden face, he is the only one who knows the real pain. Because he has just turned over the sky on impulse, this baby has not been made by the integration of other artifacts, and it still needs other bodies to rely on.
Looking at the sky, the golden light is getting bigger and bigger, and the real person sighs in his heart, "It’s really a famous instrument when sealing the gods. If you repair it a little more, you may be able to suck people dry."
Another life spurted out. The Kunlun Palm Sect taught him the spirit tactic before he left, but he was unfamiliar with it. Fortunately, although he was very unskilled, there was nothing wrong with it. The golden light flashed in the middle and slowly moved, feeling the general appearance of the palm Sect, and hurriedly made the remaining dozens of spirit tactic follow.
The seal of heaven finally sent out an attack. Thousands of golden lights with the thickness of meters suddenly shot to rest, and hundreds of them immediately shot at the hundreds of milky holy lights from the foot church building.
Those sacred beams also felt the danger and shot a few tens of feet thick holy light to resist, but that meters thick golden light root doesn’t care that the holy light will instantly break up when it is shot by golden light.
In an instant, a black bishop and several temple bishops made the foundation, and all believers in the whole United States had great faith, so it was broken in an instant.
Bishop Xinli dressed in black and several bishops of the Temple who presided over the divine operation immediately spit out a big mouthful of blood. One of the bishops of the Temple suddenly screamed, and a milky white flame was immediately sprayed in the seven holes. Several bishops who moved by the original serious injury method did not know where they got the strength and rolled to one side.
The joke actually led to the sacred flame in my heart, which was put out by the root method, even if it could be turned into ashes at once if it touched a little bit. Several bishops could naively watch the temple bishop vanish into nothingness.
However, the attack didn’t end there, and hundreds of other golden lights were shot at the priests accurately and quickly. Just as the priests were preparing to dodge, the golden lights suddenly disappeared and the priests suddenly became inexplicable.
At this time, a mass of golden light suddenly appeared in front of everyone, and suddenly white hair appeared. What did the body want to avoid? But in front of this golden light with a thickness of meters, the roots never dodged and there was no sound. Anyone who was shot in the priest’s body immediately became empty.
Only a few senior priests who had escaped from the scene were scared to death, including Carl. More than a dozen senior priests immediately screamed and flew to the west of new york. From here, they could get back to Vatican City as quickly as possible.