"Goodbye!" Han Fei also solemnly said

"Send you two!" Jiang tai once again a ritual way
The two men nodded and left quickly with their younger brothers.
And in the sea of rules
Mo Faxiang and Han Feifa, with their younger brothers, are also stepping away from returning to their own avenue.
Watching everyone take a deep breath away from Jiang Tai, "I have a long way to go as a Buddhist!"
"measure the longevity Buddha!" They nodded their heads in succession.
"But I didn’t think that the old descendant was him? Li Mubai the Sword God? " Mr resin eyebrows slightly wrinkled way
"oh? Sword god? " Jiang Tai slightly one leng.
"A peerless sword repair in ancient times!" Mr. corpse explained 1
Jiang Tai, look at Mr. Corpse. Seeing Mr. Corpse seems to be unwilling to say more and can also nod his head.
"You must have gained something this time. Why don’t you learn from each other and consolidate yourself? After a few days, talk about your gains and confirm each other?" Jiang Tai looked at the arhats and bodhisattvas.
"It’s the Buddha!" Everyone should answer.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-six Xuandu
The state of Jin is divided into three great countries: South Korea, Zhao and Wei.
There is a mountain in Wei called Yunmeng Mountain!
The cliffs around Yunmeng Mountain are steep and misty, just like the scenery of Xanadu remains the same.
There are a group of men and women in Yunmeng Mountain who are constantly moving and busy.
At the moment, Pang Juan, a soldier separated from the military commander, is on the alert and looks at the fog around him.
"Who? Come out! " Pang Juan eye dew surprised nu way
Pang Juan kept looking around but couldn’t find the person he wanted.
Pang Juan instantaneous to a group of men and women nearby "who are you? How did you get me here? How can I be here? "
Pang Juan stared at the men and women around.
Pang Juan came out of the Da Lei Yin Temple with more than 200 followers and found a place to stay for a while. Suddenly, he felt something in his heart and everything changed before he opened his eyes.
The original hut lost itself and went to a wide place surrounded by mountains and rivers.
How is that possible? You won’t be where you are in the blink of an eye? I’m also a soldier saint in the past. Who has such great means?
Pang Juan’s face was horrified.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah!" People caught around by Pang Juan speak with their mouths open.
"Are they all dumb?" Pang Juan face a change.
This group of people around are like servants here, but they are all dumb.
Pang Juan can’t hurt this group of servants at the moment. After all, I don’t know who got it and I didn’t know it. How bad should this person be here?
Pang Juan’s eyes are indecisive and searching around.
Not long after searching, I suddenly heard a reading in the distance.
"There are five thieves who see the heaven and do the best in heaven, and five evil intentions are implemented in Tianyu Zhou. Everything is born in the hand and everything is born in the body. People are also trying their best to make heaven and man, and it is also a day to send a murder, and the dragon and snake will send a murder, and the land will send a murder …!"
But it’s pronounced by two people together
Pang Juanma ran past, only to see that there were two people reading by a stream not far away. One was a teenager who looked like a mortal at the age of 17, and the other was a middle-aged man who looked like he was forty or fifty years old.
They are reading the volume carefully.
Pang Juan quietly and two people didn’t find it as if the roots were not repaired.
Pang Juan eyebrows slightly wrinkled and waited for a while, and they did not find it.
"Cough!" Pang Juan coughed lightly.
They finally found the horse, stopped reading and turned around.
Two people slightly one leng seems to stay the same, but soon they react.
"You are Pang Juan?" Juvenile mouth canal
"Do you know me? I’m Pang Juan. How can I be here? " Pang Juan face a lane change.
The two men looked at it and smiled. "Master has just been to Pang Juan, and you are lucky to be here in Yunmeng Mountain!"
"hmm? Who is your master? " Pang Juan eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
"Su Qin Guru Ghost Valley!" Juvenile mouth canal
"Zhang Yi has seen his younger brother!" Middle-aged male oral cavity
"Su Qin? Zhang Yi? " Pang Juan frowning slightly is obviously not heard.
"Let’s go, Master. See you, too. We’ll take you to Master!" Yi cheung laughed
Pang Juan was a grave nodded his head.
Ghost valley?
Pang Juan has heard from Sun Wu that the mysterious Ghost Valley is not obvious but not weak in strength.