Who avoid nature also didn’t think he would touch such a pervert in the first battle. You know, God beast relies on his own earth and peerless body, but he can cast a lot of occult techniques to fight more and more, and he can’t reveal what he is doing. His heart is also shocked. At this moment, he has no bottom for himself to win.

However, Wei Ji’s heart was horrified, but his face didn’t show anything. It was still a breeze, light clouds and light clouds. Everything didn’t hinder him. He didn’t worry and didn’t slow down. He stretched out his hand and threw his fist at Zhang Chengfeng and returned the gift. "Wei Ji met Zhang Daoxiong in the five elements of Zonggeng Gold!"
While speaking, Wei Ji’s eyes were not traced, and he carefully observed that Zhang took advantage of the wind to feather the snake. This feathered snake with a dragon head was three feet long, and the thick bucket was full of red and covered with fine scales the size of fingernails, which sparkled in the sun and presented a strange aesthetic feeling.
The wings behind the plumed serpent are not meat wings like feather dragons, white tigers, flying leopards and other beasts, but like birds like phoenix. They are also full-bodied and reddish, which makes them more light and have stronger flying ability, but these wings are not weak at all. Their red feathers are like steel spar, so you can see at a glance that tenacity is by no means a weakness of the other side.
It’s been many years since Wei Ji practiced the plough root method. How many times has the body been tempered and washed? Even he can’t count his own. His eyes are naturally tempered, and their sharpness is more than normal. Brother Wei Ji is observing himself. Suddenly Wei Ji found a discordant little point in the huge but seamless body of Feather Snake.
There are some differences in the color of a fine scale the size of a fingernail in the huge dragon’s head and jaw of a plumed snake. The other scales are not so red, but somewhat dim.
This discovery immediately let who avoid heart movement.
Feather, snake, body, beast, the top monks of human beings stand side by side in nature, and they have also been valued by human monks. Therefore, since ancient times, there have been countless studies on feather-snake classics. Wei Ji has a preference for reading because of his memory in his previous life. I dare not say all these classics, but nine times out of ten Wei Ji has read them.
The number of these ancient books and records is huge, which belongs to different monks in different periods. Naturally, there are many opinions and opinions that are quite different, and there are also many people who contradict each other and criticize each other. However, there is one thing in all the ancient books and records of Yu Yu Snake that is not questioned in common.
That is, the scales of the real god beast feathered snake will have five colors of pure blue, red, red, white and black, and there will never be any difference, because feathered snake is a pure five-element beast. If there is any difference, there is an explanation that this feathered snake is not a pure god beast feathered snake, but an ordinary spirit beast with feathered snake blood.
Chapter DiSiQiJiu psychological change
Chapter DiSiQiJiu psychological change
Feather snake Feather snake veins sound like little difference, but in fact they are worlds apart! It’s like a large clan and a medium sect, and the roots are not in the same level.
Who avoid suddenly found this secret heart is naturally a joy at once, but then its heart is quiet again, because he is not worried that he is wrong in the situation of fighting in the ring soon. After all, the slight difference in color is really an eye-catching thing.
Therefore, Wei Ji was even more absorbed. As a result, the result of this confirmation error made him happy as before. The color of that scale was indeed a little dim and not pure enough.
Feather snake is a natural animal with five elements, that is, with five elements. However, his five elements are not as slow to enter the country as a monk with five elements, because his five elements need to be awakened one by one, as if there were no such attributes before awakening, and the practice speed of feather snake is as soaring as a single spirit root among human monks.
When a quetzalcoatl awakens an attribute, it will grow into a wing to bless this attribute. The spell power can be said to have taken advantage of it. Of course, it will be very difficult for the corresponding quetzalcoatl to awaken the second attribute. It must awaken itself to the first attribute and realize the law.
At this time, although there are two attributes, the first attribute will not bother the practice of the second attribute, and the practice speed will soar.
The plumed serpent is colorful, but this kind of plumed serpent can be described as few books and records, and it is just two. Most others are one of the attributes of life awakening, but even so, it is enough to rank with the rest of the beasts.
Wei Ji, this feathered snake has a pair of red wings in front of him, which obviously awakens the attributes of the five elements of body fire. He should be seamless. Pure red is flawed, which means there is something wrong!
Although it is impossible to have such a complete dragon head in the veins of plumed snakes, it can also be explained in the ancient books. There is a situation in which an atavism, a spirit beast and a certain kind of blood are too strong. After some chances, atavism will occur and the image of this strong blood ancestor will be restored. Of course, this image restoration cannot be perfect, and there will always be some defects to show the difference between the two.
This kind of atavistic spirit beast is far more natural than the same kind, but it is far from the god beast, which is the product of Zhong Ling’s creation. If human beings don’t practice by themselves, they will always have a lot of scruples and fears when facing the god beast, but there is no such scruples when facing the blood of the god beast.
It is precisely because of this that there are not many real dragon slayers and phoenix slayers in all kinds of theories, but there are countless things to kill all kinds of god beast veins.
The word scruple is very simple, but it can often have a decisive impact in combat. When Zhang Chengfeng’s foot is mistaken for the real Quetzalcoatl, his heart is as heavy as if he were suddenly crushed by a big stone. If Zhang Chengfeng was then, he would take the initiative to launch an attack and exhibition battle. That guard taboo is not sure that it will be defeated, but it will definitely win.
Zhang Chengfeng’s heart is too greedy. He is too confident in his own feather snake according to his experience, so he wants to keep this situation going and deal an overwhelming blow to Wei’s heart, so that he can get twice the result with half the effort when fighting later, and generally disintegrate his opponent so that the rest of his cards can be kept more.
It’s a pity that he was wrong. Wei Ji has been struggling to hone his will all the way. It can be said that the longer it takes, the more time he has to think and explore.
It is precisely because Zhang has shown off the wind, or said that he has caused a general momentum of Taishan coping to Weiji. He has been staying in the virtual space not far in front of Weiji.
Generally speaking, that part of the jaw is invisible, which is why people can see through the real secret of his feathered snake. However, such a scene just allows Wei Ji to see here, and Wei Ji’s eyesight is far beyond ordinary people, which finally makes him discover the secret.
Zhang Chengfeng’s foot "feather snake" is false information. As soon as Wei Ji was confirmed, he immediately recovered his due charm and inner psychology. The original problems disappeared in an instant, and he regained his slack and was able to fight Zhang Chengfeng with a commanding momentum.
All these changes are completed in the heart of Wei Ji, while the external Wei Ji remains unchanged.
After Wei Ji’s words were finished, a little silence seemed to Zhang Chengfeng to be "shocked" by his own plumed snake. He was very generous and gave Wei Ji a silent look, but when he seemed to say something, he beat him to it.
"Teacher Wei, not to mention that I am a fake Dan, you are inferior to me. You are better than this plumed snake in my foot. I advise you to give up by the way! This also saves injuries! "
"Zhang Daoxiong not too confident! How capable can a mere animal be? " Who avoid is arrogant, where can I get this person arrogant in front of your face? At that time, I stabbed the temper.
As soon as this statement came out, Zhang Chengfeng’s face changed, but the angry color flashed and disappeared. At the same time, the virtual hovering plumed snake body also twisted strongly. A huge dragon mouth was also opened, and a rolling thunder roared in his throat, pouring out like a tidal wave and shaking it. If it weren’t for Zhang Chengfeng’s control, the plumed snake would fly.
The fourth chapter is the first battle
The fourth chapter is the first battle