In addition to two then reality dimly discernible peak younger brother took less than ten people.

"Look over there, it seems that it’s a dimly discernible peak. I didn’t expect to bring so many people."
"It’s good to be here. I heard that the dimly discernible peak in Dongling Valley was weakened after World War I, and the younger brother of Zhuji was almost dead."
"Well, it is estimated that there is almost no dimly discernible peak for a lively four-list competition."
Xuanyi and LiuHui two people walk down the strip and vaguely hear the expressions around them.
However, several younger brothers behind them showed their anger in succession.
"These guys are really talking nonsense. Brother Ji is a five-pulse foundation and will definitely win a position in the spirit list." The speaker is round as if a ball is just a dimly discernible peak chubby.
Brother Zhong Ji, a chubby mouth, is famous for his slender hands and feet in a gray robe.
Ji Chengtian was originally one of the three elder brothers of Dimly discernible Peak and the only lucky brother in Dongling Valley during World War I.
Three years ago, Ji was still a four-vein foundation.
Three years later, Ji Chengtian’s cultivation realm has reached five veins, and Zhu Ji is a younger brother and the most powerful person.
Ji heard Xiao pang’s words all day, but he smiled bitterly, and there was a shade in his eyes
The first person who was originally honored as a younger brother is expected to break through to the six veins and build a foundation. Qin Yu has fallen into the Dongling Valley.
Today, besides him, the strongest cultivation in the dimly discernible peak is the three-pulse foundation.
There are not even four veins in the clan to build a younger brother
That is to say, this time, Zongmen is bigger than others except him, and there is little hope for the number of places on the spiritual list.
There is still some hope for Fubang dimly discernible peak.
Leng Ruan Fu-you has achieved a great deal, and he has become the strongest Fu-you among his younger brothers!
In the alchemy, refining device …
Although Zongmen each sent a younger brother to come, it was also impossible to take part in the list of Dan and Qi.
Xue Yi said lightly, "If Teacher Su is still alive, his ability will be listed."
Hearing the words "Teacher Su" dimly discernible peak, everyone was silent and sighed.
Two then reality XuanYi and LiuHui also show regret gently shook his head.
Ji Chengtian and others have complicated feelings for Su Mo.
Three years ago, in the first world war, if Su Mo hadn’t killed the bleeding crow palace, the young master sacrificed himself and led away most of the monks in the bleeding crow palace, which made the other side lose their footing and they would have died in Dongling Valley!
Cold, soft, low eyebrows, drooping eyes, cold eyes, but a touch of sadness passed by.
"Cheer up!"
XuanYi gently drink a way: "Xue Yi, on the one hand, you came here to see the Senate clan, but more importantly, you saw the first refiner in a week."
"Not bad"
Liu Hui, the first seat of Fufeng, nodded, "It is said that this Mr. Mo will be more involved in the review of the refining process. If you can understand one or two things from Mr. Mo’s comments, it will be worth ten years of hard work!"
Xue Yi nodded heavily.
Many refiners in Zhou territory have an almost blind worship for Mo Ling, and so does Xue Yi.
It seems to him that the rise of Mo Ling is just like a miracle.
Since ancient times, no refiner has been able to customize the extremely clever device like Mo Ling!
Every refiner wants to see what Chinese Mohism is like.
On this day, the morning sun rises in the city, and people are already buzzing.
Large and small clans add up to a thousand monks, even more.
At first glance, a sea of people crowded in the long streets and alleys, forming a stream of people rushing to the southwest corner of the city.
Today is the big day for Zongmen.
Every time Zongmendabi is located in the southwest corner of Wangcheng, there is a huge open space that can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people.
The guards of the three major cities, Red Vulture Guards, Green Falcon Guards and White Harrier Guards, were dispatched to ride their own spirits and beasts to maintain street discipline.
Except for some scattered repairs, most of the clans are led by then real people.
In the middle of the square, there is a square sinking area to participate in Zongmen. Brother Dabi decides the final winner on the alchemy, refining device and symbol in this sinking area.
In the four corners of the sinking area, four huge jade pillars stand as white as ivory with mysterious luster.
These four jade pillars represent the spirit, the charm, the Dan and the utensil respectively, that is, Zongmen is bigger than the four lists!
Each Yuzhu has ten places.
That is to say, the four jade pillars will reveal 40 names after the end of the Zongmen competition, that is, the Zongmen competition is bigger than the final winner!
There are four sides in the sinking area, and three of them are watching the war area. The monks of the ancestral gates are watching the ancestral gates.
The last side of the area is covered with a golden carpet, and at the end of the 999 steps is a noble throne!
This is a big Sunday seat!
There are several rows of seats on both sides of the golden carpet, and the desktop is filled with Lingguo Xiantao nectar and jade, which exudes fragrance.
These seats are all prepared by real people from various schools.