In situ, Wei Ya jumped up and down, and the "gang Mao" was hard to touch one by one. Later, I caught a glimpse of a gap. I leaned over a small path paved with bluestone and buckled a slate half a foot wide. In Wei Ya’s hand, I rushed to Geng Pingnan, who was close at hand, without saying anything, and took the slate all the way to his head.

Wei Ya said angrily while fighting with hooligans.
"Your ya! You know what a bitch is? Without you, you have to come out and find a fight. It’s called being a bitch. Being a bitch is a bitch. "
The sight of the slate flying and the blood flying everywhere made the audience dumbfounded. Is this a duel between practitioners? It’s a street fight between hooligans! The senior master was beaten by a junior in broad daylight. This time Geng Pingnan’s face was completely lost.
After thinking about it, many people looked at Wei Ya, and their eyes gradually changed from disdain and disdain to caution.
"Hey two please stop it! Don’t hurt the gas. "
Wei Ya sprinkled Huan for such a long time, even if Meng Liang, who was responsible for maintaining the order of the district, was dereliction of duty and got the report, Liu Tie, the general manager, finally came here.
Wei Ya has changed to the fourth stone slab. When he heard Liu Tieyin, he smiled and put the weapon and said
"It’s okay that’s ok we very amiable! This old-timer just had to correct a younger generation’s fighting skills on the spot, and you also know that the elder has a life. If it’s not good to refuse, I’d rather be respectful! "
Wei Ya, a witness at the scene, can still turn right from wrong with a red mouth and a white teeth, and his attitude is extremely sincere. This situation really makes everyone present speechless.
It seems that the thickness of Wei Ya’s face has increased since he was not a gangster. I believe that according to this exhibition, someone will have great potential to enter politics and become a dark horse in the future. Even now, his invulnerability and invulnerability of the golden mask will definitely be ten times more profound than that of the "golden bell"
"well! Is this really the case with Geng Guanzhu? "
Almost being screwed up, Liu Tie gave Wei Ya a hard stare, but continued to speak along with his words.
You can ask Geng Pingnan. Tell him personally if he was beaten with a brick by a younger generation who was over a hundred years younger than himself, and the result was that his head was broken. God! Even if Geng Pingnan is shameless, he can’t afford to lose this person! When said falteringly
"It might as well be a mistake at the moment."
"Ha ha ha ha"
There was a lot of laughter all around, and Geng Pingnan was still trying to put on a sage-like posture with a pair of panda eyes, and his heart was already full of hatred for Wei Ya.
The fifth volume Section 5 The honored guest is full of customers
Although Liu Tie, who has been a monk since childhood, was introduced by Zongmen to be in charge of Hualian Binhai Branch, he also hung around in the secular world for many years afterwards. How can he not see Wei Ya’s doorway? He just doesn’t expose it.
Liu Tie Gherardini looked at the face of death, and Geng Pingnan comforted and said.
"In that case, Geng Guan-zhu had better heal early! Hmm! So Geng Guanzhu is trying to correct the younger generation, so what are you here, team leader Meng? "
Meng Liang had been stunned by Xu Keer’s intimacy with Wei Ya. This would have woken up long ago. Liu Tie was not only the highest person in charge of Hualian in Binhai, but also the master of Meng Liang’s peers. At this moment, he was asked by Liu Tie that his head was just a pair of fierce and fearless. Meng Liangyi was frustrated and murmured.
"settle a little personal vendetta with others"
Liu Tie will move the line of sight from staircase negative hand laughed.
"This is the place to solve your personal grievances? Have you forgotten your identity and responsibilities? When the tea party is over, you can go back to the mountain and repent for a year! "
Cut the gordian knot to resolve the dispute. Liu Tie turned to the crowd around and said,
"Today is a great day for the Chinese New Year tea party. Liu was entrusted by Chairman Sun to treat all the distinguished guests who came from afar on behalf of his old man’s house. He made hasty preparations in advance. If there is any carelessness, please forgive me. This matter is over and the tea party is about to fight. Please return to your seats!"
Seeing the big Boss Liu Tie dialect, the guests are very welcome to return to the restaurant in twos and threes. Naturally, they can’t discuss it. Today, Wei Ya, a very conspicuous young man, unfortunately fell into the laughing stock of Geng Pingnan.
The tea party order was brought back under control. Liu Tie relaxed a lot and smiled and waved at Wei Ya.
"Hehe, come and walk with me"
Deliberately behind the half step distance Wei Ya courtesy attitude let Liu Tie feel a little surprised, he immediately laughed
"As the saying goes, courtesy demands something from others. You should not ask me for this, should you?"
Upon hearing this, Wei Ya stretched out his hand and scratched his head and said with a hey hey smile
"You just cut me some slack. You should be polite."
Liu Tie walked slowly forward and said.
"It’s a good thing that young people have momentum. Everyone is as dead as an old man like me. The world is not too interesting! I seem to have heard that you had a friction with the senior figures of the East Demon League some time ago? "
I don’t know what Liu Tieqi meant by this matter. Wei Ya thought carefully and replied
"In fact, it’s no big deal! Xiong Baichuan attacked me with a group of killers, and as a result, things fell apart. I killed all the killers and there was a little conflict. "
Liu Tie nodded slightly and patted Wei Ya on the shoulder and said
"Don’t give me eye drops when the representative of Huidong Yaolian appears!"
Wei Ya nodding said
"It’s natural that Xiong Baichuan and I have already solved the holiday, and it’s not necessary to associate with the East Demon."
Eyes glanced at the side rear Liu Tie abrupt laughed and said.
"That’s very good. The little girl behind her is young but she walks with a firm but gentle face. Like a little hedgehog, she is the old brother of Qiyun Mountain’s cool breeze, right? She’s been following you for a long time. It seems that if I don’t let you go, someone will come over and criticize me. Hahahaha. "
The other Wei Ya’s spirit came to Liu Tie to fight. Until now, he didn’t notice that Xu Keer was here and said with a wry smile.
"You’re joking. The younger generation will leave first."
Liu Tielang laughed and waved his sleeves and said
"Ha ha ha ha go ahead and I won’t bother you young people!"
From Liu Tie’s side away from Wei Ya, he stretched out his hand and wiped his forehead with a layer of fine sweat. He quickly came to Xu Keer with a relieved look.
Although Liu Mi talks and laughs informally, Wei Ya feels like being in a dormant crater by his side. The great pressure makes him clearly understand the gap between himself and this contemporary first-class master.
China’s habitual power is divided into heaven, earth, Xuan, Huang, Yu, Zhou, Hong and Huang, and each level is subdivided. Wei Ya estimates that Liu Tie’s strength is less at the level of Yu. If he admits that he has reached the standard of Huang, Wei Ya will never doubt the truth of this statement.
Xu Kerr took out a handkerchief and handed it to Wei Ya who was wiping sweat. Wei Ya shook his head and sighed and said
"shout! This secret Liu is horrible enough. I’m afraid his strength is not as good as those old monsters called reality. "
In a good mood, Xu Keer ignored Wei Ya and sighed and said