the other side

See the Xuan robe man appear Gu Xi and Ji Yaoxue relieved.
Ji Yaoxue clapped her hands and laughed. "Hee hee, this elder still showed up."
Gu Xi said, "With him coming back to the virtual battlefield and worrying about me to stabilize the battlefield of Yuanying, this robbery should be able to pass."
"My father will not go if he looks at me over there." Ji goblin winked.
Gu Xi nodded, pulled out a mask from the bag, stretched out his hand and wiped his face, and suddenly changed a person to go to the battlefield.
An old man in the depths of Yuanda Zhou Wangcheng suddenly opened his eyes and his eyebrows flashed, flying out of a palm-sized glowing villain.
Yuan Shen out-of-body experience!
The luminous little man exudes a mysterious force fluctuation.
Divine knowledge pervades.
After a little, the luminous villain flew back to the old man’s eyebrows and disappeared.
The old man spat out a sigh of relief and whispered, "I didn’t expect it to be him back. It’s not the kui that the first day of the big Zhou territory has not been seen for thousands of years."
Dimly discernible peak
The mysterious robe man looked around and saw the look of corpses everywhere, but there was no fluctuation. He simply said, "Dimly discernible peak is really not so lively for a long time."
Hearing this sentence, Xuan Yi and others further confirmed the identity of this person.
Sue ink secretly frown.
No matter how you look at this mysterious robe man, it seems that he is closely related to the misty peak, and it seems that he used to be the monk of the misty peak!
But this person Su Mo did not feel a little emotional fluctuation and a little emotional expression.
Even if I saw so many monks of dimly discernible peak, the man didn’t respond.
Indifferent, cold-blooded, affectionate.
This is the first feeling that Xuan robe man gave Su Mo.
A thousand years ago …
Sue ink in the heart in a surprised mind flashed a light thought of a person.
The first time I heard about this man was through the bad old man.
Then Lei Yin Valley listened to the crane predecessors for a few words.
This man is the master of Xuan Jin Si Jia!
Once upon a time, the northern territory was built on the base, and then the enemy was able to stand out!
When this man worships the misty peak, he breaks through the bitter array. The way is to kill everyone he sees!
This man is indifferent and extreme, and he was closed in the valley of Lei Yin as soon as he showed signs of possession.
It is this person who got the Taixulei formula in the ancient battlefield and left it in Xuanjinsijia for the right person.
Later, this person fell into the devil’s way and rebelled from the clan!
A thousand years ago, the terror was strong!
Now he’s back!
Yunxiao, including the Blood Crow Palace Master, five strong men returning to the virtual environment, each of whom looked dignified and finally looked at the Xuan robe man.
This person five people felt a dangerous breath.
A few Taoist priests at the Palace View in Houbixia squinted their eyes and held their fists. "Dare you ask this Taoist friend the name of the sect to intervene in this matter again?"
Xuanpao man turned his eyes and looked at Taoist Jing and said slowly, "You deserve to know my name, too?"
After saying his word, Xuan robe man’s eyebrows are bright and generate gives a lotus flower!
A breath of terror suddenly broke out.
Blood crow palace master and others have retreated in horror.
Then several eyes watched the head of Taoist Jing suddenly burst like a watermelon, and Yuan Shen failed to escape!
A strong man who has returned to the virtual environment has fallen like this!
The dimly discernible peak is as silent as a bird’s death.
This is really cruel and decisive!
The town killed a Taoist Xuanpao man who returned to emptiness and felt his eyes fell on him. The expression on his face was as cold as frost.
Chapter four hundred and fourteen Shura
Four Taoist priests who returned to the void were left in the personal meteorite of Bixia Gongjing Road, and their hair stood on end with horror.
The face of the Lord of the Blood Crow Palace became extremely difficult, staring at the Xuan robe man with gloomy eyes and a faint green light.