She’s not an ordinary gas refining monk. How could she not notice the two eyes behind her?

Fortunately, those two eyes didn’t take malice and didn’t let the mystery hair rise at first.
Aware of Xuanji’s distraction, the opponent immediately deceives Xuanji and Xuanji slightly leans his head to avoid the other side’s Ling Lijianfeng.
"I’ve heard of you. Your name is Xuanji, right? I heard that you won the first place on the ladder with Jian Xing Han and those three people. Now they have already refined the gas layer. In the gas refining group, you are still refining the gas for seven layers. Aren’t you ashamed?" The opponent of Mystery tries to distract Mystery by talking to Mystery while fighting against Mystery.
Mystery unmoved, "what about you? You shouldn’t be the same monk who climbed the ladder with the three of us. Since you are older than us, why are you like me? You still stay in the seventh floor of refining gas, and don’t go. "Mystery said it with a smile and directly stabbed each other’s lungs.
"You, don’t be too arrogant, my horse will also refine the gas layer. The strength is by no means comparable to yours!" Seven layers of refined gas sword repair by mystery said heart instability way
"Will? You are not my opponent now. Will you be able to defeat after that? Don’t be your big dream in the Spring and Autumn Period. "Mystery sneers.
Qi-refining Seven-layer Sword Xiu was angry and said, "You said that I can’t compete with the cold of the sword star, but if I can’t compete with you, I haven’t practiced for so long!"
Sword star cold is the gas refining layer, but he is normal, but the mystery is that the gas refining layer is seven and he is the same order. The monk said that he is not her opponent, so it is not too small to look down on him.
Think of this refined gas seven-layer sword, and the sword in the hand will become more and more sharp, aiming at the mysterious other.
Mystery looked at spread out hand dust "pa" to 13000 dust silk smoke refining gas seven-layer sword repair face straight to each other’s face red and swollen bloodshot and dizzy.
This recruit stamina is bigger than the mystery thought. The seven-layer sword Xiu Yi was blinded by the mystery.
"You dare to hit me? How dare you hit me in the face! " The other party can’t believe looking at mystery way
"Incredibly dare to prepare for the female face-shaving hand" mysterious sneer at a way.
"Well done, this kind of blunt female face repair will not give him a face." The female practitioners in the challenge were indignant.
Although it is not a big problem to destroy the female face in the fairy world, it can be cured by Dan medicine, but it is difficult to leave a shadow in my heart.
There are very few women who don’t like beauty, even in other fatal positions, and they don’t rush their hands to make people angry.
Qi-refining Seven-layer Jian Xiu didn’t care when he was facing the mysterious face until he was dusted by the mysterious face. Even if he couldn’t hear the sound, the monks in Taiwan could see their applause expressions. Qi-refining Seven-layer Jian Xiu’s face rose to pig liver color.
"You’re jealous of the cold sword star, aren’t you? He’s younger than you, his qualifications are higher than you, and his cultivation speed is faster than you. Ask yourself which point can compare with his cold sword star and you’re still registered."
Mystery words remind Jian Xiu of the seven-layer gas refining competition. Before the gas refining competition, Jian Xing Han Xiu and he were both seven layers of gas refining. At that time, he was very angry in his heart and wanted to beat Jian Xing Han, a newcomer.
But who would have thought that just as the gas refining competition was about to begin, Jian Xing Han was directly assigned to the gas refining group from the seven layers of gas refining to the gas refining layer?
If that’s the case, forget about the sword star cold. After all, it’s a new gas refining layer. Maybe it can’t even pass the first round of the competition. But without the sword star cold, instead of being defeated as he imagined, it killed all the way to the fourth round of the competition. Now it’s also the champion of the gas refining group.
Compared with the sword star cold, he is also a champion. First, this champion is not happy at all.
In particular, fighting with him for the mystery of the champion and being cold with the sword star made him sarcastic.
I didn’t expect that he had no words to hurt the mystery, but his heart was opened by the mystery.
The fighting spirit retreated from the spirit-refining seven-layer sword to cultivate one’s morality, and was completely suppressed by the imposing manner of the Xuan fuselage. One careless move, he was directly swept to the edge of the ring by a mysterious dust-blowing roll of Gollum.
He wants to fight again, but he can’t afford to be brave in his heart-he’s no match for Kenyon Cold, so forget it. After all, Kenyon Cold is a gas refining layer, but he’s no match for mystery.
The challenge failed, and the Seven-layer Sword Repair of Gas Refining was sent out of the challenge ring. After winning the challenge, he immediately sat cross-legged and meditated, and quickly returned to his physical strength.
There is a huge spirit to help operate the Xuan body. It can be said that the time is not absorbing the aura. This time, the opponent did not play his own strength. The consumption of aura in this body is not large.
For physical recovery, you need to eat a lot.
It can be said that the ring owners also have physical exercises and need to supplement enough food, otherwise their physical strength roots will not be restored.
Chapter 79 Chapter 79
When the red and white butterflies dispersed, a few people who had competed with Mystery appeared in front of Mystery and Law.
It’s still a butterfly with black hair and a red and white robe, and the red and white butterflies are wrapped around him. It’s really snowy.
Instantaneous mystery reminds me that sarira’s eyes are red
"Uncle Fabuer, why is he here?" There are two ways to ask the mystery.
"Have you seen it before? Snow-stained clothes are one of Bai Yujing’s teachers, although people are very out of tune." Fabu explained to Mystery.
"Yes, I’m a teacher named Bai Yujing, who specializes in teaching brothers how to make methods. I can accept you for the sake of our previous fate." Xue Zhanyi smiled and told the mystery as if they had never been unhappy.
However, it is neither a mystery to refuse to agree, but an eyeful of disgust to wait until the snow is stained with clothes.
"Can teacher Bai Yujing, the uncle of Fabuer, kill each other?" There are two ways to ask the mystery.
When I heard the mystery asking, my mind quickly understood that I was afraid that the mystery would hit the snow-stained clothes and Prajna entanglements. "The snow-stained clothes are an exception. He and Prajna are willing to fight and get …"
The mystery behind the words can’t be listened to, but the mystery didn’t rush to impulse. Compared with the vast strength of snow-stained clothes, she is now at most a drop of water. It is the mystery that pulled Rafa’s clothes, hiding behind Faber and asking, "Uncle Faber, what about my game?" Can you be bullied by this big one? "
"You really dare to say, I’m a refined gas seven-layer repair where to bully you against you." Snow stained clothes and winked at Mystery. I didn’t expect Mystery’s hostility to him to last so long.
"No matter how much effort you have made to destroy the gas refining competition, if it is true, those brothers’ compensation will be deducted directly from your monthly salary. If you are satisfied with his punishment?" Method not only ask mystery way
"Well, thank you, Martial Uncle Fa Buer, for upholding justice. Well, this Martial Uncle, you can retreat." The mystery first smiled at Fa Buer and then directly said to the snow-stained clothes with a cold face.
Snow-stained clothes feel unfair. "What makes me grateful but not me?"
If this isn’t Bai Yujing, do you think he will accept the punishment?
Just at this moment, the powder and yellow fog in the kung fu ring spread out and then appeared in front of everyone. It was a scene in which Soft Beauty Xiu was knocked to the ground by mystery.
Mystery slaps a hand in the hands of a soft beauty to cultivate one’s morality, feeling hard and full of disgust. "This martial uncle, if you really want to be a female practitioner, at least you can soften your chest a little. Thanks to you, you are still practicing the road, and you can’t even compare with the camouflage of your seniors."
Snow stained clothes are far worse than Yin Shitong’s complete transformation into a woman.