"Is this man wearing a magic weapon in his palm?"

The wall broke into an exclamation.
The shock has not yet dispersed, and the battlefield has changed!
"Give me death!"
Long Dao shattered four masters, but instead of retreating, he growled and lunged forward before taking a step!
"There is a blade in the knife!"
Swallow of eyes flashing light shout a.
They looked intently at four take charge of the hand is still holding a sword handle perfect black looks like a broken blade.
It turns out that there is another broken blade hidden in the long knife of Si Dangjia!
If Su Mo hadn’t shattered this long Dao, no one would have noticed this broken blade!
This change is beyond Su Mo’s expectation.
Watching this black broken blade stab Su Mo’s consciousness out of his palm to catch it.
Palm just black broken blade collision Su Mo look a change!
Su Mo was shocked. "This broken blade can hurt Violet!"
You know, although he is a five-fold Xuanyuan, violet is indestructible, and almost no Xuanjie magic weapon can hurt him!
And the four masters have a broken blade in their hands, which is an abandoned magic weapon but pierces his palm!
At the same time, bronze just came to a familiar vibration.
"This broken blade is a psychic magic weapon!"
Su Mo’s mind flashed this idea.
But when he realized this, the black sword had pierced his palm.
At this time, even if he offered the supernatural powers such as Tianzutong again, it would be too late to hide from this black sword!
Four take charge of the face reveals a conspiratorial smile.
When he got this broken blade, he regarded it as a treasure.
Although this black broken blade is an abandoned magic weapon, it has been broken, but the remaining half is still extremely sharp!
You can easily cut off the magic weapon of high-order Xuanjie!
But after all, the black broken blade of this handle is limited in power, and it can be unexpected.
The four masters tried their best to hide this black broken blade in a long knife and carry it with them.
Over the years, the black broken blade has repeatedly made outstanding achievements.
Everyone who has seen the black broken blade is dead!
Four masters can see clearly that the black broken blade has punctured the palm of Su Mo’s hand.
Even if this person has any card means, he can completely abolish this person’s palm!
Firestone Sumo urges Yuan Shen to release a secret method directly!
The whole person flashed and disappeared from the original place!
Four master pupils suddenly contracted by one!
The blue monk in front of him disappeared with a strange omen!
"This … how is it possible!"
The black broken blade in the hands of the four masters stabbed the whole person in the same place!
There is nothing there.
Four masters is a battle-hardened, but I have never seen such a situation!
Is this a ghost?
At one point, he was dazzled by himself.
Then four take charge of mind flashed another confusion.
Where did this man disappear?
The whole battlefield seems to suddenly fall into silence.
Even the city walls are noisy, as if they disappeared in this moment.
Four take charge of haven’t come up with the answer, not far from the other side, three take charge of suddenly staring at his eyes and looking behind him as if he saw something terrible.
Three take charge of opened his mouth and moved as if to say something to wake him up.
But it’s too late.
Four master ears heard a familiar sound calm and cold!
"You want my hand, I will kill you!"