If we know that Sunday is not what it can handle, then the wolf king will naturally be unable to go to Sunday again and desperately.

Retreat; Flying back this time is a failure. Let your own wolves block the first person on Sunday. The wolf king took his cronies and was ready to escape at that time.
There is no need to worry about firewood in the green hills; Although this action has made the strength of wolves ten to seven, it is still top among the monsters in this area. If you add the last life, the wolf king is sure to stabilize his territory in the case of his defeat.
Do not lose the site; According to the maximum reproductive capacity of wolves for many years; The wolf king was able to form a large-scale wolf pack again. Even if he wanted to restore his current power, it would only take more than ten years. Although this was not the result that the wolf king wanted, he still gave the wolf king some chances to make a comeback. This is better than losing nothing in the end.
Half the wolves fly back; Half of the wolves stayed to stop the enemy, as if they knew what it meant to be left behind. Generally, those wolves who left the wolf roots never thought about living, but they were desperate, even if they were unable to hurt Sunday and others. But in those crazy attacks by wolves, it also seriously hindered the actions of Sunday and others, and finally there was no way to get close to the wolf king
If there is no change; Then there should be no problem for the Wolf King to get away. After all, there are so many wolves and wolves who cover Sunday, and they are intentional to stop the Wolf King from escaping, and they don’t have the ability.
But isn’t it necessary for the wolf king to get out without variables? What are the variables; A preparation for an accident can become a variable. I never believe in God’s will on any Sunday. I never thought that I would rely on God’s will to keep the Wolf King.
Although I didn’t expect the final war to turn into what it is today before Sunday, I really had some preparations in advance, at least I secretly ambushed an ambush on Sunday. At this time of the eye, it is time to play its role.
Hu’s heart willow demon; Being the first demon servant on Sunday was powerful, but it had to be abandoned and repaired because of the whitewashing of his identity on Sunday. Now, although there is help; However, the strength of the evil willow demon is far less than that of the former root, so it is impossible to help Sunday too much.
People are very realistic; If the strength of the willow demon is still there; I am afraid that I will take it with me every day on Sunday with such a super thug; God, Zhou is still in Heifengling. Hun can go directly to a more prosperous place to enjoy it.
But since the strength of the eye-catching willow demon is damaged, its help to Sunday is not very great. Although it is impossible to abandon it on Sunday for such a reason, if it is not necessary; On Sunday, however, it is rarely associated with the willow demon in the usual words; On Sunday, most of them just throw the evil willow demon in it and ignore it while it is practicing and waiting for it to recover; On Sunday, there will be one more trump card in hand.
Once against the earthworm monster beast; The performance of the willow demon in Hu’s heart made Sunday very disappointed. Who saw the original prestige? When a monster beast became capable of killing opponents with a single blow, it could be easily defeated. For such a result; Even with psychological preparation, it is impossible to accept it easily, right?
It is precisely because of the performance of the willow demon in front of the heart that Sunday was too negligent to look at the reason. On Sunday, when it came, it was never how to connect with the willow demon in the heart, but it was not regarded as his confidant.
That is, because the ability of the willow demon in the heart of Hu is very strong when dealing with enemies with weaker strength than himself, it was Sunday that the willow demon in the heart of Hu was summoned when the wolves came to attack
Wolves are the most powerful and convenient because of their huge population. At ordinary times, one wolf can’t cope with his opponent. They can win the battle with ten horses and hundreds of horses together. On Sunday, it is natural to know the characteristics of the wolves, and others have not noticed the situation. Call out the evil willow demon at that time.
After all, it is very common to collect demon servants in the fix-true world, but few people know this situation. I don’t want to explain the identity of the willow demon on Sunday when I don’t want to cause misunderstanding. I didn’t want to move this move of the willow demon.
But the eye wolf king wants to escape; Then I won’t care so much on Sunday
The fact that the Wolf King wants to go on Sunday and they try to stop it does not mean that they did not leave the Wolf King’s strength on Sunday. Go out alone on Sunday; It is already strong enough to keep the wolf king.
However, it is because those wolves have blocked their actions on Sunday that they are inseparable from the Wolf King on Sunday.
And what is the most powerful ability of the willow demon eye? What kind of combat is the most suitable for exerting ability? This mess is not just suitable for the willow demon to exert its ability to control those wolves; The wolf king is like a tiger without teeth, but if you want them to chase on Sunday, they will definitely be killed on Sunday.
Whether the willow demon has that ability; At this time of Sunday, I have no idea to think about it. When I see the Wolf King getting farther and farther away; On Sunday, he directly sent an order to the willow demon in the heart of Hu, and asked whether the willow demon in the heart of Hu could really do it. That is not the case now. Sometimes I think about it on Sunday.
Hu’s heart willow demon is still satisfied with his present life, although he has made little progress; However, actually, every day, the willow demon can feel that its strength is growing, and the plant nature also makes the willow demon happy to be quiet and unwilling to move. Although it has been in the middle, the willow demon is not dissatisfied with the master on Sunday. The willow demon is satisfied with this Sunday command; Hu Xin Liu Shu Yao will naturally do it seriously.
Because the talent ability of the willow demon in Hu’s heart is activated, the root method is used to see the reason until the talent ability of the willow demon in Hu’s heart is activated; It was really unclear just Sunday until the ability of the willow demon appeared; On Sunday, it was only at that time that I found that the willow demon in the heart was silent; I have already done what I want it to do.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Pursuit
It’s not clear how strong the control ability of the willow demon is, even if it’s afraid of it. Anyway, when the talent ability of the willow demon is activated; At that time, I was desperately trying to stop the wolves on Sunday, and suddenly I stopped and stayed where I was; There is no intention to stop them from moving forward on Sunday.
This sudden change of wolves is only known on Sunday, but others are not aware of it at all. On Sunday, it was already to tidy up those wolves.
Of course; You won’t say anything about the willow demon on Sunday, even if you know what those wolves will do like this, you don’t want to explain a meaning to others on Sunday, just when those wolves no longer hinder you; On Sunday, it was chased in the direction of the Wolf King’s departure.
The same time; Sunday’s same action people include Li Yuanba and other people who first entered Sunday’s martial arts school. Although I don’t know why those wolves will suddenly stop acting, they know that they don’t have the ability to fight the wolf king and then run to die; It’s better to stay in the rear and kill those wolves.
Finally, in such a situation; One minute and two weeks later, a group of people chased the wolf king away, but the Li family fighters stopped with another group of people to kill the wolves who were motionless.
It is impossible for those people to think; The reason why those wolves won’t resist is because they are controlled by the willow demon in Hu’s heart, but the willow demon in Hu’s heart will help them because it ordered them to leave on Sunday. Those people with the heart willow demon won’t be connected. It’s not easy for them to leave on Sunday if they want the heart willow demon to help them. The wolves immediately recovered, and as soon as they acted again, they immediately caught the samurai off guard, if it wasn’t for the wolf’s strength; It’s not impossible to be afraid that this sudden attack will kill those who want to pick up bargains.
The rear situation didn’t stop Sunday, to be honest; Sunday’s performance for those people is also quite critical. The Wolf King hasn’t killed his eyes yet. At this time, it’s hard to break up the wolves if he doesn’t kill the Wolf King this time. In the future, it is not easy to kill the wolf king again. There is such a good chance that those people don’t pursue but think about killing those wolves in the rear. On Sunday, it is natural to know that after the war, holding those wolf corpses can be exchanged for rewards, but those people’s performance is that they don’t like it on Sunday, combined with the action of the willow demon eye S and self-action; Finally, Sunday didn’t say much.
According to the strength of those wolves behind, it is impossible to pose a threat to the gathering point. The civilians behind Zhou Tiangen are worried about this situation; Zhou Tiangen didn’t want to stop when he heard the screams from the rear, staring at the back of the Wolf King. On Sunday, with his brothers, he hung firmly behind it.
At the beginning; When he found Sunday, the Wolf King also thought about stopping Sunday from coming. When he found Sunday, he sent many wolves to stop Sunday.
But in the end, the Wolf King’s action didn’t work. The willow demon made it impossible for those wolves to successfully carry out the Wolf King’s order. Whenever they stared at Sunday and prepared to bite, they would always lose consciousness for no reason until those wolves recovered. Generally don’t die at that time; Have also been far behind them on Sunday.
Several experiments not only failed to stop Sunday successfully, but also lost a group of hand wolf kings themselves. At that time, they also learned their roots and stopped having too much contact with money and days. They kept running forward and wanted to speed up Sunday.
Really don’t say; Wolf king that practice is really played a Sunday run is not slow; However, how can two U-shaped people compare with four U-shaped wolves? The wolf king is more familiar with this area, no matter from what aspects. The situation is unfavorable to Sunday; As a result, although it was hard to chase on Sunday, it was still thrown farther and farther by the wolf king. All the wolves disappeared into the sight of Sunday.
Li Yuanba they will follow; It’s because of following Sunday’s action. Now that the wolves have disappeared in Li Yuanba, they naturally have no other moves. After stopping, they look at Sunday and see the situation. It’s after Sunday that they make up their minds that they decide on their next move.
"Do you know where those wolves’ nests are?"
Hear Sunday questions; Li Yuanba’s expressions became very strange after several people looked at each other, but in the end, no matter what was in their hearts; Since Sunday asked Li Yuanba, they dared not answer.
"Back to the master; We know that the wolves live in this area, but we don’t know exactly where the wolves’ lair is. The monster beast in this area does not have that group of wolves and monsters, and we have no ability to probe deeply into the situation inside until now. For the situation near our gathering point; We are not very clear. "
Although I never thought about relying on Li Yuanba to show the way from a week ago, after listening to Li Yuanba’s words; For Li Yuanba, they control the strength of that gathering point, but they have deepened their impression. Anyway, there is only one situation; Weak strength, small territory, no future …
Li Yuanba don’t know the wolves’ lair on Sunday, so he won’t ask more questions. Anyway, Sunday is not without leaving a room for manoeuvre. The wolf king wants to be so simple, so he will dump himself. It’s not so easy.
"Come out!"
As the voice fell on Sunday; On Sunday, a willow tree not far from them suddenly changed into a héng person and walked towards them on Sunday.
When you see the willow demon in Hu’s heart; At that time, Li Yuanba and them were shocked. They were not very clear about the situation of the fix-true world. In Li Yuanba’s cognition; The shemale is a deadly enemy; It is impossible for both sides to coexist peacefully at the sight of the willow demon in Hu’s heart; Li Yuanba, they almost launched an attack directly towards it.
Fortunately, Sunday’s words played some roles, although I don’t know the specific reasons. However, with Sunday’s words, they can still hear Sunday’s tree demon knowing each other may be relatively close for this reason. In the end, Li Yuanba, they didn’t attack the willow demon, but looked at it with a face of alert. It seemed that the willow demon wanted to attack the willow demon as soon as it made people misunderstand.
See Li Yuanba they look nervous on Sunday can’t help but feel a little funny, but when the time comes, Li Yuanba will have a conflict with them. On Sunday, they will still point to Li Yuanba and introduce them. "This is my demon servant. When you meet him, he will be called Liu Lao."
"master; What the hell is going on here? What is a demon servant? " Because people are Li Yuanba’s eyes recently on Sunday, it is natural that he has the most courage to ask Sunday.
"The demon servant was taken over by the friar, and there were servants in the monster group." I didn’t want to answer the meaning carefully. I said the origin of the demon servant at will, and then I asked the willow demon on Sunday, "Did I ask you to do things well?"
"Report back to the master that I have been in the Wolf king’s body for three months; I can know which direction it is if the wolf king dies. "When I heard Sunday asking about his cloth, the willow demon was confident enough for his ability without thinking, so I directly affirmed the guarantee for Sunday."
For Hu’s heart willow demon words; You can’t trust it on Sunday. Believe it or not, there’s nothing. Sunday Tianmu is chasing the wolf king. Is the willow demon bragging there? If it can find the wolf king’s lunch on Sunday, it will be a great achievement this time.
"Then don’t lead the way quickly" is not much to say; Now that the willow demon has that assurance; On Sunday, it will directly lead the way to others; Although there are many questions in my heart, I don’t say anything on Sunday; At the same time, I also know that the most important thing at present is to find out what the wolf king cares about, no matter how many questions they have in their hearts, and now they can hold back when the wolf king will be solved at this time; It’s not too late for them to ask again then.
The willow demon who has not been summoned by Sunday for a long time doesn’t mind being forgotten by Sunday, but in front of the master on Sunday; Hu Xin Liu Shu Yao still wants to show off.
After sensing the soul mark of a wolf king; The willow demon in Hu’s heart will point to one direction and affirm to Sunday that "the Wolf King is in that direction; Master, please come with me. "Say that finish; Hu Xin Liu Yao’s feet gave birth to a dark cloud, and he directly chased it in that direction.
Envy cast a glance, whether it is Sunday or Li Yuanba, they are quite curious about the ability to drive clouds, if possible; On Sunday, they also want to chase wolves, but they don’t have the ability yet. On Sunday, after the heart willow demon flew away for a certain distance, they finally envied and cast a glance at the heart willow demon cloud. He also hurried to follow in the face.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Kill the Wolf king
The Wolf King may have recognized himself as having dumped them on Sunday. According to the fact that they are not familiar with this area on Sunday, it is impossible for them to find the reason again on Sunday. Since the Wolf King stopped running by a small river with the remaining wolves, one horse lay on the ground and gasped for breath to see if they just ran very fast. There’s really no shortage of consumption. If it weren’t for Sunday’s speed and their tired words, it would kill several wolves.
Originally, the Wolf King wanted to come. Since it successfully dumped the pursuer on Sunday, it would be meaningless to run away as hard as before. Now it is better to have a good rest and wait until you recover your strength. It’s not too late to make another decision.
But with that idea, the wolf king didn’t know that his body had been tampered with, let alone that it was only a hundred miles away, even if he ran thousands of miles away on Sunday, he could find it.
The strength of the Wolf King is still a little, but the monster beast is not very good at soul skills. This Wolf King is no exception. Now, the most talked about the strength of the willow demon is that the wolf king is quite, but after the willow demon did something to the wolf king; The wolf king knew nothing about this from beginning to end.
In such a situation; When Sunday and his men quietly m not far away, the Wolf King never found them on Sunday.
"master; Your Yu operator is really amazing. Those wolves can’t find us when we are so close. Usually, when we are ten miles away from them, those demon wolves can smell us. If we can have more such Yu operators, it will be much easier to clean up these wolf pups. "Looking at the wolves not far away, when they found that they really couldn’t find their own party, Li Yuanba immediately kowtowed to Sunday.
"I don’t know if you’re so small. It’s impossible; Although the’ hidden interest operator’ is not a high-order Yu operator, it is not cheap either. You guys are a little one, so huā gave your master several pieces of stone. Do you want to equip the army on a large scale? That you might as well take those LingShi directly to buy some Dan medicine to increase the soldier’s combat power "See a face of cold in front of outsiders at ordinary times. Since Li Yuanba kowtowed to himself, he knew that Sunday was his idea, but he was completely unmoved by his words. Directly, he also spoke out his share of thoughts.
After seeing the ability of Yu Fu, Li Yuanba really wanted to put this Yu Fu Li into the army at that time. After all, it is so difficult for many monster beasts to deal with it because the monster beast is far beyond the human sense of smell. As a result, people have to smell the military trend halfway. What else are they playing in this situation? It is good to ensure that you don’t lose big, if you really want to win; That root is an impossible thing.