Zhou Renyao walked to the front of the foreign girl with a sly smile. At this time, the hands of the foreign girl were tied behind her back and the rope was tied tightly, which further set off her chest and looked at the plump body of the foreign girl. Zhou Renyao swallowed the saliva in this flower and held up the foreign girl and said, "Gee, this foreign girl is long and has a taste. Today, I am blessed with Zhou Renyao."

He told people to untie the girl’s body, and then let people hold her arm tightly. Zhou Renyao tore off the girl’s clothes in a short time, revealing her plump and white body. This look down on her eyes is a little unbearable. The impatience tore off the girl’s thick cotton trousers, stripped her naked, and her plump and white body suddenly appeared in front of everyone.
The foreigner kept cursing "fuck you" when he saw the foreign girl being humiliated, but it didn’t help. Zhou Renyao saw the foreigner scold him with his triangular eyes and glared at the foreigner and said, "Don’t you dare to fucking scold the old man until he gets angry!"
After Zhou Renyao scolded, he never paid attention to the foreigner again. He took off his clothes, pressed the foreign girl to the ground and lay down on her body, and started a movement.
This foreign girl has suffered a lot. Although she is quite open, she can’t stand being bullied like this in public, but she keeps shouting and crying. But the stronger she resists, the more she inspires Zhou Renyao’s desire, and her body is more happy.
After a few minutes, Zhou Renyao finally lost the battle to meet the need to get dressed. It’s so small and really cold. I can’t stand him in such a cold day. I’m still not satisfied. My opponent has long been eager for fire. The soldiers said, "You take turns to play. Play her to death!"
As a result, Zhou Renyao’s gang of tigers and wolves rushed to line up and take turns to toss the foreign girls to death, so they couldn’t hold on.
We all closed our eyes and couldn’t bear to look at Zhou Renyao’s madness in my heart. I knew he was not a man, but I didn’t expect him to be a beast!
The foreigner has a deep affection for this foreign girl. Seeing that the foreign girl has been bullied by this kind of humiliation, the foreigner can’t help cursing Zhou Renyao. At this time, Zhou Renyao focused on the foreigner. He went to the foreigner and said, "Just now, Lao Zha said that it’s time to punish you after venting!"
"Come on! It’s always fun to set up an oil pan! " Zhou Renyao ordered his opponent soldier with great interest.
As soon as his men heard this, they quickly lifted the cooking cauldron out of the barracks, set up wood at the bottom, lit the fire, and when the cauldron was full of oil, little oil was boiled.
Zhou Renyao looked at the foreigner with an evil smile and asked people to strip off all his old coats. Seeing that his back was stolen by white rats, Zhou Renyao also smiled and said, "Mom, why did you take off all your skin?"
When Zhou Renyao finished speaking, he grabbed the protruding skin on the foreigner’s back and tore it violently.
"ah! ! !”
The foreigner screamed with pain, gain and loss. Before his back skin grew well, it was torn open by Zhou Renyao. From the shoulder blade to the hip, a large piece of skin as wide as a slap was pulled by Zhou Renyao.
Zhou Renyao looked at the foreigner’s bloody back, which aroused his cruelty even more. He tore the skin of the foreigner’s expert and rolled him around in pain.
"Carry him and fry him in the oil pan according to the order in hand," Zhou Renyao said in a dull tone when he said this.
The foreigner was so scared that he couldn’t believe that this cruel knife face in front of him was going to fry him alive in a frying pan!
But I’m not afraid. Zhou Renyao’s hand soldiers have carried him to the oil pan. Two men carried his arms and two men lifted him up with his legs. Then two soldiers put the foreigner’s feet and calves into the hot oil pan.
A burst of "Zizi" sounds accompanied by the foreigner’s painful screams, and the flesh was blown up. The disgusting smell came. The foreigner’s feet were blown up for more than a minute. It is estimated that the bones are almost fried. Zhou Renyao took his feet out.
"Mom, you waste a mouthful of cooking pot, and you can’t fry it." Zhou Renyao coldly looked at the foreigner’s painful twisted face and said.
The foreigner was so stiff in pain that he bit his lips and gasped and said, "pervert, you pervert."
"Ha, ha, ha, you say I’m a pervert, and I’ll show you another pervert. Put his hands in the pot and fry them!" Zhou Renyao laughed wildly and ordered an opponent soldier.
The soldiers put the foreigner’s arms in the oil pan cruelly, and there was a loud noise. When they took it out, they saw that the foreigner’s arms were fried golden and cooked.
The foreigner was completely unconscious. In the past, Zhou Renyao asked someone to pour cold water to wake him up, and then asked someone to put up a wooden pole to tie the foreigner’s feet. The rope was thrown to the crossbar and the rope was pulled up. At the other end, the awakened foreigner was hung upside down. A meter away from the foreigner’s head was a hot oil pan!
Zhou Renyao waved his hand and tugged at the rope, and the soldier slowly slowed down the rope. The foreigner hung his body upside down and went down to the oil pan a little bit. At this time, the foreigner was really afraid that his spirit would collapse. No one could stand this pressure and watched his head fall into boiling oil. Who could stand it?
The foreigner’s body drops down little by little, and his hair is about to enter the oil pan. His eyes are wide open and he is barking. As he puts his body inch by inch on his forehead, the oil pan is the most advanced. The cruel Zhou Renyao waved his hand to let the rope soldiers stop, so that the foreigner can’t end his pain. He was soaked in boiling oil from his eyebrows to his head, and his flesh was burnt.
The foreigner winced in pain and screamed. Zhou Renyao saw that the explosion was almost over. With a wave of his hand, the soldier released the foreigner a little bit. This time, the foreigner’s eyes and nose were immersed in boiling oil, and half of his head was soaked in oil this time.
I really can’t watch it. My heart says that his mother killed people but Zhou Renyao didn’t torture people so much! The flame of anger burned in my chest and I shouted at Zhou Renyao, "Stop it!"
Zhou Renyao was admiring him with alacrity. When Jie heard me scold him, he turned his face around and said with an evil smile, "Yan Sigou, can’t you wait? Don’t worry, it’s you when he’s finished!"
Chapter 24 Help Thank you for my love of bean curd, Zhao Xiaorou.
Although I’m not angry now, when I saw Zhou Renyao’s grinning face, my anger suddenly turned uneasy. I didn’t expect Zhou Renyao to be so shrewd and scold me at a young age, but he could laugh instead of anger, which made people feel that he was sinister and terrible.
But he was too cruel to fry the foreigner alive. The despicable means were simply animals. At this time, the foreigner was out of breath, and half of his head was fried to death.
Zhou Renyao ordered his men to remove the foreigner’s body. The foreign girl was also humiliated and died by a large group of soldiers from the Mohist countries. This group of foreigners who came here to explore all put their lives here.
Zhou Renyao paid attention to me at this time, but he said it was true, that is, I heard him say to the executive soldier, "Give me this little pot of oil!"
Those soldiers promised to untie my rope as soon as they rushed in front of me without saying anything, and then they came to the frying pan and waited for Zhou Renyao’s order.
At this time, I looked at the oil pan in front of me and turned over the oil. The foreigner just died. Now it’s my turn in this boiling oil. To tell the truth, I’m really scared. If Zhou Renyao, an animal, can give me a good time, it’s a terrible way to die. I didn’t expect that I’ve died so many times this time.
There is no law in this wild place. Zhou Renyao is not responsible for killing us here. He said he would blow me up with oil. This is definitely not threatening me.
At the thought of death, I looked back at Xiaolian, my favorite person, and I went through thick and thin together. Whether a woman is a ghost or a human being is so real and precious that I have to cherish this materialistic society with such a true feeling that I feel that this life is really worthwhile.
Lotus also looked at me at this moment. She was so anxious that she looked at me with tears on her face. She was about to be killed by Zhou Renyao, but she was able to. There was a trace of regret in her eyes. I guess she might regret becoming a normal person because if she was still a former Lotus, she should be able to save me at this time.
Yi Genjin and Zana also shed tears and looked at me with concern, especially Yi Genjin Sands, who cried dumb and shouted, "Brother Dog! !”
I looked back at them and master, an old face full of vicissitudes of life. Although there were no tears, his sad look was really sad. I have never seen his old man’s house so sad. I am now suffering from heartburn. Sometimes people are really not afraid of death, but they will not be so afraid when they know they will die. But when they die, they are worried too much. This taste is too hard.
Without waiting for me to say the last word to them, Zhou Renyao waved his hand and ordered, "Hang up the dog Yan Si and fry it for me!"
No matter how many soldiers came over, he tied my feet with ropes and hung me upside down like a foreigner. With Zhou Renyao’s order, I was hung upside down, and this group of people tortured me little by little. There is a way to let you die, but to let you fully realize the fear of dying and reach the maximum pleasure of torturing people.
My heart will be broken. I have never thought that I would end up in such a field after so many years of plain life in Helong Village, but I don’t regret it. I have to bear all this. Maybe this is the fate of me and Lotus.
My head was boiling with oil and I couldn’t breathe. I felt my hair curled up. I closed my eyes and said, "See you and me in the afterlife, Nellie!" Master Jin Zana bid farewell to you and take care! "
"Ha, ha, ha, strict four dogs, is this a last word? If you have something to say, you will be dead in a few seconds! " Zhou Renyao laugh wildly is very proud and said
I didn’t pay attention to this scum. I said hello to my closest person, and when I closed my eyes, I waited for death. At this moment, Zhou Renyao suddenly drank a "rope!"
As soon as the soldiers took the rope and let go of it, I felt my body sinking. A big part of my body plunged into the oil pan!
It’s over! My mind is blank, and this time I have to be blown up into dried meat.
It was at this point of life and death that suddenly a metal flashed across the air in the distance, and then it jingled and crunched. My body stopped for a while and didn’t fall into the oil pan.
I said to myself, what is this? Is the rope caught again? I was puzzled. I opened my eyes and looked at the place where it was crunchy. A pike was firmly inserted, and the end of the spear was embedded in the cracks in the ground. I didn’t fall into the oil pan.
At this moment, Zhou Renyao and his soldiers were all stunned and looked at the pike, and then looked in the direction where the pike was thrown. A large group of people riding horses rushed to this side and rolled up the dust. The horseshoe burst into bursts. The pike that saved my life was thrown by this group of people.
I looked into this group of people and saw that they were all riding horses and flying like arrows. There were more than 100 people, and the first person rushed to me in a short time. I took a closer look at this person in a military uniform. She was a very handsome woman, and it was Xue Jinhua, the daughter of General Xue.
I really didn’t expect that she could suddenly lead the troops at this time. My first feeling was that she might not die. She just came to save us.
Sure enough, Xue Jinhua was so angry when she saw that I was hung upside down in the oil pan that she rode her horse upside down to the pike that saved my life. She gripped the gun rod tightly for fear that the pike would not tie the rope. She nervously said to me, "Four dogs, don’t be afraid that I will come to save you!"
When she finished, she turned back and said to her generals, "Let the four dogs go quickly!"
I didn’t see anyone brought by Xue Jinhua. Everyone has a weapon in his hand, but Xue Jinhua has two hands. It seems that this pike was thrown by her just now and saved my life.
Xue Jinhua’s generals heard her order the horse to come over, and several people joined forces to turn my head over with a long broadsword. Xue Jinhua pulled the pike out of the cracks in the stone and my body fell. At the same time, these generals caught me.
I just breathed a sigh of relief. I can’t die this time. At first, Zhou Renyao was confused in more than ten seconds, but now he understands that Xue Jinhua brought so many people to save us. Zhou Renyao was so angry that he said to Xue Jinhua, "How dare you help outsiders? These are all criminals of my magic kingdom. How dare you come to save them? Are you impatient?"
"Hum Zhou Renyao bared his teeth before you little miss others are afraid of you and I Xue Jinhua but not afraid of you! You, your father and your ghost ancestor are scum of my Mohist country. I don’t know what King Robin thinks, but you fooled me. Today I will kill you for all the subjects of Mohist country! " Xue Jinhua down a peg or two to Zhou Renyao thundered.
Zhou Renyao wants to talk big and ask Xue Jinhua to leave this matter alone, but when she sees Xue Jinhua’s attitude, Zhou Renyao is also flustered. After all, Xue Jinhua has brought so many soldiers who can be used to fighting. These soldiers not only have an absolute advantage in number, but also far exceed Zhou Renyao’s hands. I don’t know if it is so good, but I dare not completely fall out with Xue Jinhua. A pair of small triangular eyes staring at Xue Jinhua is a silent resistance.
Xue Jinhua ordered people to let us all go. People didn’t dare to take care of Zhou Renyao’s orders. When Zhou Renyao saw Xue Jinhua’s release, he couldn’t hold back his anger and said, "Xue Jinhua, don’t insult others. I think your father’s work today is to let bygones be bygones. You can go back where you should leave people."
"Miss Zhou Renyao you dare to so YaoWuHeLiu? What can you do if the young lady has to take people away today? " Xue Jinhua looked at Zhou Renyao’s opponent contemptuously and said, "Take people back to the city!"
"Don’t you dare!"
Zhou Renyao was also anxious to see that Xue Jinhua wanted to take us away. The opponent soldier ordered, "Take all these rebellions. If there are any rebels, shoot them!"
He made the subsequent soldiers hesitate, but few dared to come, because they all knew that it was a seasoned road to rush to catch Xue Jinhua now, and after all, Xue Jinhua was also the daughter of the general of Mohican countries and belonged to one of their own.
Zhou Renyao saw that no one listened to him angrily, grabbed a broadsword from a soldier and cut his hand with one knife. A small officer ordered his soldier, "Who dares to hesitate again? This is his example!"
Seeing that Zhou Yao was in a hurry, the soldiers all pulled out their weapons and rushed to Xue Jinhua’s soldiers.
The two sides immediately scuffled together in a flash, and this small barracks became a purgatory. Soldiers died from time to time, and there were only a few dozen people here in Zhou Renyao. However, Xue Jinhua brought more than 100 people who could be used to fighting. The two sides fought for a few minutes, and Zhou Renyao’s soldiers had killed and injured more than half of them, and they lost their weapons and became prisoners after fighting again.
At this time, Zhou Renyao became army of one, a little boy who just knew that he was afraid and squeezed his little eye to find a chance to escape.
Chapter 25 Rebellion Thanks to the dull Yuri, I am a cloud.
Zhou Renyao wanted to run, but Xue Jinhua had already stared at him. At this time, Xue Jinhua shook his spear in his hand and said, "Catch Zhou Renyao and don’t let him run away!"
A large group of soldiers rushed to the front of Zhou Renyao and surrounded Zhou Renyao, who was about to escape. Before Zhou Renyao came to the magic kingdom, he was a waste. It was only by Zhou Zeqi that Wei Fu was surrounded by these brave soldiers that he could not run if he wanted to.
"Flop" This worthless disaster actually fell to his knees.
This surprised everyone. Zhou Renyao, who was just arrogant, was so spineless and knelt in front of everyone.
Xue Jinhua’s face showed a disdainful expression. It is no wonder that such a big contrast before and after Zhou Renyao really made people look down upon it.
Xue Jinhua hurried his horse to Zhou Renyao and pointed a pike at him and said, "You were quite capable just now. Why are you acting like a pussy now?"
Although Zhou Renyao was a little ashamed, his face was still not red or white. He smiled and said to Xue Jinhua, "Miss Xue, this is a misunderstanding. Don’t take it too personally. If you want these people to be rescued, I won’t stop them. We are all Mohicans, my great grandfather, but it’s not good for us to get too stiff in exorcist, the Mohican country."
This is even more threatening. Xue Jinhua is the most contemptuous of this kind of person. She doesn’t want to kill Zhou Renyao and save us. Even if Zhou Renyao uses his ghost grandfather to crush himself, Xue Jinhua spat with anger. "Bah, Zhou Renyao, others are afraid of your ghost grandfather, but I’m not afraid that I’ll kill you today to see what your ghost grandfather can do!"