Luo Qingfeng’s situation is not optimistic. After coma, blood still gushes from his nose and mouth, and his skin is red, blue and purple, and it changes several times before it slowly fades.

Not long. Suddenly, Ji Dong saw two light and shadow shining in the distance like a fleeting glimpse, and the two lights were a cyan and a black, which was the color of Jiamu and Renshui. It was almost that he had just seen two more people in front of him.
Both of them are middle-aged men, but in their 30 s and 40 s, their heads are full of yin and yang crowns. Now Ji Dong is not a teenager who didn’t know anything when he first met Yang Bingtian. When he saw these two heads, he couldn’t help but gasp.
These two heads are all white crowns, and the male crowns release green light. There are five crowns branded with turquoise leaves and four blue crowns shining, while the other one is also branded with five crowns, but it is branded with a black water drop crown ring like Luo Qingfeng, and three black crowns shine.
Ji Dong has seen Yin and Yang magic masters, and Yang Bingtian can compare them with the two people in front of him. These two are the five-crown and fifty-grade Jiamu grand masters and the five-crown and fifty-six-grade Renshui grand masters, all of whom are strong in the five-crown grand masters. Chapter 43 The five-crown grand masters combine magic skills.
Single is the two men appeared Ji Dong immediately have a suffocating oppressive consciousness to take a step back.
The great master of Renshui quickly took Luo Qingfeng’s body and put one hand on his chest. He saw behind him a figure of gorgeous and illusory light and shadow. Luo Qingfeng’s school design was very similar. It was after the totem of Renshui that this totem was manifested after three crowns that the magic of the magic master reached a certain level.
The totem of the queen of heaven is manifested, and at the same time, it is faint and black, and the stars are like a road of glittering and translucent, and they quickly drill into Luo Qingfeng’s body.
Water and wood are the best treatments, but the treatment methods are not the same. Wood treatment is mainly to stimulate the injured’s own potential and heal themselves quickly, while water treatment is to moisturize the injured’s body with its own water magic and produce results. It is difficult to tell who has the better effect. This issue has always been debated, but it still depends on its own magic level and magic skill.
The strength of the five-crown master is really strong. The magic master at this level in mainland China is already the top one, and the six crowns are the peerless strong ones.
With the magic of black water immersed in Luo Qingfeng’s nose and mouth, the bleeding suddenly stopped, and his face eased a little, but his brow wrinkled when he treated the great master of water.
Master Jia Mu asked, "What if it’s cold?"
Master Renshui sank, "It’s very bad to have a life in danger. Please help me and let’s pull this life back together."
Dragon day, the great master of Jiamu, was immediately surprised by what he called the great master of cold water. "Is it so serious? Who made moves just now? Don’t go here and wait. "
Leng Yue was afraid to pull Ji Dong’s clothes and hide behind him, but Ji Dong did not hesitate to say, "I hurt him." It was obvious that after this, two middle-aged people were teachers of Tiangan College. Ji Dong didn’t feel that he had done anything wrong. How could he want to get it? It looked quite powerful. Luo Qingfeng could not help playing.
At the same time, Long Tianhe and Ruohan took a look at Ji Dong with doubts in their eyes. Obviously, they can easily see that Ji Dong’s magic intensity is not white. He can hit Luoqingfeng so hard, but now it is obviously not important to explore these times to save lives.
A faint blue mist rose from the dragon celestial body of the great master Jia Mu, and at the same time, a blue dragon light and shadow emerged behind him. If the great master Ren Shui was cold, the shadow behind the sky was slightly clearer than that of the sky. Obviously, if he was cold at level 50, he would be more profound than that at level 56.
Master Ren Shui, if cold, got up and black fog surged out of the body. The two men glanced at each other and raised their right hands at the same time.
A magical scene appeared, and Ji Dong’s distance was especially clear recently. He clearly saw a tiny blue bud growing in the palm of dragon day, the great master of Jiamu’s right hand, and then the blue bud thrived in his palm and soon became a green leaf.
And if the great master Renshui is cold, little by little black spots around the palm of his right hand quickly condense and gradually condense a drop of black water drops.
The coordination of the two people’s moving poles is like cooperating for several times. At the same time, they bloom in the brilliance of their hands. The green leaves stretch and float away, and the drop of water just falls in the middle. When they contact, it suddenly turns into a layer of blue-black light and the leaves suddenly increase by a hundred times. All the veins in Luo Qingfeng’s body are black.
The blue and black light quietly blended into it, and the two totem light and shadow, Tianhou and Qinglong, suddenly became particularly clear. The whole playground was shrouded by this huge magic. Everyone on the playground could clearly feel that his body was nourished by this strange magic and full of vitality. It was almost a few breaths before he reached his best state.
This, this is …
Ji Dong’s pupil suddenly contracted, although he had never seen it before, but from this scene, he could already guess that the two five-crown grandmaster-level strong men actually cast a combination skill, which is also a cross-attribute combination skill.
Both Shuier and Muer are good at therapeutic effect, but there is no doubt that when they are combined, they will have the strongest therapeutic effect in the world.
Ji Dong has also produced combination skills, but what he does is the combination effect produced by different yin and yang properties of fire, whether it is C fire or Ding Huo. After all, the source is fire, so it is much easier to combine. However, when he saw the cross-attribute combination skills for the first time, he could also deeply feel how horrible the magic power soared in the middle school. He could clearly feel that if these two great masters are willing to combine this magic skill, the treatment effect will be complete, and a large-scale treatment skill will be formed in the playground. This is waiting for the horror treatment effect!
What surprised Ji Dong even more was that the two five-crowned masters controlled their own magic, and the crowns of Yin and Yang on their heads all emitted layers of intense halo, which not only released their own magic, but also commanded their own magic in the air, and condensed the therapeutic effect of this combination of magic skills. Luo Qingfeng’s face was also clearly visible, and his chest ups and downs became much faster.
The blue-black two-color combination magic light dissipated in the air for a short time, and the totem virtual shadow behind the two great masters also faded with the disappearance of the crown of yin and yang on the top of the head. The great master Renshui nodded his head if it was cold. "It’s nothing serious. Fortunately, we saved this little life at the right time, but it will take him less than a month to recover his physical function. You send him to the college medical room to rest for a day and a night. Chapter 44 Coincidence hit hard ()
After the two five-crown masters ordered their official brothers to send Luo Qingfeng to rest, their eyes fell on Ji Dong and Leng Yue. His four groups of candidates had already stopped the examination. At this time, Ji Dong and Leng Yue have become the focus of attention.
Ji Dong’s heart is also a burst of nai. How did he think that he was in trouble when he first came to Tiangan College? I don’t know what hit a formal student in charge of assessment. Let’s not say that it is good to pass the assessment.
The great master of Renshui walked slowly to Ji Dong and said with a calm face, "Did you two hit Luo Qingfeng hard?"
Ji Dong said, "If you don’t agree with Leng Yue, everyone here can see that I hurt him alone."
Master Renshui smiled. "I don’t blame you for not being nervous. I hope you can cooperate with me to clarify the situation at that time. I can understand that the college will not punish you."
It turns out that his name is Shui Ruohan. At present, the master of Renshui is handsome and should be about thirty years old. Ji Dong feels extremely keen. Indeed, he did not feel a trace of malice from the master of Renshui.
Leng Yue pulled Ji Dong’s clothes behind him. "Brother Ji Dong, I will go to Leng Yue with you. Although it is small, I also know the word friendship."
Dragon day, the great master of Jiamu next to him, poof bursts into a smile. "This little girl is really interesting. Let’s go and find out quickly."