Red rainbow infanta chuckled, "Look at you, you’re sick. If I shoot casually, you may be dead."

Su Mo’s facial expression fuels "Marie"
Say that finish Su Mo don’t say a word of nonsense and then turn around and run again to release many magical secrets such as the golden light, the feet, the ethereal wings, the wind and thunder wings and so on!
Speed drives directly to the limit!
Red rainbow infanta couldn’t help laughing. "Interesting, interesting and incredibly want to compare speed with me! If it can let you escape, it will be a ghost! "
Said the red rainbow infanta pedal fly sword whole personified a red rainbow towards Su Mo chasing the past.
Panlongling, the monarch of Chihong, has been in the valley for a long time, and it has been a bit boring to kill and kill.
Now there is a sixth-order fairy who wants to compete with her, which makes her feel novel and interesting.
Red rainbow princess corners of the mouth slightly raised with a smile and a playful flash in her eyes, and she decided to have a good time with this sixth-order little fairy.
Chapter two thousand one hundred and twelve Sudden outbreak
Su Mo urged the Yuan God to use many magical powers to secret running all the way.
Although his realm is a six-step fairy,
However, even the vast majority of nine-terraced fairies can’t catch up with the explosion speed of the vertical golden light and heavenly feet through the ethereal wings and the wind and thunder wings!
But Su Mo ran for a while only to find that Gen didn’t get rid of the red rainbow monarch.
Princess Chihong’s figure is almost integrated with her flying sword.
Breaking through the gallop, you can see a flash of rainbow light at an amazing speed.
Even many monks watching outside are easy to lose the trace of the red rainbow monarch if they are not careful!
Su Mo saw that it was difficult to get rid of the red rainbow monarch for a while, so he once again used the same trick to urge the three treasures to change into a titmouse and mix with a group of tits to walk through the Woods.
Behind the red rainbow infanta seems to have suddenly disappeared.
Su Mo’s warning signs flashed in his heart.
See the first shadow enveloped a huge goshawk swooped down, sharp-eyed as a sword, staring at the tits, Su Mo mercilessly caught it!
The tits around were scared and dispersed in a hubbub.
Su Mo knows that he has been exposed to instant recovery and continues to gallop in the distance.
Red rainbow infanta smiled gently and showed her figure to catch up with the past again.
Two people fight each other in tandem.
In this issue, Sumerian Sambo Jade Ruyi conjured up all kinds of birds, animals, plants and insects, but finally failed to escape the perception of Chihong Princess.
Princess Chihong also hunts Sumo with various creatures!
This change is complicated and dazzling.
Although the two men didn’t confront each other head-on, it seemed more exciting and dangerous to outsiders!
Many monks in Panlong Mountains stare big eyes and hold their breath.
Even so, many monks often lose sight of Sumo and Chihong Monarchs.
From time to time, there was a shout in the crowd asking if the two men had fallen.
The Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture fairy clapped her hands and smiled. "This little encounter with the red rainbow monarch is really his bad luck."
"Red rainbow infanta also has this interest to accompany this little play for so long." White sea fairy shook her fan and laughed.
Yang Rexu shook his head slightly and lamented, "It’s already very difficult for this six-terrace immortal to achieve such a posture. It’s not easy to be stared at by the red rainbow monarch …"
In the valley
Su Mo realized that he had been locked by Chi Hong’s monarch Qi Qi, and even if there were three treasures and jade, he could get rid of each other’s entanglement.
Su Mo stopped and turned to look over.
"Hee hee"
Princess Chihong showed her figure and looked at Su Mo with a narrow face and smiled. "Why don’t you run away from the sixth-order fairy?"
"I wonder what the princess is chasing me for?"
Su Mo frowned and said, "I just came to this valley, and Panlong Ling also has a lack of roots for the monarch."
Sumo came to this valley and was hunted down by Gale’s team without doing anything.
Now he is staring at the red rainbow monarch all the way. He can’t help but show a little impatience and little respect.
Red rainbow infanta pouted slightly. "Who are you talking to, a sixth-order fairy? I’m telling you, I’m too lazy to be asked by others to chase me! "
"Really? I’m flattered."
Su Mo said, neither salty nor light.
Red rainbow princess magnanimous gave a way: "I thought I would take your Panlongling away to play with you, but I will give you a chance when I come all the way to see your talent."
"From today on, you will follow me to be my little sidekick. Well … it’s better to be a little bodyguard."
"Of course, I won’t treat you badly. I will help you get enough panlong orders, and then you will join the same immortal Sect with me and listen to me, you know?"
Red rainbow infanta said to herself and told Su Mo something.
Su Mo brimming with their impulse to sink a way: "The monarch patronizes her temperament and is perverse. No matter what others teach, the guards also ask the monarch to find another height."
Say that finish Sue ink head also don’t look back to leave.
Red rainbow infanta shape a flash has come to Sue ink front stopped his way.
"Hey, what’s wrong with you?"
The monarch of Chihong said seductively, "Look at your body. It seems that your illness has not healed. It must be a lack of mending. When the time comes, I will go to the palace to help you find some treasures to mend your body, which will definitely make you fat in vain."
"Don’t get in the way if the princess has nothing else to do!"
Sue ink tone more impatient.