Suddenly, Dark Phoenix opened his eyes and spat out a mouthful of the dark Lord without warning. The dark Lord was caught off guard and his eyebrows and beard were burned to the ground.

"ouch!" Demon Lord was so angry that he yelled at the monty axe in his hand and flew out with anger. Dark Phoenix, who was cut, turned into a pile of minced meat and splashed around! Monty axe automatically flew back to the devil’s hand after hitting the target.
But the miracle happened again, and the minced meat came back again before it flew far.
The demon king Yu Nu did not disappear, and the monty axe shot again
As soon as Dark Phoenix was formed, he was chopped up by the monty axe.
This time it’s even more amazing. The monty axe hasn’t returned to the devil’s hand, and the minced meat has gathered into Dark Phoenix again.
The demon king simply won’t take back the axe. It’s guarding the hateful Dark Phoenix in the middle of the battle. It’s strange to cut Dark Phoenix once, and it’s big once. After repeated this for more than a dozen times, it turned into a man’s size, and Stark’s figure was looming.
"Whoo!" Dark Phoenix issued a clear whistle and then spat "ha ha ha ha you didn’t expect? There’s another program that I didn’t expect to borrow the devil’s hand today, but from now on, which one can be desperate? Hahahaha! "
Dark Phoenix’s continuous resurrection proves that it can not die, but the demon king never expected that he wanted to kill him, but instead became his demon king. "You said you really said Dark Phoenix instead of bloody Suzaku?"
"yes! It is "Stark’s words are full of pride.
"So you are determined to win this baby in Suzaku Valley?"
"That’s right. If you don’t have eyes, just release your horse and pick them up one by one!"
"alas! I really regret why I didn’t take you to purgatory at the beginning, but now I really left a disaster. Forget it. Everything has its vanquisher. The king can’t deal with you. You have to deal with your own people, Fox Xiaojin. From now on, you should come back to the underworld with me. You are no longer needed here. Let’s go! " The demon king called four Guardian to prepare to leave Suzaku Valley.
The demon king knows very well that the only choice for an opponent who can never be killed is to stay away from him, otherwise he will have a nervous breakdown even if he is not killed by his opponent, and the choice of the dead demon king is right. If it were me, I would choose to leave, but we can’t leave now, and we can’t leave until the rosefinches finish molting.
"Hey hey, are you just leaving?" Stark tunnel
"What do you want?" After all, the devil is also a strong man who doesn’t care about the threat of Stark.
"I always said that you owe it to the Presbyterian Church to get it back." Said Dark Phoenix, who incarnated in human form and had a pair of black wings on his back. The black magic bow was still hanging on him. He quickly took out the bow dragon and swallowed it. It was those tens of millions of magic soldiers who came out.
The demon king didn’t expect that he would find his own hand to vent his anger. At this time, it has come to no rescue. If it can’t be saved, it won’t be saved. The demon king disappeared in situ with four Guardian, leaving a sentence in the air. "The hatred between Stark Ma and you will never be eliminated! This account is remembered by the king! "
"Hey hey old have immortality will be afraid of you? Get out of here and get away from me. It’s best not to let me see you again! Hahahaha! " Stark laughed heartily at the rising white light.
Smiling for a while, he flew to the bronze statue of Suzaku and mused, "I have an immortal body now. Is this Suzaku’s tears coming again?" I really don’t know what to do without you rosefinch accompanying me for thousands of years. Don’t be afraid that I won’t kill you again. See you soon! " Say that finish also by disappeared.
The Yin God at the top of the valley heaved a sigh of relief, "Mama Dark Phoenix! It really is Dark Phoenix! "
"Ha ha girl you see? What should you do if Dark Phoenix asks for you? "
"Looking for me? What? "
"Ha ha didn’t you listen to him? O both worlds are his enemies. "
"It’s a bit difficult to fight and you can’t die. It’s better to run away, boss. Is there really no one in this world who can handle Dark Phoenix?"
"Who is it?"
"Our boss still has the devil boss, but we also need two weapons."
"What weapon is so powerful?"
"The ancient magic weapon Xuanyuanjian and the devil’s sword girl go and finish going back!" Wandering spirits threw themselves into hiding at the top of the mountain with Yin Shen.
We are finally relieved that everyone who threatened Suzaku has left.
Chapter 162 Good intentions
Suzaku lost the enemy, and we didn’t work so hard on one side. When it was all right, we started the star array to practice. We have practiced the star array very skillfully for several days.
We had nothing to do this day, so we rehearsed again.
"Brother Xiao, do you think we can do this without wings when we go back?" See focus on nine almost to the past Xiao Yun to plan after.
"Theoretically speaking, there should be no big problem. The star array is not only excellent in defense, but also terrible in attack. If this array can be good at Gali, it can greatly enhance its strength. Wang Xiao, after this trip to Suzaku Valley, we can finally solve the northern sparrow crisis completely, and everyone can rest assured to train the game."
"Well, yes, but one brother has been born in addition to another. Fortunately, our trip was worthwhile and we actually learned a 20-night star array. Don’t say that self-defense alone should be more than enough. After you take it back, you will lead the array to form our Beique City Self-Defense Force."
"It’s the boss!"
"Why? Are you threatened? "
"It’s the top ten gang alliances that have quietly reached Suzaku Island. I don’t know much about the black hand alliance, but I still heard of a little black hand. This person is not simple! The Black Hand Alliance is already the largest gang in China, and he is still trying to form an alliance of the top ten gangs. He doesn’t want us small gangs to live. Some timid gangs in Suzaku Island have announced their submission to the top ten leagues. It’s a joke to want to build a Datong in the crazy world, but at present, there is really no gang that can compete with the top ten leagues. It’s your brother. I really admire you. Dare to stand up to them alone! " Say that finish Xiao Yunchao gave me a thumb.
"That’s the advantage of being alone. No matter what happens, I’m alone. Fortunately, it’s others who have suffered for so long, not me."
"Brothers get along with you these days, I think that although you are cold-faced and cold-hearted, it is still very hot. Although our Golden Sword Gang is not a big gang, we are still happy to make friends with you. Have you ever thought about building a gang? If you think that I will form an alliance with you this time, you will help us a lot and get a place for brothers, just say. "